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Name Pack
Benvolio Nym Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 5 mos.)
1185 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


Benvolio is quite a small wolf. He is short, thin, and only muscular in a lanky sort of way. He won't grow any great amount bigger at this point in his life, and isn't likely to fill out much more either. He is a light timber color. Mostly cream and tan, with markings of black, brown, and even a hint of orange behind the ears. Benvolio's eyes are an odd light brown, almost having an olive undertone in the right light. For all that he's small, Benvolio is a fairly handsome wolf; well proportioned and with a pretty face.


Chatty - Benvolio can't keep his mouth shut even when he tries. He talks constantly and his mouth says whatever goes through his head at the moment. This often makes him seem friendly and approachable, but often gets him into trouble when he says something he shouldn't have. Benvolio also loves gossip, and can't ever keep it to himself when he hears it.

Curious - Benvolio wants to know everything about everything. He sticks his nose into all sorts of places it doesn't really belong. He loves to go new places and see new things. He has a hunger to learn new things, both useful and inane.

Excitable - It is very easy for Benvolio to get excited about things. He always wants to run off after each new, thrilling thing he hears about. When excited he tends to bounce around and talk even more than usual - somehow.

Jealous- Benvolio wants what he doesn't, or cannot, have. Even when he knows he doesn't really want something, he still wants it. If Benvolio sees someone with something better than what he has, he'll try to scheme his way into getting it.


Benvolio was born into an pack of about a dozen wolves living in the Rocky mountains. His mother was quite an old wolf when she gave birth to her first, and last, litter of pups. How any pups were born, Benvolio does not know, but two survived. Himself, and his sister Perdita. Perhaps it was their mothers advanced age, or the lack of their father in their lives - where he is, Benvolio does not know either - but the two siblings were not well supervised or socialized in their early days.

Instead, Benvolio and Perdita spent almost all of their time solely with each other. Mother had no energy for two small, rambunctious pups, and so as long as they were breathing, she did not see fit to otherwise involve herself. Their early days were typical of pups, playtime and exploring. While not outcasts from their pack, no one else in the pack wanted to be responsible for someone else's pups, so the siblings often saw the rest of their pack largely only in passing.

This lifestyle did make the two young wolves quite self-sufficient. They learned to hunt and survive together, by trial and error. They ranged far from the pack and only saw fit to follow their own whims. The siblings grew unusually close; they had inside jokes and phrases that meant nothing to others in their pack, but would set the siblings into fits of laughter over their jokes together. They were protective of each other and went everywhere together. The two could have been mistake for mates by those who didn't know them. They also developed a few odd habits without the influence of other wolves. Benvolio has a tendency to shake his head - and body - repeatedly when excited or otherwise hyped up about something.

Little did the siblings know that it was only their mothers presence as an elder that kept the rest of the pack from sending the useless, and odd, siblings away earlier. When their mother passed of old age Benvolio and Perdita were heartbroken; while they had not been close to her, they still loved her as all children love their mother. The pack wasted no time in finally chasing out the two wolves they felt no affection for. Benvolio didn't even try to put up a fight, but he did not manage to completely escape the fangs of larger, angry pack members.

Benvolio and Perdita went west from their pack, escaping the threats that they would be killed if they ever returned. The pair quarreled - for practically the first time in their lives - each blaming the other for their expulsion from the pack, and each knowing that they did not truly mean their harsh words. In his anger, Benvolio ran away from his sister, leaving her in the foothills of the mountains. It took only a day to realize his mistake, and his great sorrow at leaving her behind, but by then he had already lost track of her, and could only carry on alone

Full Spring -
Late Spring -
Early Summer - in progress...

(Adult) Stats Stats

Height: 23 in

Weight: 73 lbs

Length: 5.0 ft

Species: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf

Entered the valley: Full Spring, HY4


Benvolio often goes by 'Benny'


Height Build
Petite Lean
Rocky Mountains
Father Mother
Unknown Desdemona

Perdita (Adoptable)

Other Relationships
{Valaeria} - will protect
{Gaius} - favorite pup, protect
{Livia} - second favorite pup, protect
{Finni} - good friend
{Pyre} - fun pup :D
{Stephan} - invited Benny to stay in the basin
{Astred} - kinda rude and mean, but let him hang around
{Holly} - pretty, asked about finding a home, but then left
{Gungnir} - friend, but left
{Tunglid} - friend, but left
{Morwen} - good friend, but left
{Eyja} - Brotherhood leader
{Natasha} - Brotherhood second
{Ash} - "shit-pup" bites
Theme Song
Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
Spirit Symbol