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Name Pack
Ace Adrian Hillside Sanctuary III. Seeker
Sex Status
Male Starving
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 7 mos.)
3900 SP

Character Information

Lone Survivor - Sleep Forever
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Viaggio Di Notte
Wye Oak - Civilian
Feint - Sleepless
Feint - Two Flares In The Night Sky

Voiced by Greg Ayres

Albus' personality has become a lot more flat. Being an albino. And having been through a lot of sickness and hardships, he has become almost uncaring. Or, that's how he tries to come off as. Deep down he's still that emotional boy, afraid of judgment. But he tries to have it not hurt him. Insults only work now if they're his own, because he believes only he himself can punish himself. He's uncertain, and afraid, lost. But he believes he will make it, if he tries. Losing everyone he cared about has left him bitter, and something inside of him snapped. He's broken, now, and he's keeping his pieces together with glue.
He's now Ace Adrian, a new wolf who tries to run away from the past, and hopes the memories will fade. He would want nothing more but to forget. He no longer wants to be reminded of who he was. Ugly, weak and useless, the freak he was. He wants to leave that behind him. Ace is looking for a purpose.
Deep down, he wants to be loved, and cared for. Deep down, he does not want to be alone. But he feels like a bother to everyone he meets. He's nothing, the lowest of low. He's the dirt you stand on. That's what he believes. But he's trying to better himself. The male detached himself, and is trying not to care. He's trying not to have anyone care about him ever again. Because he believes everyone will just leave, eventually. No one stays forever. He doesn't want to be hurt anymore.
But he already got hurt, and he might never be fixed again. A quiet, bitter wolf, broken. He tries not to have anyone fix him. He doesn't want to be fixed. Or does he?

- Click Born Early Spring as part of the Starfall Cadre.
- Click Albus was often very sick. Fevers and colds plagued him most. During summer his nose tended to get burned if he did not stay out of the sun.
- Click His father was very absent in the first part of his life, but Albus did never really notice it because he thought it was normal for dads to be away often.
- Click Albus found a friend in Ruark, who admitted he got sick a lot, too. They decided to become Sickness Buddies, comforting each other when either of them was sick, or both. But Ruark disappeared and Albus has not seen him since.
- Click Albus noticed his mother had disappeared. He went out to look and met Braxis, who told him albinos were very special. Apparently Albus was the first and only one Braxis had seen alive. It made Albus long even more for his mother than he already did. He missed her greatly.
- Click Everyone else noticed Calamity was missing. Brynn decided to have a search party, others thought he meant leaving home together. Everyone was confused and not agreeing. Albus decided to go out and look for his mother, alone.
- Click On his search for his mother Albus met the lying Elliot, who told Albus his mother was dead, and that she had wanted them all to stay with Elliot. Albus was so upset he wanted to leave but Elliot stopped him. When Albus refused more, Elliot tried to kill him. Caspian was there to save his life, becoming Lifesaver #1.
- Click After finding a friend in Savannah, a pup of the Evergreen Wolves, Albus went to the coast with her, on an adventure. On his way there, he decided it was best to just leave the Cadre. He was not going to go home.
- Click At the coast, Savannah and Albus got seperated during a cyclone.
- Click After the cyclone Albus got very sick, and got struck by pneumonia. He was found by Efeon, and brought to a healer called Fawn, who took care of him. They became Lifesaver #2 and Lifesaver #3.
- Click Leaving the beach without a word to Fawn or Efeon, Albus runs into Charcoal, who says he and Pierre have left the Cadre.
- Click Albus finds out Savannah has found her way home, but they get into an argument, and Albus leaves, feeling he doesn't deserve Savannah as a friend.
- Click After meeting up with Caspian again, Albus decided to travel wih him again, and they visit the Cadre. Albus finds out Caspian tries to join the Cadre, but in the end they change plans.
- Click They reach the Hillside Sanctuary, and try to join the pack. They tell the Sanctuary about what Elliot has done to Albus.
- Click Albus meets old lady Bea, who teaches him fishing tricks. Shy at first, Albus comes to love her, and he wants to see her again someday. She's like a grandmother to him.
- Click Albus and Caspian join the Hillside Sanctuary as Seekers.
- Click - Click On a little tour in the valley, Albus and Caspian take a rest at the meadow, where once the Idavoll Circle used to live. Here Albus finally calls Caspian his dad, and Caspian calls the boy his son.
- Click Albus and Caspian find Courage, and they chase him down. The scared and weak boy is brought to the Sanctuary to heal, and Albus and Courage regain your lost brotherly bond.
- Click Albus finally has found herbs that help him with his illness, and he has stopped suttering. He searches for Caspian to celebrate, and they hunt a fox together.
- Click Albus, Caspian and Senna take on a task to travel with Wintermute to the mountains, and meet his leader Nima, who seems to know about Elliot...
- Click Albus and senna arrive in the mountains and learn about Elliot.
- Click Caspian has changed, and breaks Albus' heart.
- Click Caspian break's Albus' heart more.
- Click And more...
- Click Albus meets Seeker, and establishes an interesting friendship. He decides to change his name, Albus Awbrey, to Ace Adrian, hoping to start a new, better life, and leave the past behind.

Lavender and rosemary: Help sooth nerves, work against anxiety. Lavender grows in a bush, flowers are purple. They have a nice scent. Rosemary is green and bushy, stem is woody and upright, leaves poke out away from it, small and smell very strong. Eating too much rosemary can make you sick.
Maidenhair tree: Massive trees which branches can reach the ground. The leaves can help with illness.
''Ladder-to-Heaven'': Green plant, often has little white berries. Berries are poisenous! The roots of the plant can help with open wounds, and overall give general health.
Cattail: Only heard of the name, no real information yet.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Starfall Cadre. Wormwood Grove
Father Mother
I'm gonna pretend you never existed I'm gonna pretend you never existed

Older step siblings
{Charcoal} ♂
{Ebony} ♀ † (unknown)
Spark ♂ (unknown)

Older half siblings

{Pierre} ♂
{Silver-Belle} ♀ † (unknown)

Litter mates

{Junior} (Brynn Jr) ♂
{Faithful} ♀
{Courage} ♂

Other family
Other Relationships
{Calamity} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Brynn} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Faithful} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Junior} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Courage} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Pierre} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Ruark} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Caspian} -I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Efeon} - Hmm.
{Fawn} - Hmm.
{Savannah} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Rufus} - I'm gonna pretend you never existed.
{Bea} - You still exist.
{Senna} - You still exist.
{Sunfall} - Whatever.
{Catrine} - You still exist.
{Sonya} - You still exist.
{Elliot} - Just die already.
{Braxis} - You're weird.
{Seeker} - You're Sevan.
{Briar} (as Fern) - Hmm.
{Carrick} - I'm not your brother.
{Cade} - I'm not your brother.
Albus art
Visited areas
Wormwood Grove
Cloudmirror Lake
Willowed Glade
Evergreen Forest
Everlasting Caverns
Firefly Woods
Sundown Coast
Hidden Cove
Verdant Hills
Fossil Butte
Shimmering Shoal
Western Plains
Riverside Hollow
Harlequin Meadow
Rolling Prairies
Falter Glen
Skyrise Pass
Lake Melody
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet