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Activity Checks


Activity Checks  

Activity Tracker

Use the Activity Check Tracker to keep up with your characters’ activity status; this lists all characters due to become Inactive on the next check date.

Why, When, and How

In Horizon, your character is considered active as long as you make one IC post with him/her every four weeks. It is totally fine to have a combination of active and inactive characters.

Activity checks are our way of keeping track of which players/characters are currently no longer on the site. They keep everyone informed about which characters are still part of the game.

  • Activity checks occur at the start of every new subseason.
  • As of each check, any character who hasn’t posted since the past check becomes ‘Inactive.’
  • Threads with fewer than two active characters are marked either ‘finished’ (10+ posts) or ‘dead’ (fewer than 10 posts) and moved to the IC Archives. See below.
IC Consequences

When your character’s account falls inactive, that character must be considered absent IC from the valley, with no exceptions. This may result in IC consequences if your character has certain responsibilities or is in a pack.

When a pack wolf falls Inactive, his account loses its rank and position. This may not mean he is forbidden from reentering the pack, but like everything else, all consequences for disappearance are determined In Character. Other characters may have reactions to your wolf’s absence or return.

Reactivating your Character’s Account  

When you log in as an Inactive character, you’ll see a red bar beneath your character’s avatar saying that the character is currently inactive. To reactivate the character, first make an IC post (either as a new thread or in response to a thread), and then post in Maintenance to have your character reactivated.

Dead & Archived Threads

If a thread has at least 10 posts, it will be marked “finished”, and skill points can be claimed for it at any time. Otherwise, it’ll be marked “dead” if it has fewer than 10 posts. If a thread has died but you and another active player want to finish it out, it’s okay to assume the Inactive wolf/wolves have exited the thread. To bring back a thread from the dead, post in Maintenance.

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