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Blaise Rivers Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
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Character Information

By Jea!

Blaise Rivers

The Warrior Woman

Nicknamed Sese by {Pierre}

Art by the amazing James! <3


Much like her sister, Blaise is a white and tan wolf, whos tan appears more golden when she's in the sunlight. A few flecks of black interrupt this tan and white pattern. Her eyes are fierce orange orbs that reflect her personality in more ways than she cares to admit.

Fur on her neck hasnt grown back right. Scar is visible


Blaise is a wolf with a trigger hair temper. She doesnt do happy. She does angry. She might not be the nicest wolf in the world, but she tries. If you earn her loyalty, you potentially have a friend for life. She doesnt understand her feelings very well and is often stonyfaced when not raging mad.

Around those she trusts, she may slowly act different. Pierre has already gotten the full brunt of it thanks to winter hormones and their newfound relationship. But Blaise will begin to act less angry and more..sassy. At ease. A lot happier too. Blaise relies on her mask to keep her safe from people who try to exploit her but, if she feels she can trust you, she will become softer.


After Fenix vanished, Blaise took it hard. Her brother took it harder. They fought harshly, exchanging words and screams as their mother sobbed in the background. One day, Draco ended up attacking her. To..put her in her place. Blaise up and left that same day, after a fight that ruined Draco's face. She traveled from landscape to landscape, her temper getting her into trouble left and right as she searched for Fenix. She was angry, of course she was. But, she entered the valley to find Fenix. And that was what she was going to do.

Blaise has since joined the Starfall Cadre after finding her sister.

Fenix has vanished again. Blaise is now on another search for her. Of which she is almost certain won't be fruitful.

Blaise has returned home, unable to eat due to despair. Shes lost some of her muscle mass, but she's growing better by the day. As of now, she seeks to pick up where her sister left off by learning about herbs.

Blaise left once again with Pierre, this time travelling farther. They were attacked by {Randy} partially into the journey, leaving them at the mercy of the Stormborn Alliiance. {Athena} greeted them at the border and Pierre was helped by {Rhian}. Blaise began to question her feelings for Pierre, and her sister's true innocence. Was she just toying with them?

Very recently, she confessed that she was in love with Pierre. They are in a kind of relationship now. It's great. Pierre's great. Blaise is happy

A lot has happened. Blaise became pregnant with Pierre's pups. They moved to the Adunati Rangers, on the coast. And, on a cool Early Spring night, Blaise gave birth to two pups, {Percival} And {Bayley}. But her own internal conflict over Charcoal being less than kind to her grates at her mind. He hates her. He's gonna hate her babies. But she keeps her thoughts to herself for now, and basks in being a mother.

Voiced by:Barrett Wilbert Weed As Veronica Sawyer from Heathers: The Musical

Image by Nearus!


Height Build
Small Lean
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Unknown Summer Rivers

Draco Rivers
{Fenix} Rivers




Other Relationships

{Pierre} The wind at my back and the sword at my side. The only one to stay with me, to have faith in me. I love you Peaches, and I hope to prove that everyday

{Percival} My baby boy. Baby. Never to be harmed and never allowed to be harmed

{Bayley}Baby boy. Just a tiny potato but lovely all the same

{Bucky}Kinder than he ought to be. He has my deepest thanks


{Cree} (Deceased) You were..nice. Wherever you are, I hope you found happiness

{Django}Thanks for the deer dude!

The Rest of the Adunati Rangers


{Randy} I hope someone smashes your skull in with a rock. Maybe one day I'll get the pleasure of doing it myself. Come sauntering in like you own the place and then acting like the victim. Sorry asshole. If Pierre hadnt have been there on the Range, I would have killed you.

{Fray} Asshole. I hope karma kicks your ass for what you did to us. You and your little friend deserve a fate worse than death


{Fenix} I don't know where you went. I don't want to know. No more excuses. No more chances. Don't come back. You just ruin everything by showing up and leaving. Stay gone

{Charcoal}You are Pierre's brother. And yet you act like his mother. You can hate me all you like but touch my pups and I don't care if you're related to whatever God you believe in, I will skin you faster than you can cry for help


Shine Your Way by Owl City & Yuna Blaisierre theme~

Just Like Fire by Pink

Part of Me by Katy Perry

Galaxies by Owl City


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