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Name Pack
Anzan Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 7 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information


Already broad shouldered and long legged, Anzan is clearly built like a fighter. He's well muscled from a very active lifestyle, despite his young age, and there's a certain confidence in the way he arches his neck and sets his large paws apart.
Despite the fact that he should cut an intimidating figure, Anzan's delicate muzzle and large amber eyes often negate the effects of his stature. He's got an undeniably well-kept pelt, with a pale face and ginger ears that highlight his soft features and a brindled silver back and hindquarters. The very tip of his tail is dark grey, unlike the rest of his coat.
Current Height: 33 in
Current Length: 6.1 ft
Current weight: 114 lbs
Lineage: Timbre wolf; Great Plains wolf. (50% - 50% split.)


Loneliness seems to have matured Anzan early. Often quiet, introspective and a little morbid when around strangers, the yearling is more prone to acting calm and distant. He has learned to rely primarily upon himself and tends to remain well collected around strangers.
After an initial warm-up period, however, Anzan's quirkiness starts to rear it's head. He's still very much a pup at heart when allowed to be, and enjoys physical and emotional proximity. He will stick closely to those who manage to wiggle their way into his life and, despite remaining fairly quiet, Anzan can be prone to fits of puppy-like playfulness and an amusing tendency to be a clown.
He is, by nature, a pack-oriented wolf, and will be drawn to those who offer him kindness. Once Anzan's trust is earned, he is reliable and loyal - perhaps to a fault. He would undoubtedly follow his loved-ones to hell and back, and would likely stop at nothing to protect them.


Shortly after his birth into a well-established pack, Anzan's father - a prideful, self-important wolf - challenged their alpha over some small issue. The ensuing fight brought Anzan and his family to the very bottom of the pecking order, and after a few seasons of dissatisfaction, ended with his father being cast out of the pack. Anzan's mother, ever loyal to her mate, followed him as soon as her pups were big enough to be given over to the care of the pack.
At the age of seven months, Anzan and his brothers left in pursuit of his parents. No luck was had, and eventually, through a series of events, the young wolf was separated from the last of his family.
His never-ending quest to reunite with his loved ones brought him here, to Horizon.


- Big dumb cinnamon roll that just wants love.
- I have a knack for writing clueless bois, it would seem.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Beyond Horizon
Father Mother
Manaal Susu


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet