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Horizon Map

The map represents the relative location of each territory (click for a larger view!). Do note, the locations marked with an X are territories that have been destroyed in-game. You may read about them on our area listing page!

Gigantic thank-you to Lea for making this map!


Please keep the following in mind when describing your character’s travels: It takes a wolf at least half a day to travel from one area to the next. As such, travel across the entire valley can take a wolf several days. It is an arduous journey if taken too quickly without rest.

Creating Subareas

Subareas are created over the course of two (2) IC threads in which characters describe the area. The subarea must initially be stumbled on IC before there can be any reference to it in posts. Former subarea spots, marked by an X, are not eligible for future subareas.

Helpful things to describe include the relative location of the area, what makes the subarea unique (landmarks, etc.), what kind of prey the area has available, and interesting facts about the area. Basically, any descriptor that a currently-existing area has should be described over the course of these threads.

When creating a subarea, simple is better! Subareas are much smaller than main areas and shouldn’t contain too many parts or different biomes. When a subarea is submitted for review, staff may request for alteration based on complexity, realism, or other factors. Note: For now, there is a pause on creation of any cave-based subareas. If you need assistance coming up with unique ideas for a territory, don’t hesitate to reach out to staff!

Once a subarea has been described enough, it can become a candidate for becoming its own playable subarea in one of two ways:

  1. If a pack does not wish to claim an already existing subarea whilst forming, they may create a subarea as described above. The three descriptive threads may also be the same threads in which the leader and followers interact, per the pack creation requirements below. This method of creating subareas does not apply to already established packs.
  2. Any wolf (including rogues) can describe a subarea, and if enough other wolves participate in threads in that area, it will become a candidate to be created. Please contact staff if you have an established IC area you’d like to have considered as an official sub-area!

Due to a recent abundance in new cave-based subareas being discovered, we HIGHLY encourage new discoveries feature biomes and landforms that do not include caves.

Note: When submitting an image for a new area, ensure it is at least 1500px wide.

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