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Alec Hammond Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(5 yrs, 1 mos.)
520 SP

Character Information


His base coat is cream, with dark guard hairs on his back. His face is mostly devoid of fur, leaving only completely burned skin, wrinkled black-and-pink from permanent scar tissue. Wisps of black and tan whiskers grow in patchy around the edges. Black ticking on his tail results in an all black tippy tip. Now with canonically forest green eyes.

played by Aragorn on dawnthieves


He doesn't want to be alive. Why is he alive.
Survivor's guilt and ugly shame.
Less suspicious of cute girls. More suspicious of other men.

Is no longer worthy of being anyone's saviour, but still feels compelled to do what is just, sometimes, despite the fact justice was not his. It's not easy to give up who you were.


All was well in the Proleator kingdom. Alec was proud to be doing his royal duty, as the firstborn of his big family he had been assigned to the royal guard from a young age. He trained hard, did his best to be respectful, and tried his hardest to be noticed, and his perseverance paid off when he was chosen to guard the eldest of the family, Pharaoh. They were of a similar age, and Pharaoh always treated him well, fostering a warm friendship between the prince and his guard.

But, one day, a fire swept through the kingdom. Always looking to be the hero, Alec went around the flames to aid a family in need. He got them out safety, but passed out due to the smoke. It was Pharaoh who came in to rescue his guard - his friend - and carried him to safety. But the damage had been done. Alec's face was badly burned. He recovered physically, but never mentally. Pharaoh begged him to remain in the royal guard, but Alec, ashamed of his scarred face, believed he was unworthy. Reluctantly, Pharaoh let him leave the guards, and the Kingdom itself.

After facing horror and rejection due to his scars after leaving the Proleator Kingdom, Alec now blames Pharaoh for pulling him out of the fire, believing that he ought to have died that day, and blaming his hideous appearance on his old friend and charge.

Significant Relationships

Respects {Mordor}.


Pharaoh did this.


"Cold Day in Heaven" - Delta Rae (Tarquin Studio Sessions)
"Arms of Night" - Dead Astronauts

Art Links

Who would want to look upon an image of such a wretched hound. And yet...

The Fire Burns by Raylee


Height Build
Large Lean
Eagle Cap Wilderness
Father Mother
Sibasha Noltara

They don’t matter now.

Other Relationships
None worth mentioning.
Known Places
Eastern Wasteland
Verdant Hills
Western Plains
Falcon Rise
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet