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Name Pack
Amelia Daniels Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Female Healthy
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(1 yrs, 6 mos.)
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Character Information

As Personality Goes...

As bold and as brilliant as a Daniels should be, Amelia is the warm-hearted wolf who would like to heal wounds and then have her feet kissed for days afterward about the generosity of her heart. The girl mean well, she adores her family and takes on life with a gusto... but she's a quirky little girl in which that can leave her with some troubling habits.

Amelia is extremely jealous about the world, she aches to be the first to accomplish things. With her small size, she feels an ongoing need to prove herself. Often times, it can leave her reckless. Perhaps, depending on the wolf, even a bit of a bullying side may come out of her.

A Fairy Princess

Like a beautiful explosion of autumn-kissed colors, Amelia is appearance wise leaning toward the quintessential timber wolf of the Daniels breedings. While no immediate reason to look at her and be charmed by the petit lady that seemed to glow under the look of eyes, Amelia remains typical - greys melt into browns, blacks, and tans throughout the length of her body, but her chest and underbelly take up a light cream.

Perhaps it isn't a blessing that her eyes melt into a confident chocolate brown, finding them wayward and almost unnoticeable. It doesn't much matter, for her vaguely high voice sings louder than her appearance ever could. A high, confident tone that reeks of a regal upbringing, words accentuated with a punch to ensure she is heard.

Things To Know About Amelia

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Amelia has revealed ICly

Amelia considers herself to be an outcast, the little amongst the bigs in the pack. From the beginning, she had thought of herself as the Squeeb - a word that may not mean much, but she uses it to differentiate herself from the others.

A terribly jealous girl, she categorizes adult wolves by who they belong to. She has taken claim of {Igbo} Black, who will often be the center of her mind when comparing a new adult for likeability. The exception to this game is her mother, {Nima}, who she reluctantly shares with all Daniels as family.

Amelia's Key Knowledge

HELLMAW EMPIRE | Daniels - Leader |
COVENANT | Relic - Leader
SPRINGS GROUP | Lorzeno - Leader
STONE HILLS PACK | Elliot - Leader

Significant Relationships

{Nima} † - Her beloved mother, who broke her promise.

{Igbo} was the first non-family Amelia remembers meeting and has claimed him for her own. Calling him 'Eebu', she knows he is an esteemed healer and her mother's confidant.

{Tychus} is the protector, the brother most strong.

{Kopec} is her beloved powerhouse sister, taking care of the Daniels but is not without flaws.

{Naga} is the quiet sister, the soft one who will help keep the two stronger wolves from breaking.

{Sigurd} † - The boy she didn't need to know to bury. Other Impactful Wolves

{Tomas}, {Kiel}, {Vitalis}, {Damien}, {Tunglid}, {Lapis}


Height Build
Average Average
Skyrise Pass
Father Mother
{Elliot} Daniels † {Idemoni} Shaka †

Full Siblings: Unnamed Pup (2) †

Adopted Siblings

{Kopec} & {Tychus} & {Naga}

Half Siblings

Born: September 29, 2017
Mother: {Sikozu}

{Kato} & {Akira}

Born: October 1st, 2017
Mother: Manson

{Saelys} & {Nero} & {Cerys}

Born: October 29th, 2017
Mother: Misaki


Born: October 30th, 2017
Mother: Antonia

{Althea} & {Kyra}


Spirit Symbol