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Name Pack
Arren Thorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
590 SP

Character Information

ok but arren


Though he is a little on the short side, Arren’s build is muscular and athletic. Clearly, he maintains an active lifestyle. His body is laced with numerous scars, but to the untrained eye, they would be difficult to detect, as his coat otherwise veils them from sight.

His fur is a bright, sorrel hue, accented by milky white markings along his muzzle, throat, belly, and legs. A thin, white blaze adorns his brow. (Please note his slideshow image is outdated.) The rims of his ears and the tip of his tail are dark brown. His eyes are golden yellow.


Hey hey, so this needs to be revised! As he's aged, Arren has shown he is more emotionally-balanced, more often content than not, slightly more openly sentimental, patient, but still very much capable of thinking and behaving like a reckless yearling if given enough incentive. ;P I'll expand on this more in the near future!

In his youth, Arren was violent and volatile, though time has done enough to quell his inherent anger. While his passion for fighting no longer burns as brightly as it once did, he still carries himself with a quiet, learned confidence, and will not hesitate to attack others if provoked. Even his sense of humor borders on caustic.

Though he likes to maintain what he believes to be an intimidating demeanor, he is truly not as aloof as he seems. Beneath his callous exterior rests a gallant soul, one who craves purpose and harbors an undeniable urge to protect. He is perhaps a little too eager to sacrifice his own health and well-being for the benefit of those he trusts and loves. Likely, this stems from his low self-worth, which in turn makes him feel as if he must constantly prove himself—even if doing so requires putting himself in the path of danger. Given his aptitude for physical feats and poor ability to express his emotions, this is one of the few ways he knows how to convey his care and loyalty toward someone.

His most unassuming trait might very well be his innate sensitivity to emotions, to those of others as well as his own, even if he's less than willing to verbalize them much of the time. More often than not, his feelings drive his actions and inform his relationships. They're simultaneously his strength and weakness, imbuing him with a reactivity that can bring about major displays of benevolence or fury. If shown kindness, he will repay it tenfold. But if he is wronged, he will hold a grudge until the end of time. He is slow to forgive, and even slower to forget.

Overall, he is a wolf whose bad and good sides are not entirely dissimilar—but one would still do well to earn his loyalty, rather than incite his wrath.


Arren is actually one of my oldest, most cherished human OCs. I've done my best to transfer his personality to a wolf, which is the character you see here! You can view his tag on my Tumblr here and here.

He suffers from an old injury to his right hind leg, which he earned while fighting his best friend (pre-friendship, of course). It flares up on occasion, and though it does not debilitate him, it is a bit of an annoyance.

Though he would not readily admit to it, he enjoys life's simple pleasures, including hunting, early morning walks, snow, and the like. He's a simple guy with simple needs.

Led his previous pack, but left the group after the betrayal of his mate and disagreements with several of his friends.


Hemorrhage — Fuel
It Isn't Me — Mat McHugh
Shimmer — Fuel
Always — Saliva
On The Radio — Hurt
The Red — Chevelle
Think Twice — Eve 6
Ribcage — Crywolf
Lonesome Dreams — Lord Huron
Dear Wormwood — The Oh Hellos
All Or Nothing — Theory of a Deadman
Left Hand Free — Alt-J
Heirloom — Sleeping At Last
Telepathic — Starset
Man Down — The Eden Project


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
Soren Thorn † Rae Thorn †
Samuel Thorn † — brother, littermate
{Karina} ♀ — ex-girlfriend
{Mesmera} ♀ — ex-mate
None currently
Litter 1 — with {Karina}
Rose ♀ · Hugo ♂
Litter 2 — with {Mesmera}
Niko ♂ · {Ross} ♂

Human Play-By — My Art???

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet