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Social Media

Can’t get enough Horizon? We have several social media accounts setup for all your OOC Horizon needs!


We have created a private Facebook group called Wolves of Horizon for members to share Horizon-related material and conversations.

If you aren’t a member, PM any Staff for an invitation. Anyone currently a member in the group also has the ability to add you.

Note: Only members of Horizon may join.


If you aren’t already following, be sure to check out our Tumblr, which features some amazing wolf-related content, Horizon news submitted by our amazing contributors, and more!

Topics range from weekly, in game weather updates to recent IC events to RP tips and more!


This group messaging app is super effective for getting a message to someone quickly, just chatting for fun, asking someone a question, etc.

For those of you who don’t feel comfortable giving out your Facebook and the like, Slack is a free app that allows out of site communication as a group and in private without handing out personal information.

The only information required is your e-mail, which should be shared with the creator of the horizon Slack, Dapper, or staff (though I believe Slack is being wonky and won’t let some staff add others to the group). For now, I think only Dapper and Lea are able to add people.

Our slack link is


If you don’t have Discord, it’s free to get and is a good platform that includes private text and voice chats, as well as group ones in channels.

Our discord link is

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