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Name Pack
Anna Soulfire Covenant III. Ascendant
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 4 mos.)
1245 SP

Character Information

Please note that any of my characters' actions or thoughts do not reflect me as a person.

Prideful · Independent · Strong-willed · Kind · Sassy
Anna was taught to believe that something about she, her sibling, and the pack she was raised in were superior. As a pup, she was particularly judgmental of wolves who came from Outside of the Basin, however as a young adult she has become more open-minded, and tends to be a decent enough judge of character. She went through a stage as a young wolf of trusting too easily, and may still be prone to that behavior at times as she seeks the good in others. When crossed, though, Anna can be unforgiving. Ultimately, her family and her pack mean the world to her, and she would go to great lengths to protect them and further their own interests.
26in tall · 5.5ft long · 86lbs
Anna was an attractive pup and has matured into a lovely lady. Though feminine of face, she could not be called delicate as she is rather muscular in build, and average in height. Her coat is typically thick and a becoming mix of browns and creams. A marking on her withers is somewhat reminiscent of a winged shape, with white being bordered by black. Her eyes, often intent and watchful, are pale green.

Born in Late Spring HY4, Anna is the second child of {Bea} and {Stephan}. She and her twin, {Claes}, are born into and raised by a pack called the Soulfire Covenant. Though not related by blood, the leader, {Relic}, became an uncle of sorts, and later, a replacement father figure. Anna and Claes live a life of relative ease and prosperity (Anna is even chosen for the role of Ascendant, a rank equal with her mother's) until Early Spring of HY5. Their mother, Bea, dies after complications of childbirth. This is Anna's first experience with death- in an attempt to save the newborn pups, her father Stephan seeks out help and finds a pregnant wolf named {Jacqueline} who agrees to nurse the pups when Bea passes.

As promised, Jacqueline cares for the newborns as Anna and Claes mourn the loss of their mother- and then their father, when Stephan chooses to leave the Covenant and his offspring to go seek out status among his familial pack. Anna drops her surname, Stephansdotter, and for a time also the language he taught her, bitter and disappointed that her father would abandon them at all, let alone at such a time. Not long after Stephan's betrayal, one of the pups that Jacqueline is meant to care for dies. She and Anna have a dispute over the body, and Anna eventually takes the dead pup to bury next to her true mother, naming her {Beata}. {Juli} and {Adrienne}, the remaining siblings, are left to be cared for by Claes, Relic, and Anna. Despite being very young at the time of her leaving, the puppies seem to retain an idea of Jacqueline as their true mother, which upsets Anna and Claes. {Ash}, a young packmember with whom Anna grows very close, leaves. Another act of betrayal for Anna, and once more she is left with heartache over a wolf she'd loved.

In Full Summer HY5, pack leader Relic goes missing. This throws Anna's life into turmoil once again, and furthermore when {Bucky}, a respected ally and leader of the Adunati Rangers, appears with the news that Relic has been found dead.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
{Stephan} (left) {Bea} †
Younger Sisters
{Adrienne} • {Juli} • {Beata} †

Other Relationships
{Relic}† - {Bucky}


The Disappointments
{Sienna} - {Astred}† - {Damien} - {Daniel} - {Tiponya} - {Siberia}

Even Worse
{Selra} - {Jacqueline}

{Ash} - {Stephan}
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