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Bastien Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
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Character Information

Bastien doesn't stand out much physically. He is of average size and of average build, average speed, and average color. His amber eyes reflect nothing more than constant intuition. His coat ranges from off-white, to tan, to dark gray and is rough and thick, but most often kept excessively clean. He has a postural habit of keeping his front right paw slightly bent from a previous injury.

Curious | Open-Minded | Lax | Peacekeeper

It is unknown whether Bastien's curiosity was the start of his wandering or the result of it. There is no end to what he wishes to learn and what he wishes to see. He is no stranger to asking questions and poking into things that sometimes ought to be left alone. Sometimes a nuisance to others, his curiosity can also lead him to want to help others in situations he would normally have no part in.

While he does have his opinions, Bastien is always a very easy wolf to conquer. It is not that he is naive, but that he is willing to hear out anything with reason. His ability to place himself in the pawsteps of another creature could very well stem from his curious, prodding nature.

He has always been a hard bone to rattle. Nothing tends to itch. His easy-going nature can sometimes seem a bit too carefree to others, especially those with attachments. This is one reason Bastien prefers to travel alone as he is aware that his carefree nature can bring question to those around him. He does not do well with being told what to do as he believes it is his life to live.

A bit too wise for his age, Bastien typically has more bark than bite...literally. He is against physical engagement without alternatives. A wolf of his word he seeks to settle things with conversation and agreements. Tone of voice, posture, word choice--these are all things the he-wolf keeps into account in conversations. He is calm and collected and will always try to find the best possibly solution for all parties.

Bastien is certainly older than his moons, the brute's age is more defined by his experiences than his features. A loner from the start, the he-wolf has always preferred to wander, calling no place his home. Seeing the world is his passion, and it shows in the knowledge he has accumulated. His words are reflected in the nights he has slept alone under the stars, pondering about anything and everything.

Originating from the far west, Bastien roamed the land surrounding his birthplace for most of his young adult years. However his heart led him further east towards Horizon. It is now that he wonders its hills and creeks, its rock beds and plateaus, plains and wastelands.

As of now he remains a loner with no calling...but who knows what the future will bring?


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Far West
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