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Name Pack
Auberon Fitzroy Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 8 mos.)
1255 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


The youngest of the litter but the largest by a decent margin. He will surpass his siblings and parents in size and height as an adult. Strong muscles are easily spotted beneath sleek, dark fur. He has his mother’s yellow eyes but his coat color comes from his grandparents. As a pup he will be a solid black, but by early adulthood his fur will have turned gray and silver in places. At eight months his fur is just beginning to gray in places.


Exuberant - Outgoing - Positive - Charming - Family Oriented - Protective

The largest in size and the largest in personality. He is naturally outgoing and able to approach strange situations and wolves with confidence. He is very charming and even as a pup extremely charismatic and always seems to know what will please the wolf he’s talking to. While the youngest in the litter he is the “big brother” to both of his siblings, being an ever present protector. At times he can be bossy, but never with the intent to upset or anger. He is independent in that he doesn’t need others validation or approval or pursue his own goals, but loyal to the siblings and family he cares deeply about. As he grows he will have a natural inclination to stay near his family or find a group of wolves he can love and protect.


Full Spring - Auberon was born in Full Spring, HY4, to Rathbone and Leas, of the Evergreen Wolves, in The Clearing.
Late Spring -
Early Summer -
Late Summer - in progress...

(Adult) Stats

Height: 33 in

Weight: 114 lbs

Length: 6.1 ft

Entered the valley: Full Spring, HY4


Auberon by Aeon


Height Build
Large Muscular
The Clearing - Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Rathbone} {Leas}

{Adhara} and {Adler} (biological)

{Azalea} (adopted)

Other Relationships
{Farra} - Aunt
{Farra} - Packmate
{Maurdie} - Aunt
{Sorrel} - sister
{Murphy} - friend
{Pharaoh} - hunting teacher
{Babette} - friend
{Asa} - packmate
{Achilles} - fluffy lady
{Aster} - brother, but left
{Dionysus} - friend thief
{Mintaka} - abandoned him, liar
Theme Song
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet