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Name Pack
Ace Adrian Hillside Sanctuary VII. Aspirant
Sex Status
Male Starving
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 4 mos.)
4215 SP


Height Build
Petite Lean
Starfall Cadre. Wormwood Grove
Father Mother

Older step siblings
{Charcoal} ♂
{Ebony} ♀ † (unknown)

Older half siblings
{Pierre} ♂
{Silver-Belle} ♀ † (unknown)

Litter mates
{Junior} (Brynn Jr) ♂ (gone)
{Faithful} ♀
{Courage} ♂ (missing)

Other Relationships
{Calamity} – The only him like him, left.
{Brynn} – Doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t want to know.
{Caspian} – Abandoned Ace and his kids, despises.
{Bea} – Sweet grandmother, motherly.
{Senna} – Kind.
{Catrine} – Mother figure, sweet.
{Faithful} – Feels like he failed her.
{Savanah} – Doesn’t matter anymore.
{Rufus} – Doesn’t matter anymore.
{Fawn} and {Efeon} – Saved his life.
{Pierre} – Doesn’t know how to feel.
Starfall Cadre
Early spring HY3 - late autumn HY3
- Disbanded

Hillside Sanctuary
Late winter HY4 - till death
Ace art
All Ace art
Visited areas
All Horizon areas
Healing knowledge
Lavender and rosemary: Help sooth nerves, work against anxiety. Lavender grows in a bush, flowers are purple. They have a nice scent. Rosemary is green and bushy, stem is woody and upright, leaves poke out away from it, small and smell very strong. Eating too much rosemary can make you sick.
Maidenhair tree: Massive trees which branches can reach the ground. The leaves can help with illness.
''Ladder-to-Heaven'': Green plant, often has little white berries. Berries are poisenous! The roots of the plant can help with open wounds, and overall give general health.
Cattail: Only heard of the name, no real information yet.
Spirit Symbol