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Name Pack
Auberon Fitzroy Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
1255 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


Auberon is a large, powerful looking wolf. Strong muscles are easily spotted beneath sleek, dark fur. He has his mother’s yellow eyes but his coat color comes from his grandparents. As a pup he was solid black, but his fur has begun to turn gray and silver, particularly around his muzzle, chest, and hips.


Auberon has developed a very protective nature. He is particularly protective of his sisters and mother, though all wolves in the Evergreens fall under his purview in his mind. He seems himself as in charge of all of their safety. He can be a bit patronizing when he believes he is better suited or more skilled than others at particular tasks. At the same time, the boy is quire friendly and make friends easily. He loved exploration and seeing new things but is always drawn back towards home.


Full Spring - Auberon was born in Full Spring, HY4, to Rathbone and Leas, of the Evergreen Wolves, in The Clearing.
Late Spring -
Early Summer -
Late Summer - in progress...

(Adult) Stats

Height: 33 in

Weight: 114 lbs

Length: 6.1 ft

Entered the valley: Full Spring, HY4


Auberon by Aeon


Height Build
Large Muscular
The Clearing - Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Rathbone} {Leas}

{Adhara} and {Adler} (biological)

{Azalea} (adopted)

{Caspar} and {Eadgar} (younger)

Other Relationships
{Farra} - Aunt
{Piper} - Packmate
{Maurdie} - Aunt
{Asa} - packmate
{Achilles} - fluffy lady
{Aster} - brother, but left
{Dionysus} - friend thief
{Mintaka} - abandoned him, liar
Theme Song
Spirit Symbol