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Name Pack
Athena Stormborn Stormborn Alliance II. Warden
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 5 mos.)
3710 SP

Character Information

Art by Jade!

Voice acted by Gina Torres

Appearance & personality
Athena is average in size and stature for a female, standing at a height of twenty-five inches and averaging about seventy-five pounds. She is overall a copper brown hue that darkens to a dusty black along her dorsal sides and yields to a creamy white on her stomach, chest, and cheeks, and there is a distinctive mantle of creamy white fur along her nape and shoulders. In the warmer months, her coat is much lighter in hue. Her eyes are a steely blue-gray, the color of the sky after a storm.

She’s straightforward and honest to a fault, logical, and not prone to getting emotional under most circumstances. Serious, but not without a sense of humor. She’s diligent and loyal to her packmates, and while she doesn’t always put in the time and energy to connect with those around her, she is sure to keep their wellbeing in mind.

Sarcastic when the mood strikes her, which is almost always, and while she usually tries for some measure of tact, her honestly is usually of the blunt and brutal variety.

Currently (updated 2/8/17)

Athena has recently returned to the valley after leaving to visit her parents for several months. She’s learned that not all is well with the Alliance, and has thrown herself back into patrolling the pack borders and Strongwind Range after an old threat made itself known. Lately, she's started to feel somewhat dissatisfied about her place in the pack, though it has not yet affected her ability to perform her duties.

Athena’s story thus far:

Athena came to Horizon Valley searching for her brother, {Atlas}, who had fled their natal pack after some business over a girl that had tragically ended in murder. You know, the usual. She wandered the valley for much of winter, finding no signs of her brother until she ran into {Poet}, who turned out to be one of Atlas’s good friends. At first she was suspicious of Poet, but she allowed him and {Valentina} to lead her to Falcon Rise.

She reunited with her brother, who had formed a pack called the Stormborn Alliance, learning that he intended to stay in the valley. She talked with him, finding out the truth of what happened in their natal pack, learning that he had killed the alpha’s son, Pallas, when the wolf was found attacking Atlas’s crush, Leda. Athena decides not to tall Atlas that Leda survived the attack, fearing he would drop everything and attempt to return home to see her.

She doesn’t join the pack then, instead deciding to roam the valley a little and decide what she wants to do next. She meets {Inigo}’s siblings, Anthrax and Enigma, in the Evergreen Forest, and offers to lead them back to their sibling, but she loses track of the two on the way back to Falcon Rise. Still roaming, she meets {Pace}, a wolf who lives on the coast of the valley, and finds herself opening up to the jovial wolf, which helps her to decide what her next step will be.

Knowing that her brother, {Apollo}, would be following her to the valley, Athena sets out to search for him, checking out the wasteland and finding no sign of him. She ranges up to Skyrise Lake, where she meets {Osiris}, who tells her of the Skyrise Empire, a rather unfriendly bunch who live near the lake. Athena, unperturbed, speaks with him about his pack’s philosophy before returning to the lowlands.

When Athena returns to Falcon Rise, she happens to meet up with Apollo, who has managed to find Atlas. The three have a happy reunion, and Athena decides to join Atlas’s pack then, taking the surname Stormborn.

At the borders of the Alliance’s territory, Athena meets {Tiberius}, a wolf who seems to be investigating the packs of the valley. She informs him about the Alliance, though he makes her uneasy.

Not long afterward, she comes across two rogues on Strongwind Range- {Ivy} and {Olivia}. Though it takes some prodding, Ivy allows Athena to assist her in helping Olivia, who was brutally attacked in the mountains. Athena recognizes the scent on her as Tiberius’s. Later, Ivy returns to Alliance territory after escorting Olivia to Firewing Brotherhood to seek out their healer. Athena, Ivy, and Atlas make a pact to hunt down Tiberius and rid the valley of him for what he’s done, and Athena spends much of her time over the next few months seeking out signs of the wolf, though little comes of it.

Afterwards, Athena leaves the valley to visit her parents, who, after the incident with Atlas, had moved to a neighboring pack, where they have family. She remains here for several months before returning to the valley.


Height Build
Average Average
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Galen Iris

{Atlas}, {Apollo}, Artemis

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet