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Name Pack
Bragi Þórbjörn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
1440 SP

Character Information

As Personality Goes...

A bard is a beautiful storyteller, wandering the lands. With the intention of being a well mannered, welcoming soul, this religious wolf can often bring a smile or solace to any wolf’s face if his mind is set on healing. Bragi may be one of the hardest individuals to understand a wolf could cross, for his tongue twists with an incorrigible need to rhyme and keep in the abstract — but his heart is also one of the brightest ones to come across.

Religion is a prosperous thing, considering that Bragi considers himself a demi-God. He is a wolf of many colors, and often goes for the vibrancy of the world. A pleasant being, he can be a bit obnoxious. While not overly imposing with his beliefs, unless someone seems open or seeking, he often will just assume others will humour his words.

With an edge for recklessness on occasion, Bragi can fasten himself often as a shadow of a knight. Someone to walk in and save the day. Often, it can bring about issue, as his recklessness towards the completion of a task can have him cutting corners.

A Demi-God in Gold

Bragi is a stereotypical wolf in build, muscles. Large and lean as his northern stock provides him, keeping him better suited to the climates of the tall mountains in which he had hailed from.

Bragi is attractive enough to look at, with a golden-ginger hinted coat that he dare say makes him glow under the correct moonlighting. The lighter guard in silver hairs indeed to make him appear to be glowing, but mentioning it is bound to go to his head. There are some paler pieces to him, lightening up around his chest, but it is often easily overlooked in comparison to the shine of his brighter coat.

With silver colored eyes that shine like the moon, the bard is happiest with the ocean sands. His coat usually thick year-round, causing him to carry the beach wherever he goes.

* N o t e d
- Bragi has a floating rib, noticeable if someone lays their head on his left side.

Things To Know About Bragi

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Bragi has revealed ICly

Bragi was raised in a harem, whereas his father (Vali) was a male who was content in his females. Females who were awarded higher status were such things as Oracles or Priestesses; so to bestow such a title on another living female is often a gift in Bragi’s mind.

Bragi has a vaguely obscure feeling about love. Love is something soul-binding, and it can be dangerous to confess a romantic love to someone that may cross one’s path. This is why he has not confessed it openly yet to {Apollo}, although the lust and passion for the male are certainly there.

Tomas' Key Knowledge

Silu Tribe | Pace - Leader |
Emerald Union | Chaos - Leader | disbanded
The Alliance | Atlas - Leader |

Significant Relationships

{Pace} is his lordess, his Halcyon. There is scarce a woman who inspires him as she does, and his love for her is ever growing.

{Apollo} is his beau, his lover — a source of a fire that Bragi thought he would never harness, a piece of him that he had been confident he would never unlock.

{Arrow} would be, if he found the time, his High Priestess. She is a magnificent woman who has earned his closest friendship, and upon being reunited with her, is a wolf Bragi has become fearful to lose.

{Ororo} is the promised Oracle, someone he had scarce thought to meet in his time afoot. He finds himself attached, and hopeful for his growing relationship with her.

{Comet} is the oracle’s protector, one of the few male friends that Bragi considers himself lucky to keep in prosperous unity.

Other Notable Wolves

{Shark}, {Carl}, {Yuna}


Height Build
Large Lean
Father Mother
Vali Þórbjörn Nali Þórbjörn
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet