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Name Pack
Auracilla Solaris Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 8 mos.)
230 SP

Character Information

Aquarius - OR/UH/SIL/UH

Solaris Bloodline

"the world gives you so much pain
and here you are making gold out of it."

- rupi kaur

A light-hearted soul, shrouded in peach tones. Her fur is dense around the scruff of her neck and chest, less thick in areas with more movement. The little fae is built for stamina and grace. Brute strength was never her forté, though she does pack quite a punch with her combative views when provoked. The colors around her maw and face are significantly lighter than her body, but the translation between tan and white is gradual. She is noticeably smaller than most of the wolves she meets on her path. It's something that limits her ability to stand her ground in a brawl, but nothing short of a strength when fleeing testy situations. She's naturally kind-hearted, open-minded, and curious -- but the downsides to being such a darling personality sometimes seem to outweigh the positives. Her inclination is to trust, trust, trust, and not to see things for what they really are. Because of this, her reality is sometimes a little more warped. She would rather see the good in others than the ugly, coiling rot beneath. Her coloration would be described as decidedly ginger, with certain cream tones layered throughout. Her eyes are a burnt amber.

A quick run-down of her past is this: she was born to a lone mother, who passed away when she neared her first year. A cold winter had taken the life of not only her brothers, but the woman who had brought her into the world. She did not know why or how she was the one to survive -- perhaps it was sheer luck, or that she had managed to eat enough to sustain her while her brothers had played off the food's energy. The endearment she felt for her mother panged deeply in Aura's heart of hearts, and the idea of abandonment sent her traipsing into a depressed episode for days. It was a strange case of events but not unusual: another childless woman took her under her wing and nurtured her into her young adult years. While her feelings for her birth mother were never replaced by those for this unnamed wolf, she was formed momentally by her upbringing. When old enough, her adoptive mother disappeared. Auracilla never questioned why she left because she understood that everyone leaves eventually. A daunting concept for a young wolf, but she had never known the strong ties of a pack, having been flung into the life of a rogue since the day her eyes opened. She found Horizon shortly after, and has set off on her own journey to mold her own path through these winding territories.


{Jaylan} - Playful crush.
{Astred} - Protective snowflake.


Coming soon!


Mother is Unknown (deceased)
Father is Unknown (whereabouts unknown).


Height Build
Small Lean
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Unknown. She remembers her presence, but not her name.

Her litter mates died in an unforgivable winter. She had two brothers.

Other Relationships
Icarus, Kaete, Rathbone, Safira, Josalyn, Astred, TIberius, Amelie (All TBD/in progress threads.)
Naming Origins
Aura: Breeze
Cilla: Blinded
Sol: Sun
Jaylan (AJ): Could qualify as a minor crush. Generally, tyrants and the greedy.
Places visited
Firefly Woods
- Shrouded Pines

Strongwind Plains
- Oak Savannah

Evergreen Forest
Western Plains
Cloudmirror Lake

Falter Glen
- East Eden

Eastern Wasteland
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet