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Name Pack
Anna Stephansdotter Soulfire Covenant VI. Starlight
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 2 mos.)
460 SP

Character Information


As of 1/19 - 2 months old
Anna looks a lot like her father, Stephan, at a glance. She shares his dark brown coat accented with cream colors, as well as some black fur mixed in. Her eyes are a pale green, like his.


Anna is very curious and likes to ask questions. She can be reserved and judgmental with strangers, but is much more open with her family. Prideful and independent, she has her mother's sense of decorum and likes for things to be just-so. She also has a sassy streak which may be coming from either parent.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
{Stephan} {Bea}


Other Relationships
{Sienna} - First wolf she remembers meeting. Mama likes her but Papa is weird about it.
{Daniel} - Dannel. A cleric, which means he can fix me if I'm sick. Quiet but nice.
{Astred} - Assred. A pack guardian. Interesting. Worth keeping an eye on.
"Uncle" {Relic} - Not the best fighter, but I like him anyway.
Anna things


Born 11/23/2017
First word: "Peas" (please)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet