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Astred Valfreyja Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
1105 SP

Character Information

*Astred will go into heat in Late Winter, HY5

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Astred by Maiyev <3

Astred (ASS-trid) Valfreyja (Val-FRAY-juh)
"Divine Strength" "Lady of the Slain"

"Asti" -Tessa
"Blondie" -{Damien}

"Survivor" — LISTEN "&Burn" — LISTEN
Thought I couldn't breathe without you, I'm inhaling
You thought that I'd be weak without you, but I'm stronger
Thought I couldn't see without you, perfect vision
Thought I couldn't last without you, but I'm lasting
Thought that I would die without you but I'm living
Thought that I'd be helpless without you, but I'm smarter

Thought it would be over by now, but it won't stop
Thought that I would self destruct, but I'm still here
I'll sit and watch your car burn
With the fire that you started in me
But you never came back to ask it out

Go ahead and watch my heart burn
With the fire that you started in me
But I'll never let you back to put it out (Thanks)

Timber Wolf Soft, Silky 31 in 83 lbs 5.6 ft
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Art by Bird <3

Willowed Glade
• Still searching for salvation

Guardian of the Soulfire Covenant -- Late Spring HY4 - Early Winter HY4
Rogue -- Early Winter HY4 - Present

Lawful Good Extrovert Sagittarius She'll let you know when she finds one.

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She's been described as smart, striking, and extremely beautiful. In reality, Astred doesn't care much for looks or how she appears. Vanity isn't one of her biggest priorities. Instead, she has a determined and strong personality that makes her hard to impress. She's tough and rational and has a strong sense of duty that defines her to the core. She'll always do what needs to be done, regardless of her own well being. The female is dutiful and immensely devoted to her cause. Competitive by nature and highly dedicated, Astred works hard to achieve her goals. She's emotionally driven and sworn to protect her allies as well as those she loves. Her biggest enemies are her own doubt and guilt. Her sense of responsibility often probes her to take immediate action.

Astred can be short tempered and a bit of a perfectionist at times, which can lead her to act impulsively and irrationally. Often times she will isolate herself from other wolves and ignoring them. She can be jealous and suspicious of those who surpass her skill level.

She can be quite fiery and feisty under normal or intense situations, though she can come off as prideful and dismissive. She's incredibly reliable and loyal to those she trusts, but otherwise has trust issues. Astred is naturally supportive and encouraging, especially to acts of valor and bravery. Overall, she can be optimistic and generally more spirited. However, she comes first as a promising warrior and spunky young female.

(Before Horizon)

Born in a land so dark and cold that only the strongest survived, Astred Ísbjörnsdóttir arrived alongside her identical twin Therasia on a brittle late winter's night. The sisters were welcomed warmly into their tribe; a pack called Sjóvatn. Not much is known about the first few weeks of Astred's childhood but it can be assumed that she was well taken care of. Sjóvatn's wolves were known to be strong and formidable, so Astred was fated to nothing less than a favorable lifestyle.

During the second month of Astred's life, her father began train her among her two older brothers. It was a time far too early to begin such exertions, as Astred's mother often said to her father. Ísbjörn didn't heed her words. He insisted upon his children being the strongest of them all. Together by his side, they would conquer the North. Or so he thought. Therasia was exempt from his brutal desires, whom Vola had refused to let her mate corrupt. She remained soft and stable, for Ísbjörn viewed Therasia as the weakest link. The most frail and fragile. But he soon began to make other plans for her.

Despite their differences, Astred and Tessa bonded in a way that only twins could. They did everything together. They were each other's best friends: inseparable until the very end.

Life in the North went on and the intensity of Astred's training increased. Ísbjörn didn't see his daughter as worthless or weak as he did Tessa, but instead as a capable, independent warrior. A war machine. He won her over with sweet words and a father-daughter bond began to blossom in a world so cold that only the dead things remained. When she reached the age of five months, she was expected to fend for herself. Food had to be earned, as did respect in Sjóvatn. Their Chieftain, Andri, became an uncle figure for Astred as she and his son Errus formed a friendship. Over the weeks to come, Astred gained more comrades and a rank in her tribe. Valkyrie. They were the female warriors and protectors of the pack, bent on parting right from wrong. Becoming a Valkyrie allowed her to meet Freyja, another young Valkyrie, who would soon become Astred's best friend and closest comrade. It was then that Astred earned her first nickname: Valfreyja. Lady of the Slain.

The first wave of tragedy hit when Astred was around a year old. Sjóvatn had always been in a close diplomatic rivalry with two neighboring tribes-- Regieren and Arkhein. Several spies were sent over enemy lines on both sides, a repeat of the past. Every member of the tribe knew the story of Ecaron, Andri's eldest daughter who had been captured before Astred was born. The relationship between Sjóvatn and Regieren had always been shaky, but the disappearance of Ecaron had only made things worse. To all of Sjóvatn, Ecaron was believed to be dead, with only Andri's son Errus the last living wolf of her blood. Sjóvatn's council had long been anticipating an alliance with Arkhein to end the scourges they faced with Regieren. Diplomats were sent from Sjóvatn to the east where the proposal was taken up by members of Arkhein. Not days later, news arrived in Sjóvatn that Regieren had caught wind of their plans and plotted to hunt down Errus, the messenger of Sjóvatn. This infuriated Andri, who in desperation to save his son and desire for power, sought to strike the alliance with Arkhein immediately. Ísbjörn, who was second-in-command to Andri, proposed a betrothal to unite the two tribes. Andri had only his son Errus to offer, but Ísbjörn had two daughters. One of them would be wed to the Chief of Arkhein himself. With that promise, Ísbjörn had finally found a purpose for Tessa. A purpose that he had thought would save them all, but ended to be their downfall.

Winter had come and blood stained the snow of the North. Messengers from Sjóvatn arrived to their homeland to bring dire news of yet another tragedy. Ecaron had indeed been alive the past years, held captive by Regieren forces. However, both Ecaron and Errus were found slaughtered at the fjord's edge. Grief and hatred overtook Andri, who had been told that his daughter was alive only to hear news of her morbid death. The wolves of Sjóvatn now knew only one thing. The name of their enemies, clear in their minds. The wolves that were responsible for instigating war.

frá Norðri.

Death and destruction was not yet over for the wolves of Sjóvatn. The next morning, Astred awoke to find her father gone, having disappeared the night before in a storm. The tribe believed him to be dead after three days of no sign of him. The young girl had only her mother for comfort, but even Vola had retreated into the dark confines of her solitary mind. Astred spent the last few days of Sjóvatn's survival curled up beside Tessa, oblivious to the end coming, creeping forward with ominous fingers on the wind.

It was night when it happened. Screams and panic overtook the tribe as foreign wolves infiltrated their camp. The young Valkyrie's first thought was Regieren, come to tear them apart. But the perpetrators were in fact Arkhein, come to take what was theirs. They were angry that their terms of alliance had not been answered, when the messenger from Sjóvatn that was supposed to carry the news to Arkhein was Errus. But Errus was dead, and Arkhein, having not been answered, had assumed that they had been stood up. The slaughter of her packmates was quick. Arkhein had both the numbers and the strategy to defeat Sjóvatn. A brief stroke of luck was the only reason Astred was saved from downfall, thanks to Vola. She was hidden under a stone incline, forced to watch as the paws of her packmates ran by, some of them going limp right in front of her wide blue eyes. Blood coated the ground and snow accumulated on top of corpses, but her mother's last words rang clear in Astred's head. Stay down. She was hidden when she saw Andri fall to two Arkhein wolves. She was hidden when she saw Freyja flee into the shadows of night. She was hidden when Tessa and Vola were dragged to the Chief of Arkhein, no one but Ísbjörn at his side. In that instant, everything was frozen as wheels of grief spun in Astred's head. The fact that her father had traded sides for his life didn't catch her attention. The fact that her entire pack was slaughtered in front of her didn't catch her attention. It was Tessa. Her twin, her mirrored self, her other half, was limp and lifeless on the ground mere feet away. Blue eyes that Astred possessed in her own head stared blankly into the night sky. The familiar dark markings across her cheeks, laden with dried blood. In that moment, everything was not just frozen. Everything was crumbling. Her world, around her. Because she had died.

It was nearly a day later when Astred had the mental strength to pull herself from her hiding place. When she had the mental strength to walk across a fjord of bodies. A frozen graveyard. She saw Vola, her dear sweet mother. She saw Andri, his throat torn and mangled. She saw Freyja, who hadn't made it very far before she was overtaken by Arkhein wolves. She didn't look back that day, as she traveled south. Away from Arkhein to the east and the frá Norðri bloodline who had taken everything from her. Starved, alone, and heartbroken, Astred, daughter of the devil, ventured on. She finally knew what it was to become the Lady of the Slain.


Full Spring

Astred enters the Horizon valley through the Northern mountains. She travels south until she finds herself in a prairie-like terrain, the Strongwind Range. There, she spies on {Witchhazel} and {Thistle}, hoping to gain information about the valley without giving her presence away. When she finds nothing, she ventures further south until she runs into {Benvolio} and {Damien}, the latter of whom she takes a disliking to due to his attitude. After the darker male leaves, Benvolio offers to bring Astred to the Covenant and she agrees.

Late Spring

Astred joins the Covenant and becomes a Guardian, meeting {Stephan} (whom she dislikes) and {Daniel}, who she warms up to a little more. She has a brief conversation with {Relic} regarding her past and why she's come to the Covenant and finds out that Damien is also apart of the pack. The two begrudgingly hunt together and later spar. Eventually, Astred meets {Anna} and {Claes} and takes a liking to the daughter of the Archon.

Early Summer

Astred struggles with distancing herself from her old life and beginning a new one as she tries to get rid of her militaristic ways. She meets {Bucky} whom she doesn't particularly like.

Full Summer

Astred meets a huntress by the name of {Var} whom she is intrigued by. The two have a conversation and end up sparring together but soon after, Var disappears. She grows closer to Damien and goes fishing with {Kumar}, who is an idiot but makes her laugh.

Late Summer

Astred has another conversation with Relic in which she admits to feeling restless in the Covenant. Relic offers to include her on a diplomatic mission he will be going on to see what {Elliot} is up to. Astred agrees to travel with him and sort things out. She encounters {Briar} one night, along with Damien, Claes, and Stephan, but the white female leaves when she sees she is outnumbered. Anna confronts Astred and she offers to train the girl. Sienna steps in to say hello and Claes joins the training but retaliates when Astred knocks him over. Stephan arrives on the scene, angry and infuriated. Astred is warned to stay away from his children and to do her duty as a Guardian, which is to guard. She is not pleased.

Early Autumn

Astred and Relic leave the Covenant and trade information about the horribleness of their birth tribes, in which they make a slight game out of. She meets a wolf by the name of {Jaylan} and overreacts when he calls his friend {Maya}. This causes a scene, and later, Astred confronts Jaylan along with members of the Stormborn Alliance to apologize. Jaylan refuses her apology and Astred promotes him to her shitlist. Later on, Relic and Astred meet {Natasha} of the Firewing Brotherhood, in which Astred takes a liking to. The girl offers to take them to Elliot and the Covenant wolves meet {Effie}. They learn that Elliot was murdered by members of the Brotherhood and the Sanctuary.

Full Autumn

After hearing of Elliot's death, Effie asks Relic and Astred to try to talk to some of the orphaned children left behind. They agree and soon meet {Kyra} and {Nero}. Somehow, Astred manages to get through to the children and both of the Covenant wolves teach the children how to hunt before departing.

Late Autumn

Relic and Astred travel to the Sanctuary in search of {Sunfall} but instead find {Catrine}. Safe passage is promised on both ends from both tribes. Before leaving, Astred meets {Mintaka} and {Isidore} in the river before a storm. Shortly after, she is washed away and ends up in the Eastern Wastelands. She meets {Auracilla} who kindly protects her, and {Amelie} and {Tiberius}, both of which she gets a sense of bad vibes from. Soon after she is safely out of the desert, Astred is injured and severely dehydrated in the Heckled Holt. Luckily, Damien finds her before she succumbs to the elements and brings her home. Astred reunites with Anna who is displeased at her sudden departure back in Early Autumn and Astred promises to never leave the Covenant again without telling the Starlight.

Early Winter

Astred meets {Dyani} one night while patrolling the Lookout but doesn't converse with her for very long. Claes intercepts and demands to know why Anna likes her so much. Unable to provide a clear answer, Astred tells Claes that she hopes to continue her training with his sister. Claes asks to join but Astred denies him due to past experiences with his anger. After confessing their feelings for each other, Damien and Astred become mates. She seeks out Stephan to apologize for her behavior in the past and the two make shaky amends. Shit goes down when Daniel tells Damien and Astred that he wants to leave the Covenant, and Damien agrees to go with him. Confused and hurt, Astred seeks out Stephan for advice. She makes up her mind the next day to leave with Damien and Daniel.


Height Build
Large Lean
Frozen Fjord [Sjóvatn]
Father Mother
Ísbjörn † Vola †

Aki ♂ †
Eðvar ♂ †
Therasia “Tessa” ♀ †


My boy toy. Get your own.
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Other Relationships
Andri ♂ † :: Like an uncle, friend.
Errus ♂ † :: Former packmate, friend.
Ecaron ♀† :: Former packmate, never known.
Freyja ♀ † :: Former packmate, best friend.
Ylva ♀ † :: We do not speak of her.

Damien, Daniel, Marceline
Anna, Bea, Kumar, Natasha, Relic, Stephan
Auracilla, Nero, Kyra, Catrine, Isidore, Mintaka, Lorenzo, Morwen, Tunglid, Atlas, Maya, Poet, Josalyn, Jay, Issa, Sienna, Var, Branwen, Benvolio, Witchhazel, Thistle
Alyna, Amelie, Claes, Bucky, Effie, Jaylan, Tiberius,
Heard Of
Elliot, Nima, Sunfall, Hillside Sanctuary, Stormborn Alliance, Hellmaw Empire, Firewing Brotherhood, Adunati Rangers
Voice Reference
America Ferrera
Artwork (Thank you!)
Understanding Astred
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Spirit Symbol Emblems
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