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Name Pack
Bianca Silvano Rogue
Sex Status
Female Starving
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
2420 SP

Character Information

Current Status

Bianca is large in size for a female, though her build is on the lean side. Her thick coat betrays her northern heritage, and her ears and muzzle are small and pointed, giving her a sharp, intelligent appearance. Her coat is nearly pure white. Subtle gray guard hairs adorn her back, condensing around her shoulders to create a faint V-shaped marking along her spine: a trait commonly witnessed in those bearing the Silvano surname. Her eyes are a pale, clear shade of jade green. She is voiced by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

After being hit by a buck's antlers during a hunt, Bianca sustained a broken shoulder and a large gash to her left side. Both injuries have healed poorly, leaving her to walk with a pronounced limp for the rest of her life, and the fur that grew back around the cut does not cover the scar much at all.
— Feminine, graceful. Carries herself with a regal air.
— Austere, to an extent. Warmer around family and friends.
— Melancholy. Her mood often seems tinged by sorrow.
— Righteous. Secure in her morals, opinions, and values.
— Proud. Unwilling to be vulnerable, in many ways.
— Confident, but still tends to overthink at times.
— Enjoys responsibility. Likes aiding and caring for others.
— Weak to innocence. Adores young wolves and pups.
— Emotionally exhausted. Reserved with her feelings.


Height Build
Large Lean
Borealis Heights
Northwest of Horizon
Father Mother
Marcus Adelaide Silvano
Nora — sister, littermate
Laurent — former lover
Other Family
{Rhian} — Like a sister, twice believed dead. Bianca will not lose her again.
{Lorenzo} — uncle, maternal
{Kaya} — aunt, in-law
{Felicity} — niece
{Forrest} — nephew
{Felix} — nephew
{Jasper} — Former apprentice.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet