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Name Pack
Bianca Silvano Rogue
Sex Status
Female Starving
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 1 mos.)
2420 SP

Character Information

Currently underweight. Not in danger of starving
to death, but she is visibly malnourished.
Slowly, she is regaining her strength.


Bianca is large in size for a female, though her build is on the lean side. Her thick coat betrays her northern heritage, and her ears and muzzle are small and pointed, giving her a sharp, intelligent appearance. Her coat is nearly pure white. Subtle gray guard hairs adorn her back, condensing around her shoulders to create a faint V-shaped marking along her spine: a trait commonly witnessed in those bearing the Silvano surname. Her eyes are a pale, clear shade of jade green. She is voiced by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

After being hit by a buck's antlers during a hunt, Bianca sustained a broken shoulder and a large gash to her left side. Both injuries have healed poorly, leaving her to walk with a pronounced limp for the rest of her life, and the fur that grew back around the cut does not cover the scar much at all.


Changeable. Currently tired, depressed, temperamental. Repeated heartache has made her dangerously apathetic. Comfortable in solitude, but will not deny chances for socialization. Cannot admit it to herself, but she's still holding out hope that life will somehow get better.

It did. Bianca's personality is currently being revised! It can be noted that she has grown more even-tempered, patient, and openly benevolent. Her spirits restored, she finds it easier to empathize with strangers, especially those significantly younger than she. Facets of her strict upbringing are evident in her demure air and distant, formal manner of speech, but she is not entirely without warmth. Prides herself on being a good judge of character, but will rarely pass judgment unless wronged personally or given reason to believe it's warranted. Much less openly contemptuous of pack leaders than she was in the past, though she does remain mentally and emotionally wary in the presence of wolves who claim authority. Feels a more immediate kinship with females than males, though this is not to say she has a preference for the biological sex of her company.


Height Build
Large Lean
Borealis Heights
Northwest of Horizon
Father Mother
Marcus Adelaide Silvano
Nora — sister, littermate
Laurent — former lover
Other Family
{Rhian} — Like a sister, twice believed dead. Bianca will not lose her again.
{Lorenzo} — uncle, maternal
{Kaya} — aunt, in-law
{Felicity} — niece
{Forrest} — nephew
{Felix} — nephew
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet