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Name Pack
Arrow Savage Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
3255 SP

Character Information

Samuel, Rolland, Charlie, and Violet by Jade

Loyal Kind Intelligent Honest


Mercy - Shawn Mendes

Right Here- Ashes Remain

Arrow is quiet and reserved, saving her affection for those who matter to her- family and friends. The loss of her family, and the prolonged absence of her pack has strengthened her. She’s generally kind and forgiving, but she's also unflappable and constant- the best person to call upon in a tight spot. However, Arrow has no patience for fools, or those who are acting the fool. In fact, she just might try to embarrass those who are to make her point. Generally though, Arrow's a sweetheart, compassionate and kind until you threaten those that belongs to her...then she lets the monster inside her take care of what needs done, regardless of the damage to herself. She’s a killer, albeit a fragile one, as Arrow was raised to be a healer- to take care of others, but her life of late has forced into becoming hard and brittle- harder than she was ever supposed to be when she kills, and so brittle after the deed is done that Arrow fractures, withdrawing deep into herself.


Arrow tends to run on the small side when it comes to size. That said, her build leans towards grace and speed, and oftentimes people will see the lighter red hues in her coat flashing in the sun as she bolts by, speeding on her way.

Arrow's coat is thick with reds, browns, and tans on her back, darkening towards her haunches, a somewhat unusual coloring for the lack of much, if any brindle pattern. That said, Arrow's face takes on a somewhat more common look, a soft red brindle mask stretching upward covering her cool grey eyes. Finally, her appearance is completed with crisp snowy white fur on her belly, throat, and legs.

In truth, the only visibly jarring note about her appearance is the vivid scar that goes through her left eye, not quite fresh, but certainly not going to heal anymore than it already has and the long fur-less scar across the bridge of her muzzle near her nose. However, beneath her fur- and visible during the summer, scars now abound. Some are clearly from fighting other wolves- small barely perceivable dents along her shoulders and scruff. Others are from other predators- like finishing off the mountain lion that nearly killed her brother that left her with four long ridges along her right flank, a shorter row across her left ribs, and a puncture wound on her left shoulder .


Arrow doesn't like being near too many wolves at once, and in particular, she mistrusts male wolves.

Arrow's father forbade her from leaving the territory or exploring on her own, since he wanted her to be the pack’s healer, and always be safe, and while she loves healing and helping people she was young..and wanted to explore. So Arrow set out on her own to see more of the world, covering her tracks as she went since she knew that he’d send someone after me. Arrow had been sleeping in a cave on the edge of a river that first night, then howls and smoke woke her up. She hit her head, managed to knock herself back out..and when Arrow ventured out of the cave…there was nothing but ash and hot coals left as far as she could see. Six months into Arrow's travels she met Halo..had some..unpleasant experiences with him and a few other male wolves- how Arrow got her scar actually, and she’s been running ever since.

In Horizon History:

Arrow made her journey around the Valley, exploring niches before settling down in the Stormborn Alliance.

Arrow collected herbs from all around the valley. She met many wolves on her journey, though thankfully all of them were friendly.

Arrow is currently with Bane and Rolland- reluctant to leave either of their sides since she's returned to the valley.

Arrow's alone...again. Bane has left to find Rolland, and Arrow is struggling to figure out what she should do. Chase her brother or embrace the home that has been true to her?


Height Build
Small Lean
Outside of Horizon, North
Father Mother
Shay Savage ✞ Mei Valor ✞

{Bane} [Half]

Many more unlisted. If you’re interested in making one of their siblings, shoot me a PM! =)


~ Family Pups ~

{Samuel} ✞ -Nephew

{Rolland} -Nephew

{Violet} -Niece

{Charlie} ✞ -Nephew
Other Relationships
Good Terms

{Rufus} - gentleman wolf

{Atlas} - a steadfast friend

{Catalyst} - an almost sister that she misses

{Alessandro} - a sweetheart

{Olivia} - Bane's Mate?

{Rhian} - Kind, but Nervous

{Tasuku} - Young, needs love

{Bragi} - Gentle, is there when she needs him

{Chaos} - Confusing...but a knight

{Veerle} ✞ - Kind Soul, Packmate

Neutral Terms

{Genevieve} - Healed Her

{Zelda} - Hunting Partner Once

{Sigfrid} - Trust Issues Much?

{Paopu} - Large, Fun Male

{Arik} - Strange. Very Strange.

{Sam} - Err. Okay.

{Dakota} - Complicated

{Comet} - Large, Useful Male, Kind

{Ororo} - Sweet Girl, Good Friend

{Murphy} - Nice, Helpful

{Siberia} - Woke Arrow in the Night..For Nothin'

{Della} - Ehhhh.

{Santiago} ✞- Foolish Flirt

{Orion} - Other Large Male, Friendly

{Cree} ✞ - Confusing, but helpful

Bad Terms

{Tiberius} - Rapist

{Svein} - Rapist

Those Who Shatter Her

{Azazel} ✞ - Threat to Weaker Ones

{Alric} ✞ - Wanted to hurt Ale

{Halo} ✞ - Painful Confusion.

{Clementine} ✞ - Couldn't Save Her
{Rhydian}✞ - Packmate. Died because I wasn't here

Spirit Symbol