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Name Pack
Ash Soulfire Covenant IV. Stalker
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 2 mos.)
5165 SP

Character Information

Voiced by - Child: Booboo Stewart
Adult: Dennis Leery as Diego

Theme Song: Push It, Garbage

Run away, run away if you can't speak
Turn a page on a world that you don't need

Ash drawn by the super talented Camille!


Ash will mature at an impressive 33 inches in height and top just over a hundred pounds in weight when in peak condition - which Ash is likely to insist on being.
Ash's dense, fluffy coat is a clean snowy white save for his black markings, more extensive than his mother who he inherited them from. Both forepaws show dark boot markings, the same colour matches both ears, and a black half-mask begins along the bridge of his nose and flares up around his left eye. His gaze is imposing for such a young wolf, having altered from puppy blue to an intense shade of bright brown which will keep darkening up as he matures. Though it isn't purposeful, there's a soulful sort of look to him, something that draws attention, begs investigating.

Did You Know?

Sharp sense of smell and eyesight, moderate sense of hearing. Bores easily and has trouble staying still. Likes being outside. Favoruite food is mole. Life goals include 'running fast' and 'seeing fire'.


Default mood setting: Angsty teenager mode.
Sense of humour: Sarcasm with a side slide of sarcasm.

Ash would be known to most as a moody black and white blur, most likely bolting by at full speed. You should probably consider yourself lucky if he deigns to actually stop and speak to you. In fact 'speak' is often a stretch. Ash's preferred method of communication seems to be a grunt which he considers all-encompassing, and expects everybody else to interpret accordingly. Ash are you hungry? Grunt. Ash, do you want to go and play? Grunt. Ash, do you think that mountain might just collapse and kill us all? Grunt. He often keeps to the fringes of conversations or social gatherings, as if refusing to commit.
When he does speak, he surprises some wolves by being intelligent and keen in his observations. He might not talk a lot, but there aren't a lot of details that those sharp brown eyes miss.
He tends to be grumpy and judgemental, but fairly non reactive. Trust doesn't come easily, and his withdrawn, sullen personality doesn't lend itself vastly to strong friendships, but there isn't anything inherently cruel or twisted about him. He's just a bit jaded, in his heart believing that strong bonds only tie you down - that, like his father before he was even born, most wolves will only let you down.
He doesn't take handouts, knowing that he is strong and smart enough to achieve things himself. He prefers to learn by doing rather than being told, and will practice a task he sets himself doggedly until he gets it right. Ash enjoys a life on the move. Something of an athlete in training, he is also competitive, mostly with his sister since Rowan is too easy a target.


Born in the Oak Savanna, Strongwind Range, to former Emerald Union leader Holly, and deceased, disgraced former Emerald Union wolf, Klass. Also in attendance were Tahti (Star) and Regent and Pharaoh Proleator. Ash was born an Adunati Ranger but never formed strong bonds with the pack, taking after his mother who was only using them as a sanctuary while she had pups to worry about.
Ash grew up roaming at will around the Rangers' territory and often beyond - Holly, before she left her children at six months old, was rather free when it came to rules. This suited Ash well, and he spent huge swaths of time perfecting his hunting and exploring alone, learning things his own way.
After he learned the truth of his parantage, he decided a fresh start might benefit his siblings and investigated an option his mother had begun - moving to the Soulfire Covenant in the mountains.


Height Build
Large Average
Oak Savanna, Strongwind Range
Father Mother
{Klass} † {Holly}

{Rowan} †


Born Oct 6th, Early Spring, HY4

You're kidding right? He's a KID
Other Relationships
{Tahti} - Aunt Star, likes, little wary of.
{Percival} - Friend, likes, bit too easy to beat.
{Arashi} - Friend. Way too good for him.
{Relic} - Gained respect for. Worthy leader.
{Ross} - Interesting. Potential ally.
{Anna} - Might be perfect except for her brother.
{Claes} - Asshole. Avoids at all costs.
{Jacqueline} - That Woman. Severely dislikes and mistrusts.
{Selra} - Suspicions foul-mouthed bitch.
{Maisie} - Judgey wimp.
Desire to communicate:

Ready Steady Go
Love Me Again
"Chapter Doof"
Accurate Ash:

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet