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Name Pack
Belarus Greybech Hellmaw Empire II. Loyal
Gender Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 7 mos.)
580 SP

Character Information


/bell-uh-rus/ /grey-beck/

Winter coat is shedding. Exhausted and sleep-deprived (possible insomniac).

He has an old bullet wound [pre-Horizon] on his left shoulder.

Experienced a stress-induced stroke [off-screen].


125 lbs (56.7 kg) · 36 in (91.44 cm) · 6.5 ft (1.98 m)

Belarus, a Great Plains wolf, cuts a formidable and handsome figure with his towering size and muscular build. He is cloaked by a lovely grey coat with a subtle mask around his distinctive yellow eyes. Across his back, his coat darkens into a cape toward a fluffy tail with a dark tip. On his left shoulder, hidden under his thick pelt, is an old scar from a bullet.


Charming · Mature · Cautious · Quiet · Independent

Quiet yet suave, Belarus is a rather charming wolf who can be pleasant to be around—some of the time. Usually, he has a very short temper and can become impatient and irritable. Belarus doesn't like wasting his time and can be quite cold to others, sometimes, without meaning to be. He has witnessed the darkness of others and, as a coping mechanism, became very distant and autonomous; he suffers from abandonment issues and struggles greatly with trusting others.

He finds it easier to talk to females rather than males because of his past experiences with other males. Although, he does like having friendships with other males, Belarus just has a thicker and more defensive wall for them to knock down first. That being said, he's come to find that women are pretty crazy, too.

Before Horizon


Belarus was born to an exiled alpha: his father wasn't her mate. Their father had been slain by the lead male. Both he and his brother, Argonaut, were viewed as bastards and were taunted regularly because their dam "didn't have the guts" to move away from the pack's territory. The only thing, he thought, his mother was good at was teaching them to hunt: she was a strong and patient huntress. Because of the constant bullying from the pack's pups, Belarus quickly became tough-skinned and matured faster than regular pups. When he was about six months old, he'd gotten into a fight with one of the pack's pup. The brawl escalated so much so that Belarus could only see red as he brutally mauled the other to death. He panicked; he knew the pack would know he had slaughtered the pup, and quickly fled the region. His brother, Argonaut, followed him and they both wandered together.


Belarus and Argonaut were still together as two yearlings aiming to hone their hunting skills. They followed the scent trails of deer herds without a plan of where exactly to go. As two handsome bachelors, they were excited to come across any females during their seemingly endless hunting spree. Belarus was more sexually mature than his kin and mounted plenty during the winter heat without the intent of sticking around.


When the brothers were two, they had come across a group of human explorers who sought to hunt them both down. They ran for their lives. Belarus' shoulder blade was grazed by one of their "loud sticks"—Argonaut called them. It burned his flesh and left a blood trail in their wake. They were forced to swim across a river to lose the predators. After that experience, his brother had become traumatised and much more wary. A few days later, they crossed paths with an old wolf who mentioned lands in the north that he was travelling toward. Belarus had little interest in the place: unlike his brother, he liked the thrill of wandering unknown and possibly dangerous lands. Argonaut, however, was still quite shaken and decided to part ways with his brother and go to the valley. Belarus was heartbroken and felt betrayed by his kin. "After everything we've been through?" he snarled. That was the last thing he said to him. Belarus continued to follow deer herds. The hunt became much more difficult without another wolf helping him, leaving him to only pick out the weak and sickly ones or fawns that strayed too far from their mothers. Belarus ended joining a group of males called The Regiment. All they did was hunt and brawl and live by a strict code and Belarus loved it; until one of the members decided to frame him for the killing of their own. Feeling gutted and furious, Belarus got into a fight with the one who tried to frame him; the fight resulted in the death of the murderer, but the rest of the group believed he killed both wolves. Belarus was forced to flee and was chased by The Regiment for months. Eventually, he decided to find the valley his brother and the old wolf were searching for, hoping to finally escape from the pursuit of The Regiment and hopefully find his brother.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Unknown † Juna Greybech

Argonaut :: You abandoned me when I needed you the most.

Most likely
Other Relationships
{Nima} :: Pretty much her bodyguard and spy.
{Maia} :: Only real friend.
The {Wayfarer} :: Goes by "Kiel" now.
{Senna} :: Nice girl.
{Leas} :: Smart girl. Hope you can find my brother.
{Idemoni} † :: Pretty quiet and shy, but determined.
{Igbo} :: A "mangy coyote".
{Elliot} :: Nima's son. Basket case.
{Kara} :: Pregnant traveller.
{Wintermute} :: Badgerfoot.
{Tomas} :: A peculiar soldier.
{Rocco} :: Empire's whore.
{Scotch} :: The lazing warrior.
Heard of
Lin :: A bully.
Harrow :: Tried to frame me.
{Akatari} :: Slain by me and Kiel.
{Alexis} :: A mewling bitch.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet