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Horizon’s staff team is here not only to keep the game running, but also in case you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Holler if you need us!



Administrator (game administration, resident code person, world building, and new features)
Accounts: Admin
Timezone: CST

Chels is 25 and lives in a major Midwestern city where she works full time as a front-end web developer/designer. She is the proud kitty parent of one cat, Maurice, who knows how to sit and also stand. She relives her childhood by dancing ballet. She is very happy to see the community grow and thrive as time wears on!

Contact email / AIM / Skype: / andwhitherthen / aimlessmuse



Co-Administrator (co-administration, community moderation, forum management, back-up code person, and being Chels’ sane listening ear!)
Accounts: Haden, Verin
Most active: Weekdays and weeknights
May be scarce: Weekends
Timezone: EST

Lea is 29 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a graphic designer (currently between jobs) and a writer (currently working on a young adult science fiction novel). A roleplayer since she was 10 years old, she was a member and moderator on the original Taiyae.

Contact email /  AIM / Skype: / kapppz / kapppz



Moderator (applications, maintenance, community moderation, all-round)
Accounts: Orion, Shark, Rabanastre, Maia, Adhara
Most active: Afternoons, Fridays, and Saturdays
May be scarce: 8am-5pm
Timezone: EST

Bryony is 25 and living on the East Coast with her girlfriend, three cats, and leopard gecko. Her passion is animal welfare and would love to be a veterinary technician in the future! She has been role playing since she was way too little (like 6, oh no) and is also getting way into LARPing!

Contact email / AIM / Skype:


Moderator (applications, maintenance, community moderation, all-round)
Accounts: Apollo, Faolan, Ink, Lee, Pace, Speck, Talio
Most active: Weekdays
May be scarce: Weekends
Timezone: Hawaii

Practically 30, Fao is the mother of two young boys, and married living on the island of Oahu. Thankfully they get internet there, because that is what she does. She enjoys writing online with friends, playing video games, drawing, and eating. Having roleplayed now for half her life, she doesn’t imagine she will ever stop. She wants four cats but her husband is allergic and that’s really dumb. She says she’ll write a novel someday, but she’s probably lying.

Contact email / AIM / Skype:


Moderator (applications, maintenance, community moderation, all-round)
Accounts: Chai, Iscariot, Mako, Sparrow
Most active: 6-midnight on weekdays, intermittently all day most weekends
May be scarce: ?
Timezone: CST

Kelly is 27 and currently lives in Texas, despite her desires to be where there are more seasons than summer and not summer. She works remotely as a social media manager but also cofounded and runs a nonprofit that focuses on protecting exotic and endangered species. Outside of work, she lazes around with her two cats, Chai and Captain Spifftastic, and husky, Ghost. Old Taiyae-native who is super nostalgic and excited to be a part of such a growing, dynamic community!

Contact email / Skype: / m.kelly.anderson

Maintenance Staff


Maintenance Staff (tumblr posts, skill points, in character moderation, account approval)
Accounts: Beauregard, Rufus, Zaan
Most active: 9-6pm EST on weekdays
May be scarce: Late weekday nights
Timezone: CST

Drew is 26 and lives in Texas with her husband and totally cray cray bobtailed cat. She spends her work days doing all things marketing for a small children’s publisher and by night is an avid gamer and plays in several D&D campaigns. (Oh, and hangs out on Horizon. All. The. Time.)

Contact email / AIM / Skype: Fastest means of contact is through main account!

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