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Name Pack
Arashi Nami Silu Tribe III. Wayfarer
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 6 mos.)
695 SP

Character Information

Nickname = Stormcloud


Little Arashi looks like Grandpapa Graham, even if she will never know him if Tidus can help it. Her coat is a startling one-eighty from her parents' gold. It is instead black, which will become more of a blueish black. Her eyes are bicolor, reflecting her uncle's and her mom's genetics. One blue (#529d62), one green (#36682b). She is of a large build, but not as lean as her father. She leans more to the average side of the growth curve.


A dynamo of a puppy, who challenges anyone she comes across. She's exceedingly loyal to her parents and is incredibly protective of her sisters. Arashi loves to learn and is friendly with everyone and is always looking for new friends. Though she can often be cautious when meeting new wolves especially when her family is present. She cares a lot about others and is always willing to help.

Arashi = Storm


Birth on Oct 2nd, Early Spring to Titus (Deceased) and Yuna Nami Of the Silu Tribe. In her first year she has learned to swim and hunt sea and land animals. During her trip to the Aduanti Rangers she met many wolves. Some of them became her friends and she learned many things. She found a new interest in her mother's greatest passion, healing. She met a boy who became her first crush.
Arashi was adopted December 10th 2018 from her original player. Any posts made before that date are not mine.


Height Build
Large Average
Hidden Cove, HY4
Father Mother
{Tidus} (Deceased) {Yuna}

Tsuyoi (Stillborn)

She's too young yet.
Other Relationships

Uncle {Sunfall}

Aunt {Saski}

Cousins {Finn},{Dawnfrost},{Sebastian}

Aunt {Finley}

Distant Cousin {Liberty}

Friend {Eve}

Friend {Fox}

Friend {Percival}

Crush {Ash}

Spirit Symbol