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Name Pack
Azalea Fitzroy Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
1035 SP

Character Information


Born to {Alina} and {Orion} in the Evergreen Forest Year Four in Full Spring, Azalea is one of four siblings. {Sorrel} and {Mintaka} are her two biological sisters and {Aster} is her sole biological brother. She is named after her grandmother that she will never know and her grandfather that she will never meet. Along with her parents, her biological history is essentially gone.

After her father dies and her mother goes looking for the previous leader of the Evergreen Wolves {Rufus}, the pup adapts to her adoptive mother and father, {Leas} and {Rathbone} respectively, along with her adoptive siblings {Auberon},{Adler}, and {Adhara}. The death of her sibling Sorrel and the departure of Aster and Mintaka from the Evergreens, leave Azalea dependent on others and seeking firm control in her life.




As an adult, Azalea has a dark coat with a white splash patch on her chest with pale brown mottles along her spine. She is an optimum weight at an average height, though she holds herself as if she is much tinier than she truly is. Her most noticeable feature are her big pale eyes that standout from her darker appearance.


Being the smallest seems to have impacted the girl greatly, even from a young age. She prefers to blend into the background, keeping her eyes down and her mouth closed. A shy, shy child, she can never quite seem to outgrow the social anxieties of her youth, and they will follow her like nagging demons into adulthood. Not unlike her biological father, Azalea has anxiety about many things, from what others think of her to the consequences of her actions and those around her. Due to her naturally wilting nature, her anxiety may be much stronger than her father’s, flaring up at inopportune moments.

In the early stages of her youth, she has clung to things that are stable and comfortable over a rather turbulence time. As she began to grow and understand more, Azalea's perception of the cave she lives changed from a dark and scary place with too much space to a haven from the outside world. The young girl wishes and yearns for control in her life instead of suffocating freedom.

Neuroticism: highly emotionally reactive

Extroversion: seeks stimulation and company of others to a degree, can be easily hindered if not encouraged

Agreeableness: tendency to put other's opinions and views over her own, high desire to get along, submissive body language

Conscientiousness: knowingly does not act one extroverted impulses, feels pressure to 'do the right thing' or what is expected from her

Openness to Experience: stimulated by close, loving relationships of acceptance, but her ability to try new things can easily be shut down

Notable Qualities: obedient, reserved, submissive, agoraphobia, caring

At her best: obedient, caring, loving

At her worst: anxious, quick to give up, agrophobia, cpmplacent


Height Build
Average Average
Evergreen Forest - Born Full Spring Year 4
Father Mother
Adoptive Father: {Rathbone}
Adoptive Mother: {Leas}

{Aster} {Mintaka} {Sorrel}†

{Adhara} {Adler} {Auberon}

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