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Name Pack
August Delphino Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 0 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information


A bulky, cool-toned coat covers the extent of his body. He's naturally an imposing figure but offset by his otherwise naturalistic coloration. Swamp-like green eyes glare out from behind a rustic mask of browns, tans, and grays. August is good-natured but boasts an uncanny distaste for most of the world, preferring to keep his loyalties close and enemies closer. He's still growing into himself. his unique, emerald-green eyes stand out the most from his boyish body, holding secrets that he couldn't be bothered to tell in the long run. his temperament could be compared to a burning man; decidedly at peace with the world around him, ready to leave when it takes him. however, that being said, he will grow into the strongest fighter in his family name, and quite possibly those around him. he's combative when provoked, inquisitive for his own well-being, and insatiably driven when he puts his mind to the cause. august is predominantly a hardened shell of a child, long since leaving his pup-like tendencies behind. this is in part due to the ratio of males and females in his previous homeland, and his inherited view on how a "man" should be. He was born into a pack in a northern mountain range. When he was of age, he left to find his own family to integrate into in Horizon. he will adapt and mold as he ages, but his personality will always remain ultimately the same.


august was born along the rocky arms of what he came to know as the mariposa mountain range. while most of the surrounding area had been steep slopes of rock and unscalable heights, his birth pack had been centered in the heart of a hollowed out valley within the great expanse of boulder. while his upbringing had been relatively usual for any pack wolf, he had been noticeably bigger than the rest of his kin. because of this promising attribute, he had been initially trained as a warrior foremost and a hunter second. his father had a strong impact on his childhood, though he could be unreasonably stern and strict in his practices. the dynamic of his family ranged from patriarchal and traditional, keeping to the most basic habits a pack would have.

his parents were the alphas of the pack, and any other member had been forced out of season so that the pair could be the only bearing children. august was a single boy out of 4 pups, all others being girls. naturally, his domineering instincts kicked in, and he became the shadow of his father at a very young age. further setting him apart from his sisters, he lost much of his child-esque behavior in favor of what his father told him was "a pup's body but a man's soul." eventually, his need for a new pack to integrate into and build rank took over the comfortability of his homeland, and august set out through a slow trek down the mountain in order to reach whatever new territory he could get his paws on.

eventually, he stumbled into horizon with new trails to blaze on his way to what he thinks is his endgame. a pack.


Heightvery large
birthplacemariposa mtns. ≙
motherpacifica d.
fathermaritime d.
zodiacvirgo ☽
spirit symbolleaf
statusentering hrzn
whereaboutsstarlight peaks
territories visited
starlight peaks / crystal shore : his first introduction to hrzn, stumbles upon an older female by the name of { Rhoea }.

verdant hills / fossil butte : crosses paths with { Paloma } during her trek up the rocky incline, stays around to ensure her safety.


Height Build
Very Large Average
Mariposa Mountains
Father Mother
maritone d. pacifica d.
Spirit Symbol