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Name Pack
Atlas Stormborn Stormborn Alliance I. Titan
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 11 mos.)
7035 SP

Character Information

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Tall in stature with a solid, broad-shouldered build, Atlas makes for quite an imposing figure. The strapping young fellow stands thirty-six inches at the shoulders and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and twenty-five pounds, give or take a few depending on the season. Truthfully he’s a bit on the heavy side, carrying a noticeable paunch year-round, but there’s muscle beneath that fluff. While not exactly cut-and-toned, the Titan is powerfully-built with sturdy limbs and a barrel chest.

Of course, any muscular definition he might possess is lost beneath a thick layer of tawny-colored fur. His coat ranges from rich, earthy tones to lighter shades of cinnamon-brown and cream, and its plush and fluffy texture lends the brawny wolf an almost teddy-bear appearance. His face, too, has a kind of soft, gentle quality about it – handsome in a boyish way – with distinctive markings surrounding two sky-blue eyes.

Despite his size, Atlas is by no means cumbersome. While he may not be a portrait of grace, he is capable of moving nimbly if not very quickly. Generally carrying himself in a confident but relaxed posture, he never seems to be in a hurry. His strength lies in stamina rather than speed, and his powerful physique makes him a real contender where brute force is concerned. He relies heavily on his sheer mass to intimidate or, as a last resort, overpower opponents.

Extra: Winter Coat vs Summer Coat

Those who meet Atlas find him warm, jovial, and down-to-earth – with a healthy sense of humor to boot. With a big heart to match his large stature, he is very much a gentle giant.

Benevolent and generous, he’s always willing to lend a hand to those who need help. Couple that with a tendency to put the needs of others before his own, and you have someone whose kindness can easily be taken for advantage. In spite of his size, Atlas is something of a pushover, easily falling subject to the whims and wants of those he cares for. Whenever he finds himself in a kerfuffle, he generally opts for the “be the bigger man” strategy. For one, he doesn’t like to cause a ruckus. But perhaps more importantly, he doesn’t want to be seen as aggressive. Of course, even a giant doormat has his limits, and though Atlas may have the patience of a saint, he will readily stand his ground once that line has been crossed. And when a friend or family member comes under fire, all bets are off. He can go from teddy bear to grizzly real quick. Being a pacifist by nature, he rarely gets physical, but he’s been known to throw his weight around if left with no other options – or when his strong sense of justice comes into play.

For the most part, though, Atlas is a big softie: friendly, laid-back, and a bit lackadaisical. Of course, that happy-go-lucky attitude of his can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he’s about as chill a guy as you could hope to find. But on the flip side, he’s sometimes too carefree. He rarely gets in a hurry over anything, and at times he can be downright lazy. Never one to sweat the small stuff, his go-to inner mantra is “don’t worry about it.” The reality is he could stand to worry about things a smidge more. He’s also an idealist, always looking for the good in others. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, that cheerful optimism leads him to trust others far too easily, taking their words and actions at face value. For that reason, he can be quite gullible. Also, while he strives to be an honest wolf and makes a point to always keep his word, he often focuses too much on keeping others happy. He’s not above the occasional white lie if it means not hurting someone’s feelings, and he’s a habitual sugar-coater.

With his easygoing personality, it would be easy to assume that nothing gets to Atlas. In truth, not much does. But thick-skinned though he may be, he’s by no means immune to stress. The bulk of his troubles arise from taking on too much responsibility or trying too hard to meet his own expectations. He sets the bar pretty high for himself, and while he knows his siblings and his pack-mates will love and support him no matter what, he puts a lot of effort into making them proud. Of course, he’s become adept at hiding any unfavorable feelings. Mostly he doesn’t want to bother others by venting his worries and frustrations, but in a sense he doesn’t want to be seen as weak. Atlas has an innate need to be strong, tough, unyielding. He was raised to bear his burdens without complaint, even if the weight of the world is resting on his shoulders.
“You were so tiny when we found you…”

Galen would always start out that way when young Atlas asked about the day that he and Iris took him in as one of their own. Although he was assumed to be several weeks younger than his adoptive litter-mates, the fuzzy pup already dwarfed his brother and sister in size. He would sit and listen quietly as Galen recounted the tale of how he was out hunting for his mate, a new mother, when he heard a quiet whimpering – of how he followed the cries to the abandoned den where he found him.

Atlas would later learn that his adoptive mother, Iris, had lost one of her pups shortly after they were brought into the world. Her name was Artemis, and she lived but a few minutes. He would also learn that he was not alone in that den when his adoptive father found him; he was actually one of five pups in his litter. But by the time Galen stumbled upon them, only one was alive. They had apparently been abandoned for some time. Whether their mother died or simply left them there, Atlas will never know. Presumably, she was a lone wolf; whether or not his father was in the picture at all is also a mystery.

However, Atlas has never spent too much time pondering over his origins. Because while he would never know his birth parents, he had a father and mother who loved him very, very much. From the moment they took him in, Galen and Iris treated their adoptive son as one of their own. The couple’s son was called Apollo and their daughter Athena. And when they welcomed another son into their family, they gave him the name Atlas. The three young wolves formed a close bond as they grew up together – as close as any blood-related siblings would be.

Their parents were both respected council members of a large and formidable pack that claimed an entire mountain valley as their own. Atlas, Apollo, and Athena grew up alongside the offspring of another pair of council members; in particular, Atlas became close friends with a young female by the name of Leda. And as the two of them entered young adulthood, Atlas began to develop feelings for her.

However, Atlas never made these feelings known, and Leda eventually found a mate in the handsome, charismatic Pallas, the eldest son of the alpha pair and next in line for leadership. He was well-liked by all of the pack, and her parents approved of the match. And as always, Leda wanted nothing more than to please them all. In the process, she grew distant towards Atlas, who for his part could do nothing but fade into the background. But perhaps more worrisome were the injuries that she seemed to acquire mysteriously, always brushed off as the result of an accident or mere clumsiness on her part.

While Atlas had a bad feeling about it all, he had nothing to go on but his own intuition – until the day he saw it happen with his own eyes. Pallas and Leda believed that they were alone, but Atlas saw them through the trees around the little clearing the two had claimed for themselves. And as he looked on, Pallas proceeded to lash out her, both verbally and physically. Over seemingly nothing. Atlas later confronted Leda about what he’d seen, wanting to help her somehow, but she responded with nothing but denial.

Throughout the winter months, Leda continued to make excuses for her mate’s behavior, insisting that she loved him. Atlas supported her however he could: keeping an eye on her from a distance and rushing to her aid when Pallas left her bruised and broken down. But no matter how badly she was treated, Atlas didn’t dare intervene. While he was not afraid of Pallas, he was afraid of what he might do to Leda. Of course, there would also be consequences for stepping up to challenge the alpha heir.

Uncertain of what to do, Atlas eventually went to his siblings for help. Apollo and Athena were stunned by their brother’s claims, but they knew that he had to be telling the truth. After some discussion, the three of them decided to go to Pallas directly and confront him: an endeavor that ultimately made things worse. Pallas was outraged by such a presumptuous act, and he issued a threat to the siblings: that if they dared to defile his name with their lies, he would have the whole pack set upon them.

Following this incident, Atlas forced himself to back off for a time. But as the days wore on, he found it more and more difficult to stay away when he knew Leda could be in danger. So when he found her alone for the first time in weeks, he approached to try and talk to her. However, the two of them scarcely had a chance to say hello before Pallas suddenly appeared. Atlas stepped forward to confront him yet again, but this time he didn’t back down, even when Pallas repeated his threats. With his intimidation tactics losing ground, Pallas resorted to attacking Atlas physically.

The situation escalated rapidly, with the both of them spilling blood on the forest floor. Enraged to have lost control, Pallas eventually broke free of his opponent’s grip and suddenly rounded on Leda. Atlas scrambled to cut him off, but it was too late. Fueled by jealousy and his own violent tendencies, Pallas seized her by the throat and pinned her forcefully to the ground.

In that moment, Atlas reached his breaking point. Something in him snapped. He retaliated at full force, knocking the other male to the ground before laying into him. His unbridled fury, along with his sheer size, allowed him to overpower him with ease. At some point, however, Atlas simply blacked out. It was some minutes later before came to – when he realized what he’d done. The body of Pallas lay at his feet: his throat ripped out, his lifeless eyes staring hollowly at the treetops. Just steps away, Leda lay motionless on the ground. And there Atlas stood, his muzzle stained with blood. Awash in a mixture of sorrow, rage, and regret, he ran.

And he didn’t stop running until he was miles away from home.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky

Mistveil Mountains
Northeast of Horizon

Father Mother
Galen Iris

{Athena}, {Apollo}, Artemis [✝]

Other Relationships
{Oliver} - Adoptive Son
{Inigo}, {Poet}, {Valentina}, {Verin}, {Hija}, {Oakley}, {Elowen}, {Sparrow}, {Gulliver}, {Koyak}, {Aspen}, {Rowan}, {Tala}, {Robin}, {Ruark}, {Dakota}, {Elske}, {Chekov}, {Rhian}, {Rhydian}, {Veerle}, {Oliver}, {Ida}, {Xander}, {Diederik}, {Ivy}, {Sam}, {Catalyst}, {Chekov}, {Kasadi}, {Sugar}, {Kiara}, {Catalyst}, {Cadeyrn}, {Alessandro}, {Arrow}, {Della}, {Bane}, {Murphy}, {Genevieve}, {Siberia}, {Mako}, {Rufus}, {Kohl}, {Clementine}, {Orion}, {Ahi}, {Shade}, {Adalia}, {Ororo}, {Comet}, {Delilah}, {Violet}, {Rolland}, {Tiberius}, {Tytus}, {Charlie}, {Oberon}, {Titania}, {Demetrius}, {Maeve}, {Maaike}, {Siani}
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Zach Miko

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