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Name Pack
Albus Awbrey Hillside Sanctuary III. Seeker
Sex Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
3420 SP

Character Information

Vintage & Morelli - Sands Of Time
Vintage & Morelli - Dreaming Of You
Yuri On ice OST
Albus Awbrey

Precious art by Rainy! <3

Voiced by Greg Ayres
- Albus Awbrey
- Timber wolf
- Born Early Spring
- 20 in, 52 lbs
- Straight
- Supposedly he was going to be 23 in and 74 lbs but due to sickness and starvation he has not grown much bigger, and he's never going to grow more. He might gain more weight if he ends up eating more, but he will never grow more in height.
- Albus thinks he's a mistake, weak, ugly and useless. Apparenlty albinos are special, and not many are seen alive. He wonders why he's still alive, and is confused why good wolves try to save him when he's sick. He believes his sickness caused his mother stress, and to leave them. He believes he's the reason his family fell apart. He feels terrible about it, and awfully guilty, and he believes he doesn't deserve a new home or a new family ever again.
- Utterly petite, thin and ugly. Coat once pure white now dirty and matted. Ugly long muzzle and ugly big ears.
- Voice is deep and raspy due to sickness; lungs were gravely damaged by pneumonia. Eye sight is slowly declining, might go completely blind in the future. He's starving because he's terrible at hunting, he gets tired easily.
An albino, small and weak and often sick. It has turned him into the wolf who he is up to this today. Albus is sweet and caring, even for strangers. He's never lost that sweet touch of his, even not during the bad times. Sadly, he's also very confused and afraid. He believes he's the reason his family fell apart. He was often sick and his mother took care of him, and then she disappeared. So he believes she left due to stress, and that it's his fault his family is so upset and scattered. It's caused him a lot of sadness and stress, and guilt. He doesn't know why others keep saving his life, he does not know why others care. He's a mistake, and he wished no one would waste their time on him. He appreciates their kindness and love, but he doesn't think he deserves it. A sad little thing, lost and alone in this world.
He's afraid to say goodbye, and often leaves without saying a word, these days. He worries a lot about others, and never about himself. He's emotional and cries a lot. Would do anything for someone else, would do nothing for himself. Even while he would starve, he would give his food to another hungry wolf.
Important life events
- Click Born Early Spring as part of the Starfall Cadre.
- Click Albus was often very sick. Fevers and colds plagued him most. During summer his nose tended to get burned if he did not stay out of the sun.
- Click His father was very absent in the first part of his life, but Albus did never really notice it because he thought it was normal for dads to be away often.
- Click Albus found a friend in Ruark, who admitted he got sick a lot, too. They decided to become Sickness Buddies, comforting each other when either of them was sick, or both. But Ruark disappeared and Albus has not seen him since.
- Click Albus noticed his mother had disappeared. He went out to look and met Braxis, who told him albinos were very special. Apparently Albus was the first and only one Braxis had seen alive. It made Albus long even more for his mother than he already did. He missed her greatly.
- Click Everyone else noticed Calamity was missing. Brynn decided to have a search party, others thought he meant leaving home together. Everyone was confused and not agreeing. Albus decided to go out and look for his mother, alone.
- Click On his search for his mother Albus met the lying Elliot, who told Albus his mother was dead, and that she had wanted them all to stay with Elliot. Albus was so upset he wanted to leave but Elliot stopped him. When Albus refused more, Elliot tried to kill him. Caspian was there to save his life, becoming Lifesaver #1.
- Click After finding a friend in Savannah, a pup of the Evergreen Wolves, Albus went to the coast with her, on an adventure. On his way there, he decided it was best to just leave the Cadre. He was not going to go home.
- Click At the coast, Savannah and Albus got seperated during a cyclone.
- Click After the cyclone Albus got very sick, and got struck by pneumonia. He was found by Efeon, and brought to a healer called Fawn, who took care of him. They became Lifesaver #2 and Lifesaver #3.
- Click Leaving the beach without a word to Fawn or Efeon, Albus runs into Charcoal, who says he and Pierre have left the Cadre.
- Click Albus finds out Savannah has found her way home, but they get into an argument, and Albus leaves, feeling he doesn't deserve Savannah as a friend.
- Click After meeting up with Caspian again, Albus decided to travel wih him again, and they visit the Cadre. Albus finds out Caspian tries to join the Cadre, but in the end they change plans.
- Click They reach the Hillside Sanctuary, and try to join the pack. They tell the Sanctuary about what Elliot has done to Albus.
- Click Albus meets old lady Bea, who teaches him fishing tricks. Shy at first, Albus comes to love her, and he wants to see her again someday. She's like a grandmother to him.
- Click Albus and Caspian join the Hillside Sanctuary as Seekers.
- Click - Click On a little tour in the valley, Albus and Caspian take a rest at the meadow, where once the Idavoll Circle used to live. Here Albus finally calls Caspian his dad, and Caspian calls the boy his son.
- Click Albus and Caspian find Courage, and they chase him down. The scared and weak boy is brought to the Sanctuary to heal, and Albus and Courage regain your lost brotherly bond.
- Click Albus finally has found herbs that help him with his illness, and he has stopped suttering. He searches for Caspian to celebrate, and they hunt a fox together.
- Click Albus, Caspian and Senna take on a task to travel with Wintermute to the mountains, and meet his leader Nima, who seems to know about Elliot...
Herbal knowledge
Lavender and rosemary: Help sooth nerves, work against anxiety. Lavender grows in a bush, flowers are purple. They have a nice scent. Rosemary is green and bushy, stem is woody and upright, leaves poke out away from it, small and smell very strong. Eating too much rosemary can make you sick.
Maidenhair tree: Massive trees which branches can reach the ground. The leaves can help with illness.
''Ladder-to-Heaven'': Green plant, often has little white berries. Berries are poisenous! The roots of the plant can help with open wounds, and overall give general health.
Cattail: Only heard of the name, no real information yet.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Wormwood Grove
Father Mother
{Brynn Awbrey}
{Calamity D'Augusta}

Older step siblings
{Charcoal} ♂
{Ebony} ♀ † (unknown)
Spark ♂ (unknown)

Older half siblings

{Pierre} ♂ (missing)
{Silver-Belle} ♀ † (unknown)

Litter mates

{Junior} (Brynn Jr) ♂ (left)
{Faithful} ♀
{Courage} ♂ (missing)

Other family

{Percival} and {Bayley} (both unknown)
Other Relationships
{Calamity} - His mother. He's misses her.
{Brynn} - His real father. He misses him, but also feels like he abandoned them.
{Faithful} - His sister. He feels sorry for leaving her a second time and wishes he could have done better. Plans to see her again when he's doing better. Wants to show her how strong he can be.
{Junior} - His brother, he misses him and wonders why he disappeared.
{Courage} - His brother. He is glad he found back the boy, and hopes to regain his bond with Courage.
{Pierre} - His older half brother and former leader. He's sorry for leaving and misses him. Albus hopes to see him again in the future when he's doing better.
{Ruark} - Decided to be his sickness buddy, wanting to support each other when they would be sick, but he left like the others did.
{Caspian} - Lifesaver #1 and his adoptive father. Caspian stopped Elliot from killing him. But why did he hurt Albus like this...? Albus is nothing without Caspian...
{Efeon} - Lifesaver #2, found him and brought him to Fawn, the Rangers' healer so Albus could be healed.
{Fawn} - Lifesaver #3, who saved Albus by healing him with herbs. She reminds him of his mother and it makes him feel sad and uncomfortable.
{Savannah} - First real friend, but feels like he does not deserve to be her friend. He lost track of her, and later on found her again. But he messed up their friendship by saying he wanted to die alone. Doesn't know she left the valley. Would have stayed if he would have known she would leave...
{Rufus} - Nice male, Savannah's father. Albus feels bad for losing track of Savannah, and even though Rufus doesn't hate him, Albus believes he doesn't deserve the male's kindness. Doesn't know he left the valley.
{Bea} - A nice old female who's like a grandmother to him. Albus hopes to see her again. He wants to share herbal knowledge with her and snuggle her.
{Senna} - A pack mate and another Seeker like him. She's the same age as him and seems nice. He hopes to become her friend, and that he won't mess up this friendship like he did with Savannah...
{Sunfall} - A pack mate who offered to teach him how to fight, and who wanted Albus to meet his kids. Albus thinks he's nice.
{Catrine} - Caspian's mate-not-mate and mother of Caspian's children. Another pack mate of them. Albus likes her but doesn't feel like she could be his adoptive mother. They're not very close yet.
{Sonya} - A big nice female that groomed him and tried to calm him. She was very nice.
{Elliot} - A scary wolf that tried to kill Albus, and apparently leads a Kingdom in the place where he tried to kill Albus. Although he attempted to murder the boy, Albus doesn't hate him. He's just very frightened of him...
{Braxis} - The first wolf who called him special and seemed to be interested in what kind of a wolf Albus is. Seemed wanting to learn more about albino's. Albus wonders if he ever came across Calamity after they parted ways...
Albus art
Visited areas
Wormwood Grove
Cloudmirror Lake
Willowed Glade
Evergreen Forest
Everlasting Caverns
Firefly Woods
Sundown Coast
Hidden Cove
Verdant Hills
Fossil Butte
Shimmering Shoal
Western Plains
Riverside Hollow
Harlequin Meadow
Rolling Prairies
Falter Glen
Skyrise Pass
Lake Melody
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet