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Achievements are a fun way of tracking your progress from an OOC standpoint. All achievements you’ve earned will show up in the OOC section of your profile.

Achievements are earned completely OOC, and have no bearing on in-game events. They cannot be used to gain anything; they’re simply for show :)

How to request

To request an achievement, post on the Achievement Claim thread in the Maintenance board in OOC. Staff will deal with your request, and your shiny new Achievements will be visible in the OOC boards and in the Player Information section of your profile!


* IC and OOC post achievements are applicable per account, not per user.
100 IC Posts *250 IC Posts *500 IC Posts *1000 IC Posts *

Make 100 IC posts

Make 250 IC posts

Make 500 IC posts! Way to go!

You are a posting god. Make 1000 IC posts!

Welcome Guide2 Months6 Months1 Year

Help welcome 10 new members by responding to their intro threads or posts

Be an active member of Horizon for two months

Be an active member of Horizon for six months

Be an active member of Horizon for a year. Thanks for your loyalty!

Plot Reporter *Recruiter Bugs & SuggestionsArt Maker

Submit 10 plot news updates

Recruit 5 new members

Report 5 bugs/suggestions in OOC

Make 5 avatars/photos for others in the community

MOTMCOTM *Full Profile *Supporter

Be voted Member of the Month

Have a character who is voted Character of the Month

Complete your character’s profile

Donate to our GoFundMe fund

Lonely Threads *Tumblr100 OOC Posts500 OOC Posts

Respond to 10 lonely threads

Submit 5 posts, or be reblogged by the Horizon Tumblr 5 times

Make 100 posts in the OOC forums

Make 500 posts in the OOC forums

FAC 1st PlaceFAC 2nd PlaceWiki ContributorWiki Contributor

Awarded to Fan Art Contest 1st place winners!

Awarded to Fan Art Contest 2nd place winners!

Contribute a page to Horizon’s Wiki

Contribute 5 pages to Horizon’s Wiki




Beta TesterNew Years 2015 *Anniversary 2015 *

For Horizon’s hardy beta testers (and their patience!)

Cheers to the stories to come. If your account was registered on or before 1/1/15, collect this (if it wasn’t auto-added to your account)!

Thanks for celebrating Horizon’s first birthday with us :) If your account was registered before or during our anniversary week (6/8/15 - 6/14/15), collect this.  

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