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Name Pack
Auracilla Solaris Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 1 mos.)
270 SP

Character Information



The first eye-catching image you notice about Aura is her obviously smaller size compared to others, at least a foot and a half under the average height for a timber wolf. She's built with respect to speed and agility, but neglects to pack the punch that a larger or more muscled physique would offer. Regardless, she's well-balanced and quick as a snap, and easily makes up for her lack of strength with sheer speed. Her coat is a mixture of creams, very light browns, and peach. Unlike the rest of her family, she was gifted a specifically orange-tinted coat, which is known to appear golden in certain lighting. Her gaze is riddled with amber and burnt molasses, soft and inquisitive by nature.




childhood (outside of Horizon)
Auracilla was born into a small family dynamic of a mother and two brothers. Her father was not in the picture because he had left before she was born, presumably to start his own pack elsewhere instead of being tied down as a rogue. They lived in a quaint den off to what would be the North of Horizon, in an expanse of land littered with trees and streams. When spring came, spirits were high and meat was plentiful -- but her mother was hunting alone, and for a litter of three. Eventually, survival caught up with the four during a particularly colder winter of her seventh month of life. Left starving, her mother began not eating in order to provide for her litter. Her brothers coincidentally ate last, while Auracilla managed to take the first bites. As a result, she had the pleasure of watching her entire family freeze and starve to death before her eyes. Hysterical and lost, she used the bodies of her fallen brothers to stay warm, before retreating into the wilderness to fend for herself. It wasn't too long before her plan backfired and she was forced to return to the tomb that was her previous den. There, she lived among the remains of her family until warmer times came.
adolescent (outside of Horizon)
The first few months she lived by herself were tiresome and dreary. Her mental health had taken a toll and her brain was frantically trying to tuck away the horrifying truths. Eventually, she began to lose her will to live on any longer. Right around her first year, another wolf entered the territory. An infertile mother, wandering for a pack of her own with nowhere to go. She almost immediately took young Auracilla under her wing, and the two became inseparable. While she understood that this was not her birth mother, she learned to have a certain respect and bond with this guardian. When it came time that she grew into womanhood, her only friend left. It was another blip on her timeline that broke her heart, but she knew that it was time for her to find her own way in the world. At the age of two, Auracilla began her trek across the wild that would eventually lead her to Horizon.
adulthood (Horizon)
Will develop as her interactions develop.


Heightsmall, dainty
birthplacenorth of horizon
mate{ Jaylan }
mother†, adopted unknown
zodiacaquarius ☽
alignmentchaotic good
spirit symbolstone
aurasoft red
whereaboutscoming soon!
territories visited
coming soon!


Height Build
Small Lean

North of Horizon

Father Mother
Unknown, †?

Her litter mates died in an unforgivable winter. She had two brothers.

Other Relationships
{ Icarus }, { Kaete }, { Rathbone }, { Safira }, { Josalyn }, { Astred }, { Tiberius }, { Amelie }, { Maya }
{ Jaylan } None.
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