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Name Pack
Arren Thorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 11 mos.)
590 SP

Character Information

name is pronounced air-ren


— muscular and boxy, clearly maintains an active lifestyle
— maybe a little on the short side, otherwise fairly average in size
— fur is primarily an auburn/ginger color; milky white muzzle, underside, legs
— several scars along his body, most are hidden and age-darkened
— bears a white "blaze" on his forehead; dark brown ear tips and tail tip
— eyes are pale golden-yellow
— speaks with a warm, southern twang, though it isn't overly noticeable
— sometimes limps as a result of an old injury (right hind leg)
— experiences lots of aches & pains for being super reckless as a youngin
— what do you mean he's not a two year old stud anymore, malarkey!


— generally well-meaning; simple guy who enjoys simple pleasures
— used to be temperamental and easily angered; has mellowed out greatly
— can be gruff in his speech and humor, but doesn't mean anything by it
— a workaholic; finds satisfaction in duty and a job well done
— accustomed to nomadic lifestyle, but craves purpose and hierarchy
— can be licentious if persuaded (fails at flirting tho)
— loves babies ok. puppies are da best (too bad his own hate him)
— (actually he's really really depressed over his family falling apart)
— lawful, professional, respectful unless given reason not to be
— feels lost without something to safeguard and cherish
— covets what is good and pure, despite being morally flexible himself
— basically a big gooby, ok


Hemorrhage — Fuel
It Isn't Me — Mat McHugh
Shimmer — Fuel
Always — Saliva
On The Radio — Hurt
The Red — Chevelle
Think Twice — Eve 6
Ribcage — Crywolf
Lonesome Dreams — Lord Huron
Dear Wormwood — The Oh Hellos
All Or Nothing — Theory of a Deadman
Left Hand Free — Alt-J
Heirloom — Sleeping At Last
Telepathic — Starset
Man Down — The Eden Project


Height Build
Average Muscular
Marble Pillars [Altair]
South of Horizon
Father Mother
Soren Thorn † Rae Thorn †
Samuel Thorn † — brother, littermate
{Karina} ♀ — ex-girlfriend
{Mesmera} ♀ — ex-mate
None currently
Litter 1 — with {Karina}
Rose ♀ · Hugo ♂
Litter 2 — with {Mesmera}
Niko ♂ · {Ross} ♂
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet