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Adrienne Bissette Soulfire Covenant VI. Starlight
Sex Status
Female Healthy
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(0 yrs, 6 mos.)
360 SP

Character Information

Adrienne suffers from grand mal seizures, or seizures that cause her entire body to spazz or suddenly still. She is not conscious during these episodes, and these are brought on by heavily emotional situations. Adrienne will fail to remember what caused it and what transpires during the seizure. The duration varies.

New, fresh, and vibrant.

The second to largest next to Juliette, but even she is definitely not the biggest as {Claes} and {Anna} take the ribbon of "largest siblings" currently. The fur is black but light, grey fur contours her yellow eyes whilst her belly is lighter than the rest of her body, plus a light strip rests atop her shoulders.

One day she will achieve 27 inches, 5.6 feet, and 89 pounds.

Who am I?

Current status
Older, bigger, and curious. Loves all the hunting lessons she is now getting and is starting to explore the Basin with her sister. Absolutely angry at Ash still.

I speak English and French!
My English is more broken like Ash's whilst my French is more pristine!
- Partnered with her sibling, she's willing to take on the world. Excitement lies everywhere and it's up to the two of them, and ultimately her, to find it all! There's almost nothing that can hold her back as long as she has her siblings beside her.

- Everything is a game to her. Whether it's a branch hanging low from the tree, or there's a squirrel chittering at her, she's determined to show that anything can be a good time. The more, the merrier, and Adrienne is definitely going to invite everyone.

- What is that? When did this happen? Adrienne wants to understand anything that strikes her bizarre. She's willing to check it out if she has gained the courage to do so. New faces are always a welcomed curiosity.

- That saying "every stranger is just a friend waiting to be introduced" rings true with this wolf. Adrienne prefers to have good relations with others.

- Once that trust with her is broken, Adrienne immediately views the character as a liar, a traitor, and, mainly, a monster. They are equal to Selra: Someone who purposely intends to hurt. She will no longer want to have association with them. It's even possible that Adri will actively chase the unwanted wolf away. The whole ordeal with Ash really hurt her.

- A lot has happened in her first few months of life that affected her. She fears that those close to her would be snatched from her just has her adoptive mother and brother had been. So now she is plagued by the concept of Green-Eye, a wolf who is black as shadows with green eyes that snatches loved ones away.

- A major character flaw, aside from, well, the seizures. This holds her back from a lot of things and often resorts to her asking for other's opinions a lot- primarily her siblings. The more nervous she becomes, the more it affects her speech through stuttering. It's also perceivable in her posture: From shy glances up to trembling in the legs. This, tied with her fretfulness, is majorly the cause of her seizures.

- Anything that isn't right to begin with is cause for concern. Can't find a certain wolf? Time to worry. Lost track of the prey? Oh crap, oh crap, where is it?

- Things can be scary for Adrienne, especially loud noises and angry tones as these things can cause her to become withdrawn and fearful. Lots of time this can drive her into a panic attack. Not just fearful things, but also communication is something she holds to heart. If a wolf begins to lessen their interaction with her, she grows confused and hurt.

Fresh out the oven

Horizon: Stroke of Luck

- An Autobiography Narrated by Adrienne

9/8 [1st Day]: Born first before Juliette and Celeste. A lot of crying, suckling, and sleeping- nothing really striking.
9/16 [8th Day]: Unfortunately my biological mother had passed away. I was way too tiny to remember this.
9/20 [12th Day]: My very first panic attack! I don't remember much about it but it much have been very scary for me to stress that much.
9/22 [14th Day]: I opened my teeny eyes for the first time! They were blue though, not the yellow I'll be known for.
9/23 [15th Day]: That day was a sad one- equally sad, even, to when Bea died. Sister Beata, who's name was changed to Celeste by Jacqueline, passed away due to choking on her vomit. I was young at the time of the event- too small to understand death. Sometimes I wish I got to know her more.
9/27 [19th Day]: Baby brother Clément was born! "Two that was supposed to be three has become three again." This is also the day that Jacqueline officially gave sister and I our new names: Adrienne and Juliette.
9/28 [20th Day]: Juliette and I finally step out and meet two new faces: Ash and Relic.
9/30 [22nd Day]: We also discover a new face: Anna! Relic drops by for a visit and so does Claes too!
10/4 [26th Day]: This felt like a dream to me, but something bad happened that scared me... But I just don't remember.
10/5 [27th Day]: A woman that became dubbed as Green-Eye came and took hold of Clement. Nobody stopped her! And nobody continued to not stop her as she kept taking more and more from me! Maman and Clement are gone now...
10/28 [Month 1]: A lot of tears were shed when Maman was taken away, but Anna and Claes offered to take Juliette and I on a trip. On top of that, Anna even gave us the good stuff: Soft Food!
11/4 [Month 1]: It was raining so much, but that was okay because it was just water. Though, something spooky happened: The sky would growl! Ash taught sister and I that it was just thunder and that it was safe. However, as lightning was pretty to look at, it wasn't safe to get near. This was also the day Brother Ash told us he loved us! Something I'll never forget.
11/8 [Month 2]: Ash was following up on a promise: He was going to teach my sister and I how to hunt. Unfortunately, and very sadly, when he saw Claes, he just bolted muttering that he wasn't going to ruin family time. It hurt me. A lot. Why does no one like each other in this family?
11/11 [Month 2]: I got to meet someone new: Maisie!
11/15 [Month 2]: He hurt us. He hurt me. Saying goodbye? Outrageous. How could he do that to us? He told us he loved us and now he just gets up and leaves and expects us to be okay with that.
11/25 [Month 3]: Claes teaches me how to hunt!
12/2 [Month 3]: Juliette and I go out for a walk around the Basin, but eventually Anna finds us so that she can talk to us.
12/8 [Month 3]: Maisie teaches my sister and I how to hunt! Claes was there to watch.


Height Build
Large Lean
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{Beata} (✝) and {Juli}


{Claes} and {Anna}



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Absolutely Hates with a Passion
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