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Name Pack
Azazel Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
1195 SP

Character Information

50% Mackenzie valley, 25% timber, 25% Tundra
34 inches || 86 centimeters
117 pounds || 53 kilograms

              At first glance Azazel is quite the beast. The handsome devil has a luscious silver coat which is taut against the rippling muscles underneath to make the frame of a very robust body. Two dark amber eyes sitting inside a slender face which always seem to host a bored expression. White fur covers the muzzle with gray accenting the bridge of the snout which continues gradually upwards consuming the rest of his face. Along his spine is varying shades of silver, gray, and a bit of ebony to form a saddle-like shape along his lower back.

        Despite a majestic athletic body, there is one thing that stands out most when glancing at the wolf. Instead of a lengthy tail, there is only a sad pathetic stump of one. Due to a birth defect, Azazel's tail stopped growing prematurely. This left with a very short lump which can still wiggle when excited. The fur which covers it ended up growing a little bit past it to give it the appearance of an arrowhead.

     Azazel walks with a determined prideful gait, every step deliberate and graceful, despite his size. His legs were built to run, and it's what he does best, having trained himself to run long distances at a time. In the presence of others, he will keep a straight and confident posture.

     The Horizon valley did a number on the once proud wolf. Now having a lengthy scar on the right side of his face that goes from the cheek bone down to the lower jaw. Another injury includes having been painfully neutered during a fight with a member of another pack, which has left him with a permanent slight limp every time he walks.

Bold - Ambitious - Intelligent - Untrusting - Sarcastic - Morbid - Sinister - Loyal - Egotistical - Vengeful - Cannibalistic
Sifting through the changes
Before his arrival at the Horizon valley Azazel was about as interesting as a tree. He also wore a hard exterior like one as well, a wall he has enclosed himself in as he didn't trust anybody. Only those who could ever understand the pain he's been through are the only true wolves he could fully trust. Another layer of the wall he had built is his sharp tongue and near emotionless composure he was in almost all the time. Since his whole life he'd been branded an outcast, as such, he treated others the way he had been treated. Not to be trusted, and to not care what happens to others. The only time the dark wolf may have ever helped someone is if there were some type of gain to it, or if it were the off chance they happened to be important.

It wouldn't be surprising if he simply passed by someone who needed help, or to torture somebody less fortunate than himself. Inside he was truly a monster, as his parents had called him. Far inside that thick exterior and black heart is somebody who wants to be accepted and loved, a weakness that he'll try to never expose. Nobody could ever love him, and he doubts he could love anyone.

Depending on his mood and how bored he is, Azazel can go from being mute to having a serious case of sarcasm. Those that try to pry on who he is will be left needing something stronger, as the key to unlocking everything may never be found. He believes that someday there will be one worthy of knowing his true self, and not the image others have made him be.

That day had come and gone. It all started with the love of his life he met shortly after arriving in the valley. Rhea and Azazel were two halves that made a whole. Through their relationship, the loner had begun to change. He grew to become more talkative and reactive to those around him, even joining the Northern Order who Rhea had been a member of.

This helped sustain the bloodlust he had in the past, his desire to hunt down other wolves and even go as far as eating them were mostly gone. Over time he became more gentleman-like and less brooding. The heartless had now grown a semblance of emotion to give to others.

Unfortunately, things didn't stay well for long. The urges came back and drove his sanity downwards. It peaked when Rhea gave birth to their first litter and he had disappeared to deal with it.

Currently, Azazel has slowly been reverting to his past roots, having lost his entire family made the poor soul broken and unstable.

Coming soon.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
North of Horizon valley
Father Mother
Luxern (Deceased) Cipher (Deceased)

{Dakota} - (F)

{Vandal} - (Brother in law) - Missing

Rhea - missing
First and Last litter

(R.I.P manhood)

Dalus - (M)

Icarus - (M) Deceased

Tara - (F) Missing

Other Relationships
Apollo, Astrid, Cree, Darin, Inteus, Kestrel, Leonardo, Mari, Moon, Moraz. Raine, Rhea, Ryd, Shade, Solomon, Josalyn, Vandal, Zehnai,

Victims (R.I.P)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet