Activity Checks

Activity Tracker

How it works!

  • All characters who haven't posted since the last check are automatically shown in this list. Note that directly after a check, all characters will start out on the list!
  • To get your character's name off the list, just make an IC post before the next check.
  • Characters left on the list by the next check date will become Inactive.

The next check is scheduled for Friday, 12/21/2018, and the post cutoff will be Friday, 11/23/2018.

The List

If you see your character's name on this list, don't worry! You just need to make one IC post with your character before the next check, and your character's name will disappear from the list:

There's currently a bug with this where the original post of a new thread aren't counted in your favor. This will not be held against you.

IDUsernamePlayerLast IC PostJoined
52592 AbaezeAeon11/11/201811/11/2017
9845 ArgusGrim11/07/201802/19/2016
64419 AuracillaSyrup11/02/201805/22/2018
65874 CedarAlex11/17/201806/27/2018
49341 DawnfrostKori10/27/201810/13/2017
68168 EindrideGabriel Lucas11/02/201809/08/2018
69904 EleazarJack11/17/201811/06/2018
69894 GethinJack11/11/201811/05/2018
64582 GungnirCJ11/03/201805/28/2018
69870 HywelJack11/17/201811/04/2018
30007 KyorenSierra10/28/201802/09/2017
68749 LikahAurora11/16/201809/23/2018
63453 MishaKori10/28/201804/19/2018
51086 MomoAeon11/07/201810/30/2017
69010 NakitaSierra10/28/201810/03/2018
26115 OberonJade11/06/201812/05/2016
67506 PapillonCitrus10/31/201808/13/2018
68723 Phoenixdom11/08/201809/23/2018
69763 RyderCitrus11/08/201811/01/2018
69581 StahrSyrup10/27/201810/23/2018
70099 VepkhiJack11/13/201811/10/2018
52112 VitalisGabriel Lucas11/11/201811/06/2017
67797 Wendatknever08/25/2018
67486 YeskaKori11/02/201808/12/2018
63454 YvetteKori10/28/201804/19/2018
21275 ZeldaSierra10/28/201809/18/2016