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Name Pack
Babette Proleator Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
935 SP

Character Information

Important Attributes
Height: Very Large Build: Thin Exact Height: 32in. tall
Weight: 86 pounds Eye Color: Right blue, left green Length: 5.9ft long
Important Attributes
Height: Very Large
Build: Thin
Exact Height: 32in. tall
Weight: 86 pounds
Eye Color: Right blue, left green
Length: 5.9ft long
More Tidbits
Birthplace Outside Horizon
Father Bartolomeu †
Mother Diana †
Siblings: {Marcus}, Clarence †, Walter
Spirit Symbol:
Emblems: None yet
Tall and thin would be an understatement, really? She seems perhaps a bit freakish. Unable to put on weight or more muscle than she already has, with legs and a thin body to boot. Why, her legs seem to just go on for miles. Lighter timber in color with a dark tail tip and very light shading throughout her coat. Has clear urajiro markings on her face, neck, legs, and underside. One blue eye, one green.

Of noble blood, she moves gracefully and with poise and posture rather than ambling about like an average wolf. She holds herself as if she matters more than those around her, though her words do not always indicate that. Her cheeks, tail, and forelegs have elegantly long and lightly curling fur.

I'm an Executive!
polite | inconsiderate | prissy | narcissistic | proper

Her dream has been achieved as she has found love, but love in itself brings questions. She questions the motives of others, even those of her mate, finding it hard to trust with the history she's grown up with. She is a curious soul but does not let it affect her by taking risks that could endanger herself or others. he is, of course, the most important wolf she knows. It would be correct to call her a coward in that regard.When worried she will chew on her paws or nails. She is considerate and does think of the wellbeing of others, but would likely not risk her life for anyone other than herself or her mate.
Hey baby I've been looking too
And I have found there's
No other love from me but you
Well I was looking for a new love
A different kind of true love
Who's gonna treat me right
Day and night
Well I found what I was after
Now my life is filled with laughter
I found you love
I was lost with no direction
Then my life was one big question
I was down and out
Filled with doubt
Found what I was after
Now my life is filled with laughter
I found you love
I found you love
I found a new love
Secrets Revealed
Babette is the only (known) surviving member of her immediate family. She talks little of her past as she wishes to leave it quite behind her.

She has told Pharaoh:
  • That her previous suitor was slain by a mercenary, but not that her whole family was afterward About the attack that killed all of her family except, perhaps, her brother Marcus who had not been home at the time.
  • That she fled for her own safety, though it is more complicated than that
  • That she is not a fighter
  • That her father was unfaithful to her mother, resulting in her mother chasing out the mistress and pups from her natal pack.
She has told Regent (unknowingly):
  • A bit of her healing knowledge, trying to help
  • That her mother was a Duchess, mated to a Viscount, her brothers knights

Mate: {Pharaoh}
Children: D':
Very Close
{Alessandro} {Pace} {Bucky} {Regent} {Pierre} {Caesar} {Bree} {Efeon} {Fawn}
{Tiberius} {Conner} {Kyoren} {Jingo} {Marcellus} {Mako} {Magnus} {Pierce} {Leas} {Maeve} {Marchioness} {Kaete}
None yet!
History in Horizon Valley
Since coming to Horizon, Babette largely explored the valley for the first year. She met {Pharaoh} (who would eventually become her mate) in Falter Glen shortly after arriving in the valley, while she was searching for the grassy hills that {Tiberius} had told her of.

Her life on Horizon was rather uneventful and she even left the valley and returned once, unsure of what she was doing with her life. However, Pharaoh never really left her mind or her heart after their first encounter.

She reunited with Pharoh in the Summer of HY3 where they got caught up a little bit on what they had been doing. She lost him after that for several months and was ruinted with Pharaoh thanks to {Bucky} brining her back to Wavehaven in the early winter, resulting in catching up again. She told him she had an errand to go on, but that she would return. It was here that Pharaoh declared his intentions of courting Babette. Simultaneously, she gave Pharaoh her thoughts on {Caesar} and her romance and their family affairs.

Some weeks after having left, Babette did return to the Gorge and Pharaoh. Here she met Cae's intended, {Magnus}. Babette did not accept Pharaoh as her mate though until almost full winter, when she finally called him to talk about how they felt.

Babette was ill through much of the winter of HY3, and her pregnancy did not assist in her condition. In Early spring of HY4, Babette was called to meet Pharaoh's sisters. Two of which she already knew, sort of. It lead to a bit of family drama and a painful betrayal for the siblings. A couple weeks later, she birthed two still borns which completely gutted she and her mate.

Now, Babette is a bit of a shell of her old self. Her words aren't quite as elegant as they had been in the past. She seeks to reunite the Proleators or find a way to repair the damage between Pharaoh and Regent. However, coping with her own grief and a selfishly frustrating mate has her occupied instead.


Height Build
Very Large Thin
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol