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Join Horizon

How to Join The Game

First, read the required reading:
  1. Game Overview— a quick intro to our genre, premise, and plot
  2. General Rules— how we keep the game fair and fun!
    Second, check out the recommended reading
  3. Setting Overview— about the world our wolves live in
  4. Wolf Guide— about wolf characters in Horizon
  5. Is Horizon Right for You?— what we look for in members and applications

    We highly suggest you read this one, but it’s your choice!

Third, start setting up your account, and join the game:
  1. Fill out the account registration form to create an account for your character.
    Note: at this point, you are not yet accepted to the game!
    • Regarding “Wolf’s Name”! Register with only your wolf’s first name. Once your account has been activated, you will be able to add your character’s surname in a separate field.
    • Regarding account activation! Please post a shoutout in the Cbox after you’ve applied, and staff will manually activate your account. We are currently experiencing an issue with our mailing system.
  2. Log in with your character’s account and fill out your profile.
  3. Apply to be officially accepted into the game in the Joining forum!

Joining? Start here!
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