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Name Pack
Asaya Tyson Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
405 SP

Character Information


Height Weight Length
Great Plains Wolf
32 In. 106 lbs. 6.0 Ft.
Current Location
Willowed Glade



Asaya would be labeled as more of a stubborn wolf... likes things his way, brags about achievements. If you were his actual friend though you'd find that he's actually quite fun to be around, knows his way around hunting despite being alone since he turned a year old. If you truly got close to him, he would also seem a little more caring about others as well as comforting. Almost like he has layers that you can peel back and they get better each time. He truly prefers himself to be a loner and away from packs. But others chan change his mind on this.


Asaya had spent most of his life beyond the Horizon. When he was around 2 years and 10 months old, he lead his first hunt with 4 other pack mates, one of them being his friend Tyson. They were hunting Caribou when they realised they were actually going after a herd and the herd trampled Tyson, killing him. His pack's counsil is very strict on a lot of things, even if you were a first timer, and especially if you argue. Asaya argued at his counsil about the incident, and that got him banished from his pack forever. He has been traveling south away from the pack ever since. He was first spotted in the Ice Grotto area of Horizon where he first met Sincere, a quite happy wolf that has a name that completely matches her personality.


With grey eyes to start, Asaya can be seen as a pretty larger sized wolf. Sporting a Ginger and Cream coat with mixed bits or Brown and Black along with that. His muzzle is mainly cream with a brown fade to his eyes and along the bridge of his nose. Most of his face is a different assortment of black and brown going down to his neck. The underside of his neck is once again the cream colour from his muzzle and that continues down to his under belly and the back sides of his legs.

His back is once again the assortment of brown and black from his neck and that continues down to his tail ending in a white tip. While his legs continue to be the cream colour on the outside until you get to his paws, which are black.



Height Build
Large Stocky
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Mercer Dakota
One Brother One Sister
None None
Other Relationships
This section is dedicated to the list of wolves he has met, as well as locations he has visited.
Wolves Met
  • {Sincere} - Quite a pretty girl with a happy personality.
  • {Tesla} - Known as Sasha, Kind of rude, but whatever. Thanks for the tips
  • {Ozias} - Doesn't know the name of him, but seems to have lost someone.
  • {Catrine} - Pack wolf, bit feisty...
  • Friends
  • {Sincere}
  • Past MatesEnemies
  • None
  • None
    Visited Locations
  • {Ice Grotto}
  • {Moonrise Bay}
  • {Rolling Prairies}
  • {Riverside Hollow}
  • {Willowed Glade}
  • Spirit Symbol