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Name Pack
Aksel Holt Rogue
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 2 mos.)
1855 SP

Character Information


Voiced By Rami Malek
British Columbian x Great Plains
111 lbs || 32.4 in || 6.1 ft

Art by Maiyev!

Aksel, while tall, does not have an imposing stature. He lacks the mass and bulk of his brother and father, instead bearing a narrow and lean frame. However, in his travels, his muscles have hardened and defined themselves beneath his pelt. Aksel's muzzle is long and thin to match the rest of his slender proportions. His pelt is more sleek than soft and bears a mixture of gray, white, and black hairs. Adding to his intense look are his piercing blue eyes. He is agile, flexible, and a skilled hunter.

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NOTE: Since returning to Horizon, Aksel has repressed every memory aside from his own name. These memories can be triggered into recollection, but not without plausible consequence.

Aksel's personality is still being shaped and formed.

Horizon History

Spring Season

Spring Event


Aksel comes back to the Horizon Valley. He meets {Beauregard} who goes by the name 'Alexander,' and also meets {Nayomi}. Injured and starving, he attempts to flee, but the female follows after him. He and Nayomi reunite, with the familiar face of {Icarus} in tow, who triggers repressed memories within Aksel. The three travel together and Aksel meets {Ross}, one of Nayomi's friends, and the four decide to travel together. Late at night, Aksel talks to Icarus about the past, and learns about his family, his home, and his former pack. The following day, the four of them decide to travel together to the Emerald Labyrinth and make a temporary home there.


Aksel travels with {Icarus}, {Nayomi} and {Ross} and finally arrive at the Emerald Labyrinth.




»{Beauregard} - 'Alexander' thinks I'm rude. Has made me question what I know about myself. What if... I am rude? Have I always been rude? I didn't think I was being rude. But if I was, how do I not be rude?
»{Nayomi} - A kind and gentle friend to all of us boys. She seems sad, but the reason is unknown.
»{Icarus} - The best friend he could ever ask for. His ride or die. Protective, caring and charismatic. Only wants the best for his friends.
»{Ross} - He was kind of rude when we met, but that's because he had an infection. Very go with the flow. Definitely cares about Nayomi.

Likes: {Nayomi}, {Icarus}.
Neutral: {Beauregard}, {Ross}.
Dislikes: n/a
Knows Of: {Eerik}, {Astrid}, {Josalyn}, {Cree}, {Solomon}.
Known Packs: Northern Order.

Gained Knowledge

»Beauregard goes by the name 'Alexander' (doesn't know Beauregard's true identity).
»Nayomi is looking for someone, or something. Not a lost girl.
»Has a brother whose name is Eerik.
»Grew up alongside Eerik and Icarus.
»Learned that Ross is Nayomi's friend, and she helped him when he was injured.
»His old home was in the Emerald Labyrinth.
»His former pack was called the, "Northern Order."
»He not only has a brother, but he also has a sister named Astrid.
»His mother was apart of the Northern Order (current whereabouts unknown).
»His father was not apart of the Northern Order (current whereabouts unknown).
»Learned that his family and Icarus' family lived together in the Emerald Labyrinth.
»Learned that there was a Medic named Josalyn, a girl named Cree, and a Chief named Solomon who use to be apart of the Northern Order.

Locations Visited

»Sandstone Gorge (1.)
»Eastern Wasteland (1.)
»Verdant Hills (1, 2, 3.)
»Emerald Labyrinth (1.)

beginnings: a horizon history

From childhood, Aksel was the walking definition of uptight. Level headed yet stubborn, he was not so willing to involve himself with the shenanigans of his siblings. Despite this, he was never a match for his brother's brawn or his sister's wit. For a short while, this vicious cycle was repeated. Often against his will, he would be dragged into situations when he would much rather have been wandering alone, studying the world around him in solitude. At six months, however, his world was shatters. His mother succumbed to rabies.

It shook their foundations, and shattered their already strained family. Eerik fled, and Astrid stayed behind. Aksel, however, opted to seek their largely absent father, Bjorn, for help. He sought to reunite his family, including Bjorn this time, and rebuild. For as much as he secretly resented their antics, Aksel's family was his entire world.

With Bjorn at his side, he searched for his missing brother for months. It was in this time that he was faced with more of the weight of the world than he had anticipated. It was here he learned the world was cruel, and that no matter how you pined for peace and ease of mind, it did not wish to grant it to you. It was here he learned his birth was no product of love, but pride. A cheap attempt at redemption. It was here the term "family" began to lose it's meaning. The name "Aksel Holt" began to sound like a stranger's.

They found Eerik on the beach. He had made a home there. He had started a new life. Detached from family. Detached from the suffocating responsibility of carrying on a legacy, upholding a name, pleasing the ancestors he would never know. And for the first time in his life, Aksel envied Eerik. A simple mind. So simple. How had it been so simple? So easy? That night, Aksel forced himself away. Away from the only home he'd known. Away from the remnants of his family. Away from the place his mother died. It had seemed so easy. So mindlessly simple; like breathing.

And it was, for the most part. It turned out that his days spent in solitude, practicing his hunting, learning the land, orienting himself with the world around him; it helped him to survive. Through harsh winters as he traveled north, and a particularly barren autumn. In his time away, however, he hardened. He withdrew even further within himself, hardly speaking to those he passed on his venture. His aimless venture. Aksel never sought the company of others. In fact, he avoided them. He wandered for months. It was soon that he found he no longer knew how much time passed. Day and night morphed, months drifted, season ignited and snuffed in a matter of seconds.

And although he always knew where he was, Aksel became lost. Lost to the world. Lost to himself. So young, yet ancient in the eternity of of a restless mind. Amidst the emptiness of it all, there came a light. The sight of a mother, and he three young. She was brown, like his had been. She led her children through a mountain pass; two dark as night, one bright as snow. Aksel did not know how long he watched them from his ridge. He did not know when it was that he rose. And he did not remember making a clear decision before directing himself southward. Back the way he had come. Back to the place he had never been allowed to truly live. Home, on technicality. But to him, and chance to rediscover what it was to be Aksel Holt.

please note

Aksel was adopted by Aeson on September 28th, 2017. All threads, posts, and other creations previous do not belong to Aeson. Credit to keeks for all of Aksel's beginnings. <3


Height Build
Large Lean
Early Spring; HY1
Emerald Labyrinth; Horizon Valley
Father Mother
{Bjorn} † {Zehnai} †

{Astrid} and {Eerik}.
(aksel pictured far right)

Other Relationships
Human Play-By
Matthew Daddario
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet