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Name Pack
Alessandro Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 7 mos.)
2420 SP

Character Information

CZ: gazale

Ale's light colored back seems to almost resemble the creamy color of a caramel bar. Not only is his back the color of a sweet, but his underside mirrors the color of vanilla chocolate. His blue cotton candy eyes attempt to follow the delicious candy pattern, making him look absolutely exquisite. All in all, Alessandro is a rare delicacy, which is why he only comes in a small, thin package, weighing roughly 86 pounds, to increase profit. He isn't, however, a rip-off. After all, it's what's in the inside that counts. The male, reflecting his appearance, is the sweetest little dud that you'll ever meet. He is too selfless for his own good, loves company, and cares deeply about his friends. This, unfortunately, often times works against him. Although he's loyal and holds all of these wonderful characteristics, the male's brain is about as developed as a young puppy's. In other words, Alessandro isn't very intelligent and struggles to understand plenty of things. As if to make things worse, he can't remember anything he was taught - even remember a wolf's face is a complicated task.

Theme Song
Connor Franta Bob Marley - Don't Worry Be Happy

He's a pregnant tree, okay!? THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL ART JEA <3


Height Build
Small Lean
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Forgotten Adoptive Mother: {Veerle}


Other Relationships
Good TermsBad Terms
{Veerle}, {Arrow} N/A
Spirit Symbol