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Name Pack
Ares Nightingale Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
365 SP

Character Information

Ares Nightingale

Actual Dumpster Fire


Brown and black, standing tall on long limbs. Harder than the last time. Scars decorate his form. Muscular. Mouth is pulled into a sharp grin most of the time. Has a pretty badly torn ear.

Scar log

Torn Ear-left

Scars over muzzle

Long scratch marks on right shoulder

Various bites across back


Whatever passed over a young boy several months before has faded, leaving Ares hard, sharp. A dizzying display of callous humor and highbrow behavior. Hes a mercenary. A sellsword of the worst type. He tends to brush off everyone he crosses paths with.


Ares hails from Graywood forest. Located in a valley far away. He was born to a mother and father, but he has no memory of them. At least, he never knew their names. His siblings didn't survive either. He was alone at a young age, being either abandoned or perhaps something happened to his family - either way, he was alone at the age of 2 months. He was found by the Graywood alliance. More specifically, he was found and raised by {Kamaal} and somewhat {Renegade}. They lived with the alliance for a month. Then, a destructive flood tore through the valley and demolished the land. Ares never found anyone. The valley was empty.

Since arriving in Horizon, Ares has been through a lot. He was told by Renegade he was never his son, Kamaal is now mated to one wolf, but potentially seeing another?? Ares is generally confused. He now tends to stick around the Everlasting Caverns, and the pack he joined within. He just wants a normal life with a normal family.

But that will never happen, will it?

He's left the Evergreens. He seeks Kamaal. He has questions for you.

Ares went off the deep end. He fled his home, as fast and as far as possible. But, the boy is slowly making his way back, this time avoiding the search for Kamaal. He just wants somewhere to call home.


-Suffers heavily from anxiety. Is also generally paranoid.

-Very heavily idolizes wolves when he grows attached to them. His current idol is none. Formerly was Kamaal and Rufus

-Generally angry

Voiced by:Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco

Sexuality : Bi-furious (closeted with several locks)


Height Build
Average Muscular
Greywood Forest
Father Mother
Unknown {Kamaal} (Foster)

{Cavan} (Older brother, not known to him)
{Redmond} (Older brother, not known to him)

Other Relationships
{Renegade} He did what he could

{Yuna} She welcomed me home

{Stark} Bro Bro ~*~Bro~*~


{Beauregard} An asshole. Probably dead.


{Zenora} Thanks for the help

{Malachi} Weirdo

{Kamaal} My foster mother. She has her own family now

{Renegade}He tried

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet