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Name Pack
Bohemian Yahn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 2 mos.)
625 SP

Character Information

A rather large and muscular brute, Bo stands at 36 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at 125 pounds. He is 6.5 feet long and is British Colombian/grey wolf mix. Other than his massive size, his eyes are one of the first things noticed about him by strangers. Taking on a baby blue tint, they are quite stunning no matter how he is looking at you. It is due to these eyes that even when he is looking angrily at someone, he can appear quite charming.

His pelt is based in silver, though it's hard to tell with all the other colors and patterns visible. running mostly along his underbelly, legs and the lower parts of his muzzle, a creamy white coloring is most visible. This same color appears in other parts of his pelt, though not quite as prominently. Just above his underbelly is a large layer of tan coloring. A stripe running along his body and tail. This tan color also coats the bridge of his muzzle, encircles his eyes, and coats parts of his ears.

Interspersed along the upper parts of the tan streaks, an array of black dots form, thicker in some areas and thinner in others. It is here the creamy white from his underbelly is also found, peppered in with the black and silver of his coat. This black masks his face quite nicely and tips his ears as well as darkening his back and tail.

Distant -- Bo can come off as quite distant at times. In fact, unless he knows you, this is his go to persona. It’s easier to seem cold and uncaring when dealing with people, something Bo learned at an early age. Distance kept him alive for so long, it’s like second nature to him to come off this way and even after he opens up to someone, if they upset or anger him, this is the persona he emulates. Rather than saying something that might hurt the ones he cares about or getting himself in deeper trouble in the wilds, he just goes cold and uncaring. Tried and true, this persona is a good part of the reason he has survived so long on his own. It was easier to attack a friendly wolf than one who seemed always on guard around you, after all.

Caring -- Despite his distant persona, Bo actually is quite the caring individual. When it comes to friends and especially his brother, Bo has a soft spot, though he rarely lets it show. In fact, if he cares for someone, he can be quite protective of them, which often surprises those he gets close to. This is especially true with pups. Having not seen his brother since they were 5 months old, he still pictures Darin as a pup. Thus, when he runs into a puppy in distress, he will often go out of his way to aid them. Part of him still feels bad about the way he and his brother left things back then, and helping pups is his way of making it up to Darin.

Stubborn -- Set in his ways, the male is quite the stubborn bull when needed. Having lived so long by himself, he’s gotten used to doing things his way whenever he wants. Due to this, he doesn’t take kindly to being told he can’t do something. More often than not, he will go out of his way to do what he’s told he can’t, just to prove a point. Of course, this can get him into trouble, but he feels he can hold his own in most situations so that rarely deters him.

Sarcastic -- An evolution of his distant persona mixed with his stubborn attitude, Bo can be quite sarcastic. This trait stemmed from his days as a pup, not long after Darin ran off. His mother was bitter at losing her son and began taking it out on any who upset her. Many times, that was Bo and his stubborn ways. The first time she snapped at him verbally, it hurt and Bo didn’t like the vulnerable feeling it left him with. Thus, the next time, he came back with a sarcastic comment and a mocking tone. He was, of course, punished but the lesson had already been learned, sarcasm empowered him. From there, the nature grew and quickly became one of his favored go-to personas for when things got rough.

Loyal -- Despite his rough exterior, the male is actually loyal to a fault when he finds someone he considers worthy of his loyalty. Oddly enough, this loyalty stemmed with his brother and despite the many times they fought, it never faltered. He may get angry with those he cares about and fight them tooth and nail, but when things get serious, he’s one of the first to step up to the plate to defend them. Even now, having not seen his brother in years, he has happily stepped up time and again when others have bad mouthed or seemingly threatened his family and by extension, Darin. In fact, that is one of the quickest ways to get the male riled up, to threaten his family.

Daring -- Living alone most of his life, the male has gained a bit of a daring personality. He likes to go against the grain and seeks out new thrills all the time. Often considered wild and suicidal, he believes there is a method to his madness and he only really feels alive when his life is on the line. An advocate for this lifestyle, once he warms up to a person he is constantly trying to rope them into his next crazy scheme. And if that scheme ends with him losing his life…well, at least he went out with a smile on his face doing what he loved!

Bohemian was born to Riya Yahn along with his brother, Darin. His father was a rogue who took advantage of their mother and then took off never to be seen or heard from again. Born into the pack Adega, Bo had a rough childhood. While his brother looked similar to their uncle in appearance, he looked much like his mother, a trait that his mother seemed at least a little annoyed over. Due to this, Darin was treated with more favor by their mother and Bo often felt shunned and ignored. It was due to feeling left out that the boy slowly began becoming distant to begin with, preferring to hide his vulnerabilities and put up a facade of indifference.

Not long after the pups were born a wolf named Tamlin took Bohemian and his brother under their wing. Tamlin was great in Bo's eyes, his own personal hero of sorts. Strong and brave and honorable, a real wolf to look up to. When the pups were about 5 months old, Tamlin killed another wolf to make an example. Many questioned Tamlin's motives and believed he went a bit overboard in his haste, but Bo thought it was totally the right thing to do. After all, Tamlin lived by a code of honor and thus he must have had his reasons. Unfortunately, while Bo learned a lesson from Tamlin that day, he wasn't the only one. Darin, seemingly upset by the actions, ran away from the pack that day and Bo hasn't seen him since.

When it became know that Darin was gone, their mother became bitter, often blaming any who she encountered for the loss of her son. Sadly, many times that was Bo, as he was always picking fights with Darin before and he was the one she saw the most of. He didn't make things easier on himself with the sarcasm though. Still, despite everything, he took care of his mother, making sure to keep her fed and hydrated, doing her chores for her.

Tamlin began to shun Bo as well not long after Darin left, leaving the boy alone once again. He began to slowly resent his brother during that time, for leaving him alone to handle everything by himself. Still, he was loyal to a fault and thus stuck with the pack and more importantly, his mother.

When Bohemian turned about a year old he had to flee his home because a fire devastated the land. It was during this time that he became separated from his pack and became a wandering rogue loner. Oddly enough, branching out on his own, was the best thing that could ever happen to Bo. He began to realize how much he missed his family during this time and how difficult it really was to survive on your own.

A pup at heart, he began traveling the lands alone, never sticking around long and never settling down. He lived by his own code, and began to thrive. Still, something was missing and after an eventful run-in with a lost pup, he began to realize, he missed his brother. Wandering alone, he slowly began making his way throughout the world, searching and hoping to one day find his long, lost brother. Though how their reunion would go was anyone's guess.

As luck would have it, he came across a pup in need while hot on the trail for Darin, and as the fight for the survival of both the pup and himself concluded, he found himself face to face with both his niece and brother. Joining the pack his family belonged to, Bo took up the reigns as a warrior, determined to stick by his family now that he'd found them again.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
N/A Riya Yahn


Other Relationships
{Cree} -- Niece
{Nikolas} -- Nephew
{Ferris} -- Nephew
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