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Name Pack
Astra Aelius Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 0 mos.)
230 SP

Character Information


Fun Fact: Her model is a wolf named Luna from the International Wolf Center where she earned the nick name "In Coming".

An obsidian canvas with more shades of black and silver than one may believe possible. An array of silvery hues over her dark coat. Her legs, tail, and nape however, do not have a trace of gray. In addition, she has a few interesting markings. Light gray, almost ivory in the inner-most portions of her ears and the darkest of black streaks beneath her eyes. The streaks difficult to notice upon an already darkened background, but noticeable in the right lighting. Her coat is much more plush during the winter months and thinner in the warm weather.

She has striking eyes of bright green with pupils rimmed with blue, creating a radiant hazel color. She is slightly on the tall side, standing 27 inches and weighing 91lbs.


Out-going and chaotic, she will likely say something that others may not like. Overbearing and outwardly aggressive at times, she has earned herself the nickname "In Coming". She has the ability to take care of herself, but lacks the self-confidence and thus can be seen as fearful at times. Astra has no sense of herself, and has a lack of passion much of the time. However, it does not mean she does not care for others. She's a lot to handle, but if you can, she comes with a lot of love for her friends. She dreams big and never holds back.


Coming Soon!!!


Height Build
Large Lean
Father Mother
Cavan Agengi (Deceased)


PM Astra if you are interested in playing one of her siblings!


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