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Name Pack
Altair Penumbra Rogue
Gender Status
Male Injured
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(0 yrs, 9 mos.)
2390 SP

Character Information

Reserved, Selfish, Independent


His eyes, taking on the color of cool ice on a foggy day, are probably the first thing a wolf would notice of this wolf. Brown fur, mirroring the length of his mother's fur, surrounds his eyes before flowing into a foggy gray color until halted by the almost-snowy white of the bottom half of his face. Grays from the top half of his face merge down into the browns around his eyes. His ears, much like his snout, is predominantly made up of a soft orange-y color like that of his mother's.

The rest of Altair's body reflects the majority of the colors on his face. Darker colors tint the fur along his back before lightening into a soft, sunset orange until it fades into the white underside. The darker almost-black color from his back streaks down into his tail, mixing in with the oranges until finally reaching a completely black tip.

Due to how fluffy Altair is, he may appear even larger than he already is. The male is already of large height, but because of his mother's shared genetics, his long fur — especially in the winter — will give him a more sizeable look. Shave him to nakedness and you'll not only notice that he's not that big, but his build isn't really that muscular.


To put things simply, Altair is quiet. He isn't much of a talker if there's no need to say anything. His thoughts, most of the time, stay inside of his head as he much prefers to keep to himself and listen rather than speak his mind. This isn't to say that Altair is particularly shy. When faced with a stranger, Altair has no problem meeting them — well, he does, but for different reasons that will be discussed later. The closest he'll get to being shy is when it comes to large groups. It isn't that he's nervous about talking to everyone, it's just that he's not really interested in it. Altair prefers to spend time alone, and not waste it with a huge group of wolves. He believes that private interactions are more meaningful than ones shared with large groups. This makes him more of a detached type of guy.

Altair is prejudiced. He automatically assumes that rogues are the scum of the earth — which is hypocritical seeing as Altair is currently a rogue. The only reason he believes he isn't the lowest class of wolves is because he is actively searching for a new place to claim land for his mother to begin a new pack and life. It's because of both his pride and prejudice that Altair has trouble making acquaintances and, therefore, talking to anyone he doesn't already have some sort of positive bond with.

Though he enjoys his time away from everyone, he will act protectively when need be. Seeing as he's not the most warmhearted wolf around, acting out defensively for someone he cares about usually sends him into a pit of embarrassment and may result in his avoidance of them.

Unlike his sisters, Altair has no sense of adventure. Determination isn't a quality he possesses, but if someone he respects tells him to carry out a duty, he has no problem with following through with it as long as it doesn't make him uncomfortable.

Because of his silent bond to his family, he won't completely split away from them. Due to recent happenings, though, he was forced to choose between his mother and his father. His father, who had thought it right to dethrone Kara, took a stance that Altair was strongly opposed to. It paved the way for Altair's exit from the pack.


Bali - Thinks highly of him, though he doesn't quite understand why he wanted to ruin the pack by letting everyone know of Mom's outside relationship. Altair is slightly annoyed by the fact that he was alright with Mom just leaving the pack, and doesn't get why he sided with Bravo and Tobias. His son has assumed that he has something against him because he didn't tell him about his trip to find Sif. He didn't even get an invite, Dad just up and left with Rota. Though Altair misses his father, he thinks the distance between them is necessary to avoid conflict.

Kara - Just like with Dad, he thinks highly of her. She and Dad are the only two wolves he respects and will actually listen to. The boy believes that she knows everything there is to know about healing seeing as she helped him with the tick issue months back. He's angered by the fact that she chose Makoa over Dad. Altair wishes that she would just try to make things work out with Dad so things would go back to normal. He believes that her power is being wasted by not being the leader of a pack, which is why he's actually mildly interested in finding a new place to settle.

Rota - Though they had some conflict and tension between them when they were younger, Altair loves Rota (you'll never hear that come out of his mouth, I can assure you). He doesn't quite understand her passion for adventure, much less her need to follow Dad. Altair respects her choices, though, and hopes never to have an argument with her again. He also finds it interesting how extroverted she is. How does she socialize with so many wolves and not have a problem with it? The thought continues to baffle him. Out of everyone in his family, she's the one he regrets leaving the most.

Sif - He doesn't know why she's holding such a long grudge against him. Quite frankly, he finds it hypocritical of her to ignore him for leaving when she ended up doing it too. He doesn't know whether to approach her about the situation or not, so he's let nature decide. Seeing as he hasn't been able to find her - not that he actually tried - he'll wait for her to approach him. Just like with Rota, he loves his eldest sister, but wishes she hadn't just left without even settling the silent argument with Altair. The boy misses her as well, but is also irritated by her. That, and he's jealous that she was named after a goddess and he hadn't been named after a god.

Tempest - He enjoys spending his time with Tempest, and though he wouldn't admit it, he misses her. Altair feels that his decision will most probably hurt her feelings, especially since he hadn't been able to muster up the courage to tell her what he'd decided. He thinks she'll probably resort to hating him for it and, therefore, fears seeing her again. Though she doesn't seem like a hateful wolf, Altair believes that everyone has it in them to hate... and if Tempest had to hate anyone, it'd be him. Her company is usually appreciated (unless he wants to be alone, then he just doesn't want to be with anyone) and finds her politeness to be rather pleasing. She's his friend, but he believes that distance will most probably break their once flourishing bond. Oh, and she likes clouds too. That makes her a good wolf.

Gale - At first, Altair had thought that they would be friends, but as time began to pass by, Altair realized that he was stealing Sif from the family. Granted, Altair isn't a family guy, but he doesn't like it when it's obvious that Sif is drifting away from the rest and replacing them with a not-family wolf. Altair no longer trusts Gale and feels that he has been a bad influence on Sif. Sif had always been an adventurous sort of wolf, but he believed that Gale had been the one to convince her to leave everyone behind without saying anything. Though Altair doesn't hate Gale (because he doesn't know for a fact that he was the cause of Sif's disappearance), he is wary of him.

Bravo - Hates the poor guy to bits. He doesn't want to completely blame his dad for Mom's exile, so he pushes most of the blame onto this guy and Tobias. Altair feels like he's a nosey wolf that gets into business that he has no right to step foot in. He also believes that he was jealous of Mom, which was why he wanted to throw her out of the pack and steal her rank. Altair doesn't trust the guy one bit, and assumes that if Bravo had a way of getting away with it, he'd kill both Altair and his mother. Also thinks he's a fake and a liar because he tried acting nice when Altair was sick. It was repulsive. Altair knew better than to believe Bravo.

Tobias - Altair also can't stand this guy. He thinks that he worked alongside Bravo to kick Mom out. Altair doesn't really understand the motive for it. He had previously assumed that both he and Mom got along, but maybe he was jealous of the fact that Dad had a mate and he didn't. Maybe he wanted them to be even so they'd both have no mates. In other words, Tobias wanted to break their relationship. He doesn't trust or care for Tobias and can't begin to comprehend how this guy was Tempest's father.

Klaus - Altair doesn't know how to feel about Klaus. The guy didn't want to follow Mom, but had worked so hard to side with her during the pack meeting. Had he just gotten into the fight for the sake of playing devil's advocate? Did it bring him pleasure to get into arguments? In some sense, though, Altair holds a sliver of respect for the guy. He owes him for having helped him out with the bee sting.

Scott - When he first met the guy, Altair hadn't really had anything against him. He had no reason to, after all. In fact, at first, Altair had liked the guy just the tiniest bit. All chances of becoming friends soon crashed when Scott proved to be a coward during the pack meeting. Rather than helping Altair out and fighting for their beloved captain, he scampered off like a fool and chose to ruin Mom's chances at regaining her position. Altair believes that the scum of the earth is composed of cowardice, and so Scott belongs in that category as well. Again, he doesn't know how Tempest turned out to be so enjoyable with such horrible wolves surrounding her. Maybe it's due to the fact that she's female and knows better than her brothers and father.

Makoa - He knows that this guy would never kill him because of his strong bond with Mom, but still hates the guy. It was because of him that all of the drama broke out in the first place. He wishes that he could convince his mother of Makoa's disgustingly sly ways. Altair avoids this man like the plague and would find no bit of sorrow if the guy just randomly dropped dead. He hopes that some day Mom will finally realize that Makoa is up to no good.

Clara - Believes that she is rude and inconsiderate. She had randomly assumed Altair's situation - wrongfully, at that - and had tried to get Altair to see things in his mother's perspective. Speaking to him like that - especially since they had just met and were not even close to being friends - angered him and he has lost all respect for the girl (not that there was any to begin with). It's because of her that he doesn't think to highly of the Hillside Sanctuary.

Grigore - Nice enough, but Altair doesn't know enough about him to pass judgment. He thinks he's nice just for the sake of being nice. Why was he so open to newcomers? Why was he so trusting? How did he know that they hadn't done something to Clara and forced her not to say anything through threats? Altair thinks this guy approaches life with too little caution.

Siberia - Doesn't trust her since he met her the day that Rota came to the pack injured. How was he supposed to know that this female didn't have anything to do with Rota's wound? Mom and Dad gave her too much slack. They should have been more wary of her. Wolves lie so how could they be sure that this one wasn't? Just because she looked innocent doesn't mean she was.

Eden - Altair isn't quite sure what her deal is. Between repeatedly rudely referring to him as a youth and being so defensive about her spot by the tree, Altair doesn't really know what her problem is. It wasn't like he had approached her with a clear snarl on his face and a plan to destroy her life. She also used some words that were completely new to the boy, and now he doesn't know what to do with them. That, and she kept on trying to convince him to go away which bothered him to no end. He assumes that she's ignorant and rude, and wants nothing to do with her.

Runic - Altair doesn't know much about him, but the little that he does know about the guy has left a sourness toward him. He doesn't think it's enough to completely hate him because he woke the boy from a wonderful dream, but it's enough to convince Altair that he doesn't want to spend any time with the guy. Altair believes he's obnoxious and a pain in the rear end and doesn't understand why he didn't side fiercely with Mom during the pack meeting.

Zaan - He had no right crossing pack borders and yet he did so anyway. Altair is convinced that the guy is slow and probably has some sort of mental issue. Why else would he have assumed that Altair had no parents? They were in pack land and he smelled of other wolves, wasn't that a clear indicator that he wasn't lost and had a family? Altair thinks lowly of stupid wolves, and therefore has put him at almost the same level as Scott.

Kamaal - As you can probably tell by now, Altair doesn't like it when strangers intrude on pack territory. He also dislikes Kam because even after he had warned her and had explicitly stated that she had to leave, she chose to disobey him. She may have been polite, but Altair didn't care for façades. A guy like Altair believes most wolves are liars and fakes. This female, because she had intruded on his land and chosen not to listen to his commands, was a fake.

Fallei - The guy makes too many assumptions and acts too much like he cares. No one truly cares about anything, so why was this guy acting like it? Another fake, unfortunately. He also contradicted himself by saying that Altair was perfectly capable of fending for himself and then stating that someday in the future Altair would be able to protect himself against a pack wolf. The pup believes this guy is confused and weak. Scum of the earth, just like Scott and Zaan.

Casper - Altair doesn't know too much about Casper... just that he didn't give Mom the support she needed during the pack meeting to keep her place in the pack. He doesn't respect him because of that. Still, Altair is understanding of the fact that there were lots of wolves there and that the whole situation was intimidating. It made sense for some wolves not to feel comfortable to chip in as much - especially since they weren't really integral members of the pack (at least in Altair's opinion). However, this does not cut Scott slack because he's the son of someone who was good friends with Mom and because he actually fled rather than endured the hardship. At least Casper had the balls to stay.

Finch - Doesn't really know her that well, but holds some respect for her because she seemed nice enough when he met her. That, and it seemed that she was the only one in the White family that had given Tempest her kindness. It obviously hadn't been passed down by Tobias. He doesn't understand why she left her family, though. Tempest needs her.

Wrenegade - Thinks she's a bit of a stalker. Why did she have to follow him on his way out of pack territory? He can handle things on his own and doesn't need some strange caretaker to be following him around to escort him back. Though she didn't make a move to take him back, he knew that it was probably the only reason she'd come after him. He hates that she'd think that he'd need any sort of assistance from anyone.

Hedvig - Way too happy. So happy that it's not normal, especially because they met on a day with bad weather. He doesn't trust her because she seems like another one of those fake wolves. Plus she talked too much and asked questions - qualities that Altair isn't particularly fond of.

Tama - She talks in third person; it's weird. Altair thinks that she probably has a mental problem seeing as she doesn't know how to carry out a normal conversation. She was probably dropped as a child, if Altair had to guess. Still, she's the scum of the earth because she speaks abnormally, which automatically lands her in the "disabled, weird, and useless" category that Altair has mentally created.

Fini - She's mildly pleasant. Altair found great joy in toying with her. She's extremely gullible from what Altair can tell. Being called a god by her has boosted Altair's ego and confidence. He wouldn't mind seeing her again, but he definitely has no respect for the woman because she's as dumb as a doorknob.

Arren - This stupid fool was the reason Altair got injured during the hunt with the deer. Had he actually been even the slightest bit educated on how to hunt, maybe he wouldn't have risked Altair's life. It's because of this buffoon that Altair has lost most trust in even the wise, old men. The boy wants nothing to do with him and hopes that karma bites the guy in the rear end some day.

Bianca - He appreciates the help that she has offered him. Had it not been for her, he probably would not have been directed to a healer. Altair finds her to be generous, making Bianca the only wolf outside of his family that is on the path of being respected. Seeing as he doesn't quite know her, he just acknowledges her existence for now. He owes her a favor.

Akeito - The younger wolf is on the path of being contempted. Altair doesn't follow Akeito's logic and believes that he might be an unloyal wolf. Akeito had once stated that he "loved" Ika, but only days later Akeito seemed to have decided to replace her with Altair. Unfortunately, Altair does not understand that it is possible to have more than one friend. As much as Akeito wishes their friendship would bud, Altair is strongly against it. Tempest will not be replaced by another.

Castor - Perhaps, if the guy didn't have such a big mouth, Altair would have asked him to stick around. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Castor was incapable of keeping a lid on his overexaggerated emotions, so Altair lost interest in the boy quickly. In the Penumbra pup's opinion, Castor was raised as an impolite wolf; the kid is a lost cause. He's glad the guy is moving out from the mountains with his family and hopes never to cross paths with him again.

Rhian - Both she and Bianca deserve some form of respect due to their kindness during the period he'd been injured. Unlike her son, she's not as excited about everything and tended to Altair's shoulder subluxation in a careful fashion.

Cana-Luna - He's slightly jealous of her because she'd spent most of her time with her mother rather than other wolves. In a way, that's also made Altair find some sort of liking toward the female. She'd experienced something that he wanted. He doesn't understand why she walked away from that, though. Altair didn't quite understand why she lifted a paw toward him. Apparently, in Cana's perspective, that's normal. The boy just finds it weird.

Carter - She's the only wolf that has spent the majority of time in Altair's company with sealed lips. Altair found her presence enjoyable; they seemed to both share appreciation for lack of words. He doesn't, however, comprehend why she'd been so angry in the first place. Then again, he sometimes grew irritated by the presence of others too. He wouldn't mind crossing paths with her again, in the future.


Voice Actor:
Child - Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
Adult - Mr. Darcy

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By Atari
By Tay
By Fao


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Large Average
Harlequin Meadow
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{Bali} {Kara}

{Sif}, {Rota}

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{Kara}, {Bali} {Bravo}, {Tobias}, {Scott}, {Kamaal}, {Zaan}, {Clara}, {Fallei}, {Eden}, {Makoa}, {Arren}, {Siberia}, {Nanook}, {Castor}
{Sif}, {Rota}, {Klaus}, {Tempest}, {Casper}, {Runic}, {Gale}, {Grigore}, {Wrenegade}, {Finch}, {Tama}, {Hedvig}, {Fini}, {Bianca}, {Akeito}, {Rhian}, {Cana-Luna}, {Carter}
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