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Name Pack
Adrian Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
1460 SP

Character Information

Appearance; Height 31 in. / weight ~105 lbs.

Being in the slightly upper mid-sized range in spite of his smaller size at birth, this wolf stands at just under 31 inches and weighs in at approximately 105, though this is depending on the time of year. His body structure is muscular, but not excessively bulky. Adrian favors a well defined and lithe appearance. His base fur color resembles the tan color of sand, with traces of a lighter, almost cream tones around the paws, belly, or beneath his muzzle. Slight tones of darker black intermingle with his sandy fur as well.


Quiet and observant, this wolf is one who will generally keep to himself, preferring to keep to the shadows and simply study others. Unless he feels a situation calls for him to take action, or something is otherwise required of him, Adrian will maintain this disposition . Generally he will not speak unless spoken to, and when he does, his words are likely to be soft and concise. Morality is of utmost importance to this particular wolf, and he strives to devote himself to the stringent laws shown to him from birth. Adrian believes the entire purpose of his existence is to ensure the survival of what he considers to be good and lawful, vowing to protect and defend it, perhaps even at the cost of his own life. As such, extreme displays of compassion, mercy, or empathy are not uncommon for him. He tends to keep most of his own personal feelings or emotions hidden from sight however, making him awkward in personal interaction. His preference is to focus on the things greater than himself. While he can be incredibly kind or charitable, he can also be cold and potentially cruel to anyone he believes undeserving of such treatment. Adrian despises wrongdoings or mistreatment of others, and may attempt to defend them if it proves necessary.

Current Theme -- The Unforgiven


Height Build
Large Average
Father Mother
n/a n/a
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