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Wait, what is this?   

Horizon is a play-by-post forum RPG. Its genre is realistic wolf. If you’re new to forum RPGs, check out for an explanation of the basics. For more information on who we are, check out the Game Overview!

What roleplaying level is this site? 

We don’t officially have a level— lots of our roleplaying could be considered “advanced,” but we know there are many definitions of this term. We expect all members to write with proper grammar and spelling, and we emphasize speed over quality over quantity. We have no minimum word count.

If you’re not quite sure and want to check out some writing, take a look at our Recent Posts, or just browse around in the forums.

If it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to write at at least the same level as the general community, your application may be declined, or if accepted, you may be asked to put more effort into your posts. Please don’t be offended if this happens to you; it’s simply the way of the game!

What can my character do?  

Anything within the physical bounds of what a real wolf could do (plus talk). Since our style is freeform, there’s no predefined plot. There may sometimes be overarcing random events, but usually, all plots will be character (and thus player) driven.

Plot-wise, there are no OOC-specified limitations as to what your character can do. Want to traipse around an enemy pack’s territory? Go for it— your character might face some resistance from other wolves, but OOC, nobody’s going to stop you.

What can’t my character do? 

Most things that a fantasy wolf RPG might include are not really relevant in Horizon. Your wolf can’t sprout wings and fly around, nor can he carry around human items like bags or bottles of potions. He shouldn’t have any jewelry or clothing, nor should he have any superpowers.

Are there any packs, and how do packs get created? 

Right now, there are eleven packs in Horizon. Packs are created totally IC— there are some OOC requirements to creating packs to keep things fair, but the process occurs IC, and can happen at any time. This means your character could feasibly create a pack today, provided he meets the requirements. Check out the Pack Creation Handbook page for more info.

How big of a time commitment is this site? 

As big or small as you want it to be. We anticipate that you’ll spend a lot of time here because, well, it’s fun! But if you can only post once or twice a week, that’s fine, too. That said, you’ll get out what you put in; the more active you are, the more adventures your character will get into.

Are there any IC reward systems (like trophies)? 

We are working on integrating both an IC (Emblems) system, as well as contests and other fun stuff. We currently have the Achievements feature as a fun way to gain rewards OOC.

How long has this site been around? 

Horizon itself has been open (read: we started advertising and had most major site functionality ready) on June 8, 2014. Prior to that, we were operating in a slow-moving beta period, while we were still fixing things up and preparing for a larger base of members.

Some of our members were players on a site called Taiyae, which lived on AvidGamers back in the day. Taiyae was a fairly active site, but it inevitably died when its hosting became unreliable.

Is Horizon the new Taiyae? Not really. Horizon operates on the same principles as Taiyae did— we love freeform RP and we strive to keep things simple and fast-paced— but that’s where the similarities end. Horizon is its own game with its own story, community, and features. Some characters from Taiyae have migrated to Horizon, but they are few, and in no way does the story revolve around them. (In fact, the story doesn’t revolve around any one wolf. Every character is just as important— or unimportant— as the next).

Who’s in charge around here? 

Check out the Staff Handbook page for a staff listing. Horizon will likely add more staff in the future as things pick up.

Why don’t you allow posting tables or signatures? 

We want to keep things simple. We want our threads/posts to be easy and continuous to read, like one big story. We love it when the focus is on writing and character development rather than artwork or photos.

That said, we also love artwork and photos, and customization— which is why all members can edit their own profiles (including their profile skins) to their heart’s content. For more information on how to edit your profile, check out the Profile Guidelines Handbook page.

How do I become affiliates with Horizon or advertise on your forum? 

We’re currently open for affiliate requests— check out our buttons here. Ads can always be posted on our Advertising board.

I joined. Now what? 

Time to dive in! Go ahead and make your first post if you feel like it, or check out our Getting Started guide (recommended).

I applied to join, but never got an email. 

If you can see your character in the Character List, you were accepted. Our email system is currently down, so you might need to post in the cbox to request account activation if you are having trouble logging in.

If you aren’t sure if you’ve been accepted, feel free to contact staff directly by email.

I was banned from cbox - why? 

You probably weren’t banned by staff or anything serious. :) Cbox has a tendency to ban people across their IP if they post too quickly in it. This is because it recognises the messages as spam. Try posting again in 5-10 minutes, you should be back in the system by then.

Is your question missing from the FAQ? Email, or ask it on the Cbox!

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