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Rules: General


When you join Horizon, you’re indicating that you’re going to follow our rules, which aim to keep the game fair and fun for all members:


Basic Rules
  1. ~The Golden Rule!~
    Be polite, follow RP etiquette, and don’t cheat.

  2. Don’t Plan OOC
    Since we’re a freeform game, Planning OOC is considered cheating, since it isn’t fair to other members who let plots develop organically. Requesting threads with other players in OOC or in the Cbox, as well as reserving threads for specific characters, is considered OOC Planning and is not allowed.

  3. Don’t Game the System
    Your goal shouldn’t be to “win” — if it is, this game isn’t for you, but check out some of our affiliates! Also, most things— especially things that will benefit your character— should be RPed out in the forums in actual posts. In general, Horizon is meant to be a challenging environment for characters, and as a player, you might not always get your way.

  4. Respect the Game Lore
    Don’t violate the information in the Wiki, including the setting (it’s set in the early 1900s in the wilderness) or the Wolf Guide (our wolves don’t have powers).

  5. Write Clearly
    Please write in past tense, third-person, narrative style. Respect proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity, otherwise you might have a hard time finding RP partners.
Activity and Accounts
  1. Activity
    We hold Activity Checks every four weeks. If your character goes Inactive, it won’t affect your posting permissions— though he/she may face IC consequences for disappearing. You can place yourself on Absence if you know you’ll be away for a set amount of time.

  2. Accounts
    One character per account, properly capitalized. You can have as many character accounts as they can keep active. There is no wait period before you can create a new character.

  3. No Canons
    No canons, or wolf versions of canons, from other universes. Feel free to bring in your characters from other sites, but please keep in mind Rules 2, 3, and 4 above.

  4. Three-Day Skip
    In group threads, it’s assumed that any player who takes longer than three days to post may be skipped by the next player in the established posting order. Skipped players can jump back in at any time, establishing a new posting order.

  5. Fights & Forfeits
    In fights, characters who don’t respond within three days (excluding specific OOC circumstances) automatically forfeit the fight.
Other Stuff
  1. Travel
    RP your wolf’s travel realistically. It takes around half a day IC to travel between IC areas.
  • Pups cannot travel great distances without tiring quickly. This means that they shouldn’t suddenly appear in territories far from home. Pups also shouldn’t appear in locations far from their parents without IC progress of their travels, as this doesn’t give parent players the opportunity to IC react and is unfair.
  1. Skill Points
    Skill points can only be claimed for finished threads, and cannot be claimed for dead threads. In order to warrant skill points, a thread must be archived. Check out the Skill Points guide in the Handbook for more information.

  2. NPCs
    In the interest of fairness, wolf NPCs and human NPCs not allowed in-game.

  3. Howls  
    In our game, howls should not communicate messages— only emotions, location, or identity of the howler if known by the listener. In the case of confrontational threads, unless a wolf gives a distressed or urgent howl IC, characters should not suddenly pile up. This differs from situations such as pack meetings where wolves join over the course of multiple rounds.

  4. Avatars & Profile Art
    Avatars for the forums should be photos or photo manipulations only (no illustrations, please!) with no text. For avatars that are photo manipulations, please no glowing eyes or fully painted over fur. Fur color may be changed, but the original texture should be visible/not painted or smoothed over. This only applies specifically to avatars. However, feel free to include illustrations and other fan art in your profile.

  5. No Postscripts
    To keep things tidy, don’t use postscripts, tables, graphics, or signatures in the forums.

  6. No Sexual Violence
    Roleplayed scenarios of sexual violence (including rape) are not allowed on Horizon. Characters may have mention of this in their history or thoughts, but it cannot be roleplayed here on Horizon.

  7. Death
    As a part of organic plots, no permission is needed to kill another character. Similarly, planning to have your wolf be killed by another character is not allowed.

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