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Name Pack
Bayley D'Augusta Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 4 mos.)
90 SP

Character Information

28 inches tall | 5.6ft long | 89 pounds | firey-amber eyes
voice: Logan Lerman
A very average fellow who is average size and average build. He looks rather typical of any grey wolf. Overall timbre in color with a reddish hue to him, particularly along the top of his head and his back. He is paler than most, though the rust color still pops. His eyes, inherited from his mother, are a fiery orange though they have developed cataracts that make him blind. Due to this, he usually is seen walking leading with his nose.

Bayley is fully blind. He will shy away from scents of wolves he doesn't know, though if he knows he can greet someone and that they are safe, he will cautiously approach. He has learned to understand the terrain through sound, feeling, and scent. When unsure of a situation or feeling defensive, he will relax his face to give an unreadable stony look.
Solitary | Friendly | Shy | Insecure | Empathetic | Determined
Bayley tends to feel insecure about his capabilities. He has a hunger for knowledge and loves to learn. He has a passion for helping others and understanding how to take care of himself better so that he doesn't burden those around him. Friendly but shy, he warms up to wolves who are kind to him. With complete strangers he may react defensively or submissively at first if away from Wavehaven Gorge. He can be a bit ansty about things if caught by surprise, and can be a bit clumsy too! He puts thoughts into his actions and typically does not act without reason. Thoughtful and empathetic, he will try to comfort those who need it - though he isn't always so good at it. Once he has learned something, he approaches it with confidence and a determination to improve.


Height Build
Average Average
Father Mother
{Pierre} {Blaise}†


Very Close

{Percival} {Pierre} {Blaise}  {Bucky}


{Pharaoh}  {Benjamin} {Kaete} {Braith} {Eve} {Lapis} {Momo}


{Ash}{Charcoal} {Casscade} {Saskia} {Faithful} {Julius} {Peregryn} {Witchhazel} {Rota}





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