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Name Pack
Amelie Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 5 mos.)
1550 SP

Character Information

"... she looked upon the... girl with something she could only call love."
"Perhaps only one would survive, and this one seemed... Strong."


Due to being underfed and malnourished for some of her puphood, it is unlikely that she will ever put on much weight. Lanky in appearance, but could develop lean muscle over time. At a young age, Amelie had acquired some scars on her pelt, mostly on the nape of her neck. The most notable one is the slit on her nose.

Though Amelie does not dazzle the eye, she is well suited for her desert birthplace. Small in size and average in build, she blends into the sands and stone with a coat of creams, tans, reds, and greys. Her eyes are an ordinary amber.


Since losing her parents, Amelie has become more guarded, judgmental, and dishonest toward strangers. However, she tries to hide these traits by appearing almost amicable. She has a deep-rooted curiosity and fondness of intelligence and learning. She has developed an interest in gore. After being attacked, she has become hesitant - even avoidant - of violence. She has learned that she would do anything to survive by saving her own skin, even abandoning others.

Amelie is largely driven by observation and quiet problem solving, but is by no means shy. She can be fairly territorial. To her brother, she is quietly encouraging and protective rather than coddling – sometimes beyond what his patience or energy allows. She is quick to forgive and forget squabbles, though she has trouble seeing her role in contributing to them.

"Oh no she really is Beau's child" —Drew
"Amee, the hero Horizon deserves" —fenshae



In progress...

Please view Amelie's threadlog for more details on HY4.


Height Build
Small Thin
Father Mother
{Beauregard} † {Scabbia} †


Other Relationships
{Petunia} :: Guardian. Probably dead.
{Ransom}, {Effie}
{Whiskey}, {Xeno}, {Sindri}, {Vervain}, {Emberia}, {Ice}, {Sunfall}
{Jinx}, {Begon}, {Makoa}, {Noire}, {Carter}
Heard of
Mountain pack, Heirak, {Dawnfrost}, {Finn}, {Sebastian}
Visited Areas
Sandstone Gorge
Adder Creek
Eastern Wasteland
Verdant Hills
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet