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Name Pack
Alyna Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 2 mos.)
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Character Information

Appearance- Alyna is a mostly white wolf with brown/light brown colored eyes. Her fur is almost pure white except for black throughout her withers as well as the tip of her tail which is also black and has light specks of brown which are usually unnoticeable in the wintertime but show when the sun gleams on her fur in spring and summer. She is a decent sized female despite her living on her own, who holds a neutral stance. Like most canines, her fur is thick in the winter providing her warmth from the cold which has helped her many times. Personality- Due to her upbringing by her mother Echo, Alyna has always been around nature, learning about plants as well as their uses and which to stay away from. She was taught at a young age to be respectful of her superiors. She is kind by nature and always tries to find a way out or to avoid a bad situation or problem. However, despite her lax demeanor, Alyna is not a carefree wolf. She is a very devoted she-wolf and almost always has her priorities straight. Throughout her life, she has never had her loyalty questioned. She is a very family oriented wolf and would do anything for her friends and family as well as her pack. Even though Alyna is a hardworking and honest wolf, she has her flaws also. She is very self-conscious about her self and her actions which make her a bit shy but, despite all that, she is a very selfless and rational wolf. History- Alyna was born to a ruthless pack, whose deeds were so cruel that she never wanted to speak of them. When Alyna was a year old her mother was killed by the alpha of her pack, she heard the news when she had returned one day from a hunt. Distraught by the news of her death the young she-wolf knew she had to leave and so the next night she abandoned her pack, therefore becoming a lone wolf. To be continued...


Height Build
Average Average
Father Mother
Adair Echo
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