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Name Pack
Asa Nightshade Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 4 mos.)
170 SP

Character Information

pronunciation / meaning
'born in the morning' | 'starting life at dawn'
memorable quotes asa treasures

"Do not mourn death, honor the life that was." / "You will find it."
— Adah his whole early life

"Life is a pack. And a pack is a home."
— {Adhara} in children of the whales

"Everyone here is kin which means we look out for each other and help take care of each other." / "You're welcome Asa, welcome home".
— {Leas} in what do you go home to

"I will teach you to be an Herbalist everyone can depend on and be proud of."
— {Piper} in the art of hunting leaves

"You’re a part of this family now, and if you want to be a Nightshade, all you need do is ask.
You’re already practically a son to me, Asa.”

— {Piper} in bittersweet symphony

Dirty white in color with dark brown and gray peppering. A dark gray band rides along the ruff of fur that lines his shoulders, and the fur that sticks up from his shoulders is the lightest, cleanest white. His face and varying areas of his neck fur are also brighter white, but most of the shades within his main coat are peppered with gray or brown. His legs fade into plain white. Seafoam eyes are soft but bright in color, eager to see new things.
While he has yet to develop fully into what he may become, Asa has already experienced much in his early life. Most notably, the loss of his mother, which has instilled in him a hidden fear of abandonment though he may not express this or even fully understand this yet. She knew that she was weak and possibly dying, having brought him to the valley in hopes that she might find a better home for him; but she died before fulfilling this wholly. She did not hide death from him, and he was fully aware of her weakness and tiredness as dying because she told him such—but it did not hurt any less when he woke one morning and she did not.

Asa, as a result, acts strong on the outside as if there is nothing that plagues him on the inside. But there is pain and loss, and things he does not understand despite that which his mother tried to convey. He knows he has to find a supportive group, as he was told; but leaving her body behind took hunger and thirst and more than simply doing as he was told. These are things he will carry with him for the rest of his life, and as he develops, they will bury deep within him and stay a part of him, no matter how happy or cheerful he appears to be otherwise.

His goals will likely be to never see others experience this type of pain or loss. Asa will most likely grow into a protective type of character, who is friendly and outgoing.

post-joining evergreen wolves | autumn hy4 Having found a home as kin within the Evergreen Wolves thanks to {Adhara}, the young boy still needs to adapt to living in a large group and will need to learn key social skills he did not have the chance to learn living by himself with just his mother. There are many things he has yet to learn about but learns new things nearly every day (see: new vocabulary section and quotes section). So far, Asa is quite reliant on Adhara's guidance during his adjustment period.

post-joining evergreen wolves | winter hy5 Asa is very comfortable with his kin and has adjusted well; the friendly and loving support from his kin were a great help during his adjustment period, especially those that dealt with him in patient and understanding manners. Having learned a lot about social structures and jobs within both a family and pack, Asa has decided that he wants to help protect others by being an Herbalist! While he still has moments of silent observation, he idolizes {Auberon}'s fierce bravery and tendency to act instead of react; he also sees this in {Piper}, and both of these wolves are his role models in different and similar ways.

history / developments
Born one morning north of the valley to a rogue, traveling female, Asa did not know his father or anything about him. His siblings did not survive long in the mountains, which gave his mother the time and energy to focus on getting him to a more populated area where he might have a better chance at survival; she knew she was sick and weakened, and that she would not be able to provide for him long. While she succeeded in getting him out of the mountains, she did not make it all the way to finding him contact with a pack. Never shy about life and death, it was not hidden from Asa about what was happening with her failing body—but he had a task to uphold and a promise to keep: that he would survive.
adah and asa reach the valley; adah dies near the river at the north of the map.
horizon year 4-5
autumn hy4
early autumn After leaving his mother's body, Asa follows a river south into the valley before heading into the Evergreen Forest by (mostly) accident. There he meets {Adhara} who helps him realize he does not have a home; but she does. "Let me take you home," she offers. Asa is introduced to {Leas} outside of the Everlasting Caverns; she listens to his story, and he asks if he may come home. She accepts him, and Asa is home. Officially joins Evergreen Wolves, and is given a tour of the cavern by Adhara and her siblings. Not many days pass before Asa and Adhara confirm their friendship with each other.
full autumn Becomes interested in learning about treating injured wolves after the Evergreens gave aid to an injured stranger; somehow Piper knows how to do this, but Asa does not feel comfortable asking. He considers asking Leas about it, but is not sure what exactly to ask her. His time is spent with Adhara and other kin, working on his social skills.
late autumn A bad storm has Asa out in the forest, listening to the sounds of thunder and falling rain. He finds Adhara and Piper while exploring, and learns that Piper uses leaves to bundle herbs; also that she sometimes has to take the bundles to those in need. Asa commits to his idea that he wants to do this as well. Finally works up the courage to ask Leas what this is and learns that it is called being an herbalist. And his second burning question... what is a father?
winter hy5
early winter Returns to the White Geysers with Adhara to see what they are; they aren't a scary monster, are they!? After building his confidence, Asa seeks Piper to she if she is willing to take on an apprentice. If he is willing to work hard and listen well, she will teach him "to be an Herbalist everyone can depend on and be proud of." Of course!! Sign him up! Asa becomes Piper's apprentice, and begins to study Herbalism. They begin right away!
full winter Asa is getting to learn the basics of Herbalism with Piper and becoming familiar with the medicine den. {Piper} lets him know discretely to keep an eye on Azalea and that she is being given herbs to help her anxiety. One day, he is woken by a strange growling and trembling force that is shaking the earth!! {Piper} says it is an earthquake, and though Asa wants to stay and hide with Auberon and Adhara, Piper is called away by Leas for an emergency and offers for Asa to follow for training experience. He hesitates, but agrees to go—and finds he has agreed to help someone with a crushed leg, ew, er- uh, ow!
late winter There is so much snow! While Asa is exploring for scents, he wonders if anything even grows in this much snow—but then there is a wolf with only one eye and why!! He decides to ask {Piper} about the former, who agrees to give him a lesson in winter herbs—which, uh, is as he thought. Nothing grows in this much cold. It's still a good surprise exercise in.. well, poisonous berries!? Then one evening, Adhara tells him she is going to go and look for Adler, so of course Asa follows her... all the way to the Western Plains! H-hey, wait up!! {Auberon} also followed them... whew!
spring hy5
early spring Asa promises {Auberon} to keep {Adhara} safe, but when the pair enter a strange forest with many strange scents, Asa gets a little nervous and doesn't want to go too far; they are quickly met by {Natasha} and {Xanthos}! The situation heats up and the pair leave before it gets too exciting for them. They make their way to Fussil Butte, where they meet another stranger—ah man, will they ever make it back home?!
full spring After following the river in the Rolling Prairies, {Adhara} and Asa stumble upon a rotting smell and a decaying body. When they get closer to check it out, though, it turns out to be body of {Adhara}'s father, {Rathbone}. Stunned by the traumatic discovery, Asa tries to shield {Adhara} from looking at it; as his friend cries, he tries to determine what to do next. Best to return home. After a nap and painful goodbye, they return to the forest and {Adhara} is reunited with {Leas}; only, they have bad news. And in the wake of her grief, Asa's best friend departs from the valley; {Adhara} is gone.
late spring Days are slow in the forest and eventually, {Leas} decides to call everyone together. She wants to leave the forest... Asa doesn't know how to feel about that. Piper says she needs to ask Freyar; but regardless, Asa already made a commitment to herbalism, so he says he will follow Piper. It isn't too long after the initial meeting that they are bundling herbs from the cache and getting ready to leave... with {Leas} and {Auberon} deciding to go somewhere else, and her other pups too. It feels bad in his heart that they will be splitting up. Asa is very sad as they leave the forest.
summer hy5
early summer They walk for a million and a half years!!! Not really, but if feels like a long time with the weather growing warmer. When they finally reach the mountains, Asa is relieved to find it feels a little cooler; but as they are introduced to Mahalo Nami, he realizes something big: he doesn't have two names, like Piper Nightshade and Leas Fitzroy and Mahalo Nami. What does it mean to have two names!?
full summer
late summer


Height Build
Large Average
North of the Valley
Father Mother
Unknown Adah ✝
Valmont ✝, Sidra ✝
Other Relationships
adoptive family
{Piper} — mentor; something like a 'mom'
Piper has extended her surname to Asa, and he is happy to be considered her family.
{Piper}'s children: {Valerie}, {Soliel}, {Nemean}
{Adhara} — Home... (Darling, Dear?)
{Leas} — Gentle, caring, kind
{Piper} — Herbalist teacher; idolizes
{Auberon} — Friendly, strong, brave :,)
undecided/neutral (met)
{Azalea} — Quiet, shy; "kin"
{Mintaka} — ??? stare...
{Rathbone} — So big, so strong
{Pharaoh} — "Prince," helpful
{Arren} — A fellow traveler
knows of (names or packs known)
evergreen wolves
twilight vanguard
adunati rangers
firewing brotherhood

{Crixus} — ?? Pack somewhere
{Larisa} — ?? Sister of /stranger/
{Kaya} — Strong, dangerous? Liar?
{Natasha} — Intense, but possibly nice
{Xanthos} — Mean at first, like Adhara! But just looking for someone too...
recent encounters (names unknown)
{Jacqueline} — Lady around EW a lot.
{Narcisa} — Stranger. Liar? Criminal?
{Palinouros} — Stranger
{Ross} — o n e e y e one eyeEMPTY EYE HOLE
current patients
{Azalea} ♀
Anxiety; dosage of herbs.
known herbs
Induces vomiting. Use small amount.
Solomon's Seal (Root)
Good for open wounds and bone injuries; and overall strengthening.
known poisons
Solomon's Seal (Berry)
Very poisonous. Dark blue berry; by consumption. Fall/Winter.
things of interest
new vocabulary
'To live somewhere' — sleep in the same place every night
Home — a single (?) place you live; a pack (family, kin)
Da — goes with mama???
Darling — Adhara?
DearAdhara...? Something nice?
Kin — Everyone in EW ("...look out for and take care of...")
Herbalist — Uses herbs/plants to heal injuries ("not" "magic"); Piper is definitely a sorceress
places visited
Evergeen Forest
— The Clearing
— Everlasting Caverns
— White Geysers

Firefly Woods

Moonrise Bay

Rolling Prairies
— Harlequin Meadow

Western Plains

Falter Glen
— Shadowed Dell
— Guarded Falls

Sundown Coast

Cloudmirror Lake

Starlight Peaks
— Grand Rapids
— Crystal Shore
— Kingsfall Cascade

Verdant Hills
— Fossil Butte
— Riverside Hollow

Strongwind Range

Eastern Wasteland

Skyrise Pass
family name meanings
Adah — 'from the beautiful scenery'
Valmont — 'mount of the vale'
Sidra — 'like a star'
Beautiful Creatures — Illenium
Ocean Eyes — Billie Eilish
Even if it Hurts — Sam Tinnesz
The Home We Made Pt. II — Crywolf
"In the back room, on the last night, I heard you crying for life."
{Adhara} leaves the valley Full Spring HY5.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet