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Game Overview

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Genre & Setting


  • Realistic to semi-realistic wolf RPG
  • Sandbox, Freeform, Simple
  • Literate, no word count, shorter posts encouraged

Our characters inhabit a fictional region called the Horizon Valley, somewhere near the Pacific Northwest US and Canada border, set in the early 1900s.

RP Style & Premise

The world is your oyster!

Our game is Sandbox and Open-World, meaning that no sitewide plot is predetermined OOC, and your characters can do whatever they want within limits of the rules, setting, and lore.

  • All threads are considered open— there are no private threads or plotter pages
  • Tagging or requesting threads is not allowed (with a handful of exceptions)
  • Speed > Quality > Quantity — we prefer shorter posts with minimal post-splicing

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Freeform: create plots IC rather than OOC

The overarching plot is shaped by characters’ in-game actions; the detail of the vast world of Horizon is provided, and you and your characters do the rest!

Plotting OOC is not allowed, since the whole point of the game is to let plots develop organically in threads.

Wondering what we consider OOC planning, and what’s fair game?

It’s fine to:But it’s not okay to:
Speculate in OOC or in the Cbox about what a thread between characters might be likePlan out in your head (or worse, with someone else!) how a thread is going to be played out
Ship two characters in a hypothetical/fan sense, like you would for TV charactersShip two characters and actually let the ship affect your character’s actions and storyline
Create backstories for adoptables, but leave their in-game stories open-endedCreate backstories for adoptables, and plan out how they will interact with your character in-game
Establish conclusions to threads OOC if you’ve already played out most of the action in a thread— e.g. “After the hunt (played out) they cached meat (not played out)”Pretend significant events happened if you haven’t played out any of the action yet— e.g. “Bob and Joe hunted together (not played out) and then cached meat (not played out)
No tags allowed! (Mostly)  

All threads are presumed open by default; we encourage you to throw your characters into threads however and whenever you please, as long as it makes sense according to their timelines! Feel free to PM the players involved in a thread if you’re hesitant about interrupting, but for the most part, open threads are the lifeblood of our site.

Requesting threads with other players in OOC or in the Cbox, as well as reserving threads for specific characters, is considered OOC Planning and is not allowed.

However, there are a few special cases where tags are allowed:

  1. [Continuation]* — A continuation of a thread in which your character is already traveling with another character
  2. [Summons]*— A thread that begins with your character summoning another character (e.g. howling)— in this case, you may PM that character to let them know they’ve been summoned.
    • Your character should not have a summoning thread for a character they have not met or learned about IC
    • There must be a physical summons such as howling or explicit knowledge of a meeting place or den, etc., or the wolf must be tracking a scent trail within reason.
    • It may take a few posts for a wolf to reach the source of the howl, depending on proximity
    • It’s reasonable for characters (including wolves not targeted in the summons) to show up after a few posts
  3. [Private]— 10+ posts only! This thread has progressed beyond a sensible point of entry for a new character to join in. This tag can also be optionally used to mark birthing threads private before the 10 post minimum
Offscreen Interactions  

Offscreen Interactions are those little day-to-day interactions that happen between your character’s threads.

Even though the premise of the game is that major plot points should happen IC and with minimal OOC planning of the future, it’s okay to assume that characters have been interacting with others between threads, or offscreen in the past, to a reasonable degree.

How is this different than OOC planning?

OOC planning is planning events that will occur in the future, while offscreen interactions are assumed to have happened in the past. Specifically, OOC planning is planning out the events of a thread, while offscreen interactions are assumed to have happened before a thread.

Offscreen events shouldn’t be major plot points or life-changing events. For the most part, hunts, spars, and daily interactions are the most eventful things that should happen offscreen. As member Wash once said, “when in doubt, roleplay it out!”

Examples of stuff that should always be played out IC:

  • Initial meetings / introductions
  • Declaring pack allegiance
  • Major milestones in character romances (e.g. mating)
  • Exchanging important information (e.g. warnings of dangerous wolves, plans to travel or leave, other potentially plot-changing details)

For a more extensive list of examples please check out our full page.

To keep things clear between both players involved in offscreen interactions, it’s recommended to specify what’s being assumed as offscreen at the start of a thread. Feel free to hash out offscreen interactions out over PM, Skype, or the medium of your choice :)

About the Community

Board Culture

We’re generally pretty chill; we’re all more or less friends, realize that this is just a hobby, and the thought of OOC drama isn’t really on our radar. Our member base generally hovers around people who are 18 and older. Many of us are busy college students or work full-time jobs. We play to create a story and watch the story and its characters grow over time.


We opened on June 8, 2014 after a year-long beta period.

Some characters on Horizon come from a site called Taiyae, which lived on AvidGamers/Acornrack/Spleafnet and ended in 2008. Horizon is a continuation of that story under the same premise, but in a totally new setting and with mostly new characters. You do not have to have been a member at Taiyae to join Horizon! (In fact, we love new people in an almost creepy sort of way.)

Horizon was built by Chels using ExpressionEngine and the Codeigniter PHP framework.

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