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Name Pack
Beauregard Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 5 mos.)
3885 SP

Character Information

Egotistical. Self absorbed. Very handsome. Quick to judge. Easily bored.

Ultimately not a bad guy, but not a good one either. Likely to squeal in despair at a puppy getting mauled. Unlikely to save them.

Thinks himself charming. Your mileage may vary.

Average of height and build, though perhaps less than average compared to the heftier wolves of the valley. No skin off his nose.

Flirtatious but infrequently lewd without a few hints in that direction first. Interested in gossip and politics, but for curious interest rather than personal gain. Deeply enjoys witnessing dramatic events, yet would rather not be in them himself.

Often dishonest, but not out of malice. Sometimes the truth is boring. But if insulted, all bets are off; he can be vengeful, though prefers craftiness to bloodshed.

Jemaine Clement as a giant, shiny crab

Raving fans:
"Beauregard is, I suspect, pretty high up on the psychopath scale." -Fenshae
"I have Joffrey-level feelings about Beau" - Bamsy

{Adrian} - Equal parts loyal and boring.
{Akeral} - Sweet, bearlike, probably dead by now.
{Alina} - Horrifying. Irredeemably so.
{Andi} - Sweet, perhaps a bit dumb, very plain.
{Ares} - Undoubtedly abandoned for good reason.
{Chaos} - An actual real adult wolf who calls himself Chaos the Elite.
Female with the excellent rump - Lovely to look at.
{Eden} - Angsty. Not as clever as she hopes. Tiberius' toy?
{Elliot} - Drawling imbecile. Apparently a literal motherfucker.
{Elin} - Disinteresting, even for a yearling.
{Giedrius} - Big plans, small chance of enacting them. Reasonable company.
{Grigore} - An intelligent if unlucky fellow. "Washed up" is a good look.
{Halo} - Brutish. Apparently terrible at keeping promises.
{Holly} - Delightfully sassy, dreadfully dumb. Best watch who she waves that tail to.
{Idemoni} - Another slave to an imaginary power. Unfortunate eyes.
{Juniper} - Pleasant name, little else to offer.
Kali - Ehm...hello? Goodbye? A dolt.
{Kamaal} - Thinks she's clever. She's not. Pitiable.
{Kara} - Agonizingly bland.
{Laura} - A quiet little bird with great potential, if she has the right mentor.
{Levi} - Plain, but likable.
{Maia} - Unusually darling.
{Malachi} - Utterly hideous. Do hope he finds Kamaal.
{Malkeen} - Those markings. Poor, poor boy.
{Mari} - Gorgeous. Gullible. A wasted opportunity.
{Marzena} - Mother of a mediocre child.
Mika - Bland.
Mockingbird with an accent - No personality detected. Unintelligent.
{Moira} - Livelier than she first appears. A lovely hunting partner.
Moping male - No personality detected. Likes to play with fire.
Mute - Manipulative. Smarter than he lets on. A tick.
{Navi} - Curious. Sweet. Absent.
{Nima} - Masculine, yet hysterically female. Cruel, yet pitiable. Not who she pretends to be, and not fooling herself, either.
{Norna} - Something interesting, smothered by religion.
{Orion} - The handsome bear! He'll be a ladykiller with some assistance in summer.
{Pierre} - Brave and kinder than he ought to be. A favor is owed here.
Prude boy - A naive obstruction to a good time.
{Rabanastre} - Curious, curious. A favorer of poisons!
{Retel} - Another sufferer of "humans." Unlikely story.
{Riya} - Rather thirsty for someone with a lost family.
{Scabbia} - The desert bitch.
{Sunfall} - Ugly, haughty buck-fucking brute of a wolf. He'll be his own downfall.
{Theodore} - Foul brat.
{Thrush} - A poor storyteller.
{Tiberius} - Decidedly predatory. Likes his females young.
{Tidus} - A bizarre lifesaver.
{Todd} - A troublemaker, but plain.
{Yuna} - C-c-cowardly. Unwilling to stand for her own values.


Height Build
Average Thin
Oh, you know, somewhere
Father Mother
Francesco Helene


Something like that
{Amelie}, {Vittorio}
Other Relationships
Also numerous

Bust by Shannah
Full Body (top) by Jade
Full Body (bottom) by Wynter
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet