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Name Pack
Bea Soulfire Covenant III. Exalted
Sex Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(8 yrs, 10 mos.)
2000 SP

Character Information

Birthing complications including a uterine infection claimed Bea's life in Early Spring HY5 (9/16/2018, one OOC year after entering the valley). She was 8 years and 4 months old, surrounded by her beloved family.

Name is pronounced "bey-ya"

The Best Mom

79 lbs → 26 inches
Bea's coat is all over a medium dusty brown, though she has a darker brown cape that runs over her back. Her ears and the bridge of her nose are also the darker shade. Though when she was younger that was likely the only color to her, she does now have a grey underbelly, chest, and grey face. Around her eyes and nose is especially light. Throughout her coat silvery hairs intermingle with the brown. Her eyes are yellow and still clear despite her age. She has a very small scar across the bridge of her nose.


Bea is, for the most part, very warm and maternal by nature. She has a strong sense of propriety, particularly with strangers, but she lets her guard down with those she is close to. While she has a temper, she is practiced in keeping it tightly leashed. She loves fiercely, and often tries to give others the benefit of the doubt, believing in second chances.

Prior to Horizon

Bea was born in the mountains somewhere north of Horizon. Her mother was a rogue at the time and she never knew her father. She found and lived in a pack for a short time but was impregnated by a rogue and cast out at just over a year old.
She had four healthy pups but due to a flash flood and poor planning she lost them before they had begun even to open their eyes.
Perhaps for this reason she set out away from home, traveling alone for the most part. Occasionally she would come across another wolf or even small bands, and pair up for days, weeks, or even months, but she always moved on. As she began to cross from adult to elder, she sought out a place to call home once more and arrived in Horizon in late winter.
See threadlog summaries to find out what happened then


Height Build
Average Lean
Father Mother
Unknown Long gone

2 brothers; likely dead.


{Anna} & {Claes}
{Pala}, {Edda}, {Beata}

Other Relationships
Queen Bea

Spirit Symbol